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Introducing The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit

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Managing marketing and sales technology, agile product development, and marketing application development is not only a full-time job — it takes a team to do it right.

Let's be honest — you lose customers every day because your product is lacking features or functionality they need or want. And we've always known that the success or failure of your marketing program depends on your ability to understand and leverage the powerful metrics you have at hand. But not all marketers are technologists.

Luckily, you don't have to be.

The Starr Conspiracy is pleased to announce that after more than a decade of delivering ad hoc technology solutions to enterprise software companies, we have officially launched The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit. The Tech Unit has formalized delivery of critical technology solutions for marketing, sales, and product development.

The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit provides a wide range of technology solutions for marketing, sales, and product development to enterprise software companies. These services include:

Marketing and Sales Technology Management — The Starr Conspiracy Tech Unit implements and manages a wide range of cloud- based sales and marketing technologies on a turnkey basis, including multiple flavors of marketing automation, sales force automation, social media, and analytics solutions.

Agile Outsourced Product Development — The Tech Unit offers comprehensive mobile application development, mobile overlay development, legacy software conversion, globalization and localization services, quality assurance testing, and UI design.

Marketing Application Development — From responsive Web development to interactive marketing campaign assets such as games and immersive Web experiences, the Tech Unit lends development savvy to world-class campaign strategy and execution.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more.

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