IBQC entertainment quiz

24. May 2017

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IBQC entertainment quiz

  1. The Entertainment Quiz Quizmaster – Sreepadmanabh M @Ailurophile69 IISER Bhopal Quiz Club
  2. • Pounce +15 / -10 • Infinite bounce • Direct Question / Pass + 10 / - 0
  3. 1. Identify X , Y , Z . This actor couple is one of the few to have the rare distinction of having won Academy Awards individually . Historically , X happens to be the very first of his nationality to ever receive an Oscar nomination as well the first to receive an acting Oscar. In addition , Y happens to be the first woman of her nationality to receive both an Oscar as well as a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . X and Y both starred in a critically acclaimed film Z by a Oscar winning director and comedian that shares its name with a famous football club, and earned Y her Oscar . You probably remember X for his role in a famous Coen brothers’ film which earned him his Oscar as well as his villainous role opposite one of cinema history’s most famous protagonists in the 50th installment of the film franchisee .
  4. • X = Javier Bardem . Appeared in No Country for Old Men and Skyfall • Y = Penelope Cruz . • Z = Vicky Cristina Barcelona . Directed by Woody Allen .
  5. 2. • The 1980 film , The Elephant Man received widespread critical acclaim for Anthony Hopkins’ portrayal of the eponymous lead character , as well as praise for the legendary work done by Christopher Tucker in the film . • However , the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences attracted widespread criticism for failing to honor Tucker’s efforts . • This led to a change effected at the Oscars from the next year onwards , something that has continued upto this day . • What particular change ?
  6. • The Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling , from 1981 onwards .
  7. 3 . Something Strange • The Lion King went on to stamp itself as one of Disney’s , as well as cinema history’s most legendary musicals . • However , recent revelations uncover that the iconic lion roars heard in the film are not what they really seem to be . • What exactly is fishy about them ?
  8. • The lion roars are actually tiger roars as the makers of the film felt actual lion roars were not loud enough . • Further effects were provided by using a hollow tin can . • Not a single actual lion roar was heard in the film .
  9. 4. Fans of Nostradamus , anyone ? (logical sitter) • Following is an extract from a famous short story by Mark Twain • “As soon as the Paris contract released the telelectroscope, it was delivered to public use, and was soon connected with the telephonic systems of the whole world. The improved ‘limitless-distance’ telephone was presently introduced and the daily doings of the globe made visible to everybody, and audibly discussable too, by witnesses separated by any number of leagues.” What modern day technology does this best correspond to ?
  10. • Social Media (or) The Internet
  11. 5. Listen up
  12. • Morgan Freeman
  13. 6. Versatile indeed • Audrey Hepburn , Rita Moreno and Helen Hayes are among the select few to have completed the famed “ELOT Grand Slam” . • This basically means winning an Oscar , a Tony , an Emmy and a Grammy award . • All the three were actresses by profession . • Which category did they win the Grammy in ?
  14. • Audrey Hepburn – Best Spoken Word Album for Children • Helen Hayes – Best Spoken Word Album • Rita Moreno – Best Recording for Children
  15. 7. Tit for Tat • X and Y faced off on two years , 2000 and 2002 at the Academy Awards , both being nominated for the Best Actor category . • Although critics favored X’s 2002 performance to be more deserving , Y took home the award that year ; an exact opposite of what occurred in 2000 where Y was supposed to deserve the award more than eventual winner X . • Identify both .
  16. • X = Russel Crowe . Won in 2000 for his role in Gladiator but lost out in 2002 for A Beautiful Mind • Y = Denzel Washington . Won in 2002 for Training Day
  17. 8 . • Where and why was this first seen ?
  18. • In the opening credits of The Matrix . • The Wachowski brothers did so to protest against the studio producers’ control on content and creativity
  19. 9 . Vintage stuff • This 1964 Sunil Dutt film set a Guinness Record and is remarkable for that very fact . • The film is soliloquy of a man who comes home to find that his wife and son are not at home, he assumes that they have left him and reminiscences his life with them, and scared of his life without them, he regrets his past indiscretions. • Name the film and describe what exactly was so special about it .
  20. • Film – Yaadein (1964) • Its remarkable for having only a sinlge actor throughout the film , Sunil Dutt himself . The only other actor is a brief silhouette of Nargis . • It set the record for the Narrative Film with Fewest Actors .
  21. 10 . • One of history’s most remarkable movies , X contained one of he most unconventional elements of filmmaking ever . • There were no female actors , the entire film except 3 minutes was shot in a SINGLE room and featured just a single plot line . • It currently ranks No . 5 on the IMDB Top 250 . Which film ?
