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The Content Marketing Mix: An Infographic

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Managing strategy, execution and reporting for your company's content marketing initiatives can be overwhelming. We get that. We created this infographic to show you how to choose the most effective content types for each stage of the buying cycle.

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The Content Marketing Mix: An Infographic

  1. 1. CUSTOMERSCLLEADSPROSPECTSP0 2 4 66 4 2SUSPECTSSINFOGRAPHICSENTERTAINING VIDEOSBLOG POSTSGRAPHICS FOR SOCIAL MEDIACURATED LISTS, STORIFY RECAPSVISUAL CONTENT (INSTAGRAM PHOTOS,PINTEREST PINS, VINE VIDEOS)TARGET MARKET1THE KEY: No forms.WEBINARSE-BOOKSTREND AND ANALYST REPORTSFREE TRIALSTAKEN ACTION2THE KEY: Prospects are givingyou their personal informationin exchange for valuablecontent, so dive deeper andgive up the goods.1:1 DEMOSWHITE PAPERSCASE STUDIESADVOCACY PROGRAMSRIGHT PROSPECTHAS TAKEN ACTION3THE KEY: Get yoursales team involvedat this point.ADVOCACY PROGRAMSUSAGE CASESFAQsUSER GUIDESYOUR FAMILY OFCUSTOMERS & USERS4THE KEY: Educate andentertain your customers.How can you give them more?ADVOCACY PROGRAMSTHE CONTENT MARKETING MIXCREATE THE RIGHT TYPES OF CONTENT FOR ALLSTAGES OF YOUR SALES FUNNELYou shouldn’t have to pay an agency for the privilege of learning about yourindustry. The Starr Conspiracy already knows your market segment, who youare, and where you fit in. We are a strategic marketing and advertising agencydevoted exclusively to enterprise software and services. When you partnerwith us, it’s to build market share, multiply brand awareness, and drive salesleads – not to bone up on the basics. We’ve been “out there” for more than adecade so that you can hit the ground running. Founded in 1999 and located inFort Worth, The Starr Conspiracy has won eight best places to work awards,countless creative awards, and maintains a net promoter score of 90% (higherthan Apple). On the Web at www.thestarrconspiracy.com.