  22. • 12 Angry Men
  23. AV - 1 • The following is a clip from the timeless classic song “Mere Sapno Ki Rani” . • Featuring Sharmila Tagore and Rajesh Khanna , the filming of the video has some connection with Satyajit Ray .
  24. • Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore were never even on the sets at the same time when this song was shot . • Sharmila had a role in a Satyajit Ray film and hence had her sequences in the train shot much earlier . • Rajesh Khanna’s jeep sequence was filmed separately and another train was used for that . • Which is why you never see both together in the same shot at any time .
  25. Round – 2 • Counter Clockwise • Pounce + 15 / -10 • Infinite bounce • All Direct / Pass questions + 10 / - 0
  26. 1. Dreams , anyone ? This is a screenshot of Inception as broadcast in Japan . What exactly have I blocked out in the picture , and why was it included ?
  27. • Japanese broadcasters included text in the upper left corner to prevent viewers from getting confused as to which level of dream a particular scene was occurring in
  28. 2. Words , words and words • The following slide contains the “warning” shown along with the regular official copyright warning of a cult film . • Identify the film as well as the iconic character whose words these are supposed to be .
  29. • Film – Fight Club • Character – Tyler Durden
  30. 3 . The Sound of Music • X is considered one of the most remarkable songs to be ever recorded and is frequently placed in lists of the greatest songs of all time. • X was also famous for its promotional video , one of the first of its kind . Its regarded as the band Y’s masterpiece and required use of several cutting edge technologies during its studio recording . • Given on the next slide is a description of how one of the most famous segments of the song was recorded . Identify both X and Y .
  31. • A rapid series of rhythmic and harmonic changes introduces a pseudo- operatic midsection, which contains the bulk of the elaborate vocal multi- tracking, depicting the narrator's descent into hell. While the underlying pulse of the song is maintained, the dynamics vary greatly from bar to bar, from only ______ voice accompanied by a piano, to a multi-voice choir supported by drums, bass, and paino. The choir effect was created by having ______ , _____ and ______ sing their vocal parts continually for ten to twelve hours a day, resulting in 180 separate overdubs. These overdubs were then combined into successive submixes. According to _______ the voices of ____, _______ and himself combined created a wide vocal range: “______ could get down quite low, _______ had a powerful voice through the middle, and I was good at the high stuff." The band wanted to create "a wall of sound, that starts down and goes all the way up". The band used the bell effect for lyrics "Magnifico" and "Let me go". Also, on "Let me go", _______ singing the top section carries his note on further after the rest of the "choir" have stopped singing.
  32. • X = Bohemian Rhapsody • Y = Queen
  33. 4. • Following is a prop used by one of history’s most legendary actors in his best remembered role . • Explain what the prop is and where exactly was it used .
  34. • Marlon Brando’s mouthpiece that he wore for his role as Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather . • Brando won the 1972 Academy Award for Best Actor for this role .
  35. 5 . Identify X , Y and Z • X is often called as South India’s biggest director as well as one of India’s best . His masterpiece is regarded to be the 1987 , Godfather inspired film , Naayakan , that was voted by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 greatest films . • His biggest popular success came with the film Y , released in 1992. Set against the backdrop of Kashmiri terrorism , it was a patriotic love story that achieved a very rare feat of being officially endorsed by the then election commissioner of India,the much admired T.N. Seshan . • Interestingly , Y also became the Launchpad of Z , who is often regarded as one of India’s foremost music composers . His work in Y is still regarded as among his best . ( Bonus points if you can give his unofficial title )
  36. • X – Mani Ratnam • Y – Roja • Z – A.R. Rahman , also called as the Mozart of Madras
  37. 6 . Cruelty reigns • Said to modeled after the barbaric , pleasure loving and whimsical Roman Emperor Caligula , this on screen character from a wildly popular TV series polarized audiences so much that he actually received a letter from the creator of the series , stating “ Congratulations on your marvelous performance . Everyone hates you “ • Identify the character . ( Bonus points for naming the real life actor)
  38. • King Joffrey from Game of Thrones . • Played by Jack Gleeson
  39. 7. After they fall …. (total sitter) • Heath Ledger never even knew he would get one , whereas ,Peter Finch never actually got his hands onto one • What exactly am I referring to ?
  40. • Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor • Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight • Peter Finch for Network
  41. 8 . Quiz mey darna kya • The much beloved song “Pyaar Kiya toh Darna Kya” from the classic Mughal-e- Azam has an incredible history attached to it . • it cost Rs. 10 million at a time when a film would be made for less than a million; it was written and re-written 105 times by the lyricist, Shakeel Badayuni, before the music director, Naushad, could approve of it; it was shot in the renowned Sheesh Mahal (Palace of Mirrors) which was a cinematographic challenge . • The actual sound recording ran into trouble as there was no technology at that time to bring about a reverberation effect . How did Lata Mangeshkar and Naushad overcome this ?
  42. • In those days of sound recording, editing and mixing, as there was no way to provide the reverberation of sound, Naushad had playback singer Lata Mangeshkar sing the song in a studio bathroom.
  43. 9. FITB (absolute sitter) • When plans for the film were announced,____X____ held a press conference in Delhi for the Indian media. There was much concern expressed about how such a revered figure as __Y_____, a virtual deity to many Indians, would or should be portrayed on screen. One female journalist seriously suggested that ___Y___ should only be shown as a brilliant white light moving across the screen(!) An exasperated ____X____ snapped back:" Madam, I am not making a film about bloody Tinkerbell! "
  44. • X – Richard Attenborough • Y – Gandhi This was for the 1982 Academy Award winning flim , Gandhi
  45. 10 . The Jewel in our crown • Probably the best reviewed film to ever come out of Bollywood , and the one to receive the highest level of International adulations , X was produced , directed and starred in by Y himself. • In 2002, X was ranked at No. 160 on the Sight & Sound critics' and directors' poll of all-time greatest films. In 2005, X was rated as one of the 100 best films of all time by Time magazine, which called it "the soulfully romantic of the lot." Indiatimes Movies ranks the movie amongst the Top 25 Must See Bollywood Films. On the occasion of Valentine's Day 2011 Time magazine has declared it as one of the top 10 romantic movies of all time. • Identify X and Y .
  46. • X – Pyaasa • Y – Guru Dutt
  47. AV – 2 • Following is a famous clip from the movie that defined a generation , Forrest Gump . • Whats special about it ?
  48. • There is no ping pong ball in reality . • It was a CGI effect .
  49. • Pounce + 10 / -5 • If no pounce , resume clockwise from last team to answer
  50. 1 .
  51. • The only two people to have won both the Academy award as well as the Nobel Prize for Literature . • George Bernard Shaw – Academy award for the screenplay of My Fair Lady • Bob Dylan – Oscar for Things Have Changed
  52. 2 .
  53. • All are technically Disney Films . • Miramax was owned by Disney until quite recently .
  54. 3.
  55. • The 1997 film Contact was based on Carl Sagan’s storyline and Interstellar was based on theories by Kip Throne . • Matthew McConaughey starred in both the films in the lead role .
  56. 4.
  57. • Cameos by directors in their own films – • James Cameroon in Terminator • Martin Scorcese in Taxi Driver • Steven Speilberg in Jaws • Stan Lee in Avengers Age of Ultron
  58. 5. Identify all 4 pics and the connect . (double points) 1. 2. 4.
  59. The scene from The Godfather where Vito Corleone gets shot . The signboard shown reads Jake LaMotta . • Marlon Brando previously won the Best Actor Academy Award in 1972 for his own portrayal of Vito Corleone . Later , Robert De Niro won The Best Supporting Actor Award for portraying Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part 2 . • • Robert de Niro won the Best Oscar for his role as Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, the same boxer whose name was on the signboard .
  60. AV – 3 • Pulp Fiction turned out to be one of cinema history’s watershed moments , breaking ground both for its innovative method of filming as well as its screenplay , often called one of the best written films of all time . • What's the special way in which Quentin Tarrantino filmed the following scene ?
  61. • The entire scene wherein John Travolta strikes Uma Thurman with the syringe was filmed by making him pull out an already embedded syringe and then running the film backwards .
  62. +40 / -35
  63. + 35 / - 30
  64. + 30 / -25
  65. + 25 / - 20
  66. + 20 / -15
  67. +15 / -10
  68. + 10 / - 5
  69. + 5 / - 0
  70. Answer to LVC
  71. Led Zeppelin
  72. Led Zep’s second album – Led Zeppelin II
  73. • The popular belief that Led Zep sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for the success of Stairway To Heaven
  74. • Led Zep’s original name was The New Yardbirds . They changed to Led Zeppelin after signing up with Atlantic Records .
  75. • The albums of Led Zep in order are – • Led Zeppelin I , Led Zeppelin II , Led Zepellin III , Led Zeppelin IV , “Houses of the Holy” and finally “Physical Grafitti”
  76. • The band split up in 1980 following the death of drummer John Bonham , who was 27 years old .
  77. • Led Zeppelin was honoured at the 2012 Annual Kennedy center honours . • At the official function , Heart , Kid Rock and the Foo Fighters performed Led Zep songs
  78. • Live performance by Led Zeppelin . • Jimmy Page on the guitar and Robert Plant with the vocals.
  79. • Symbols of every member of the band .