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Spyros Foundas CV (EN)-2016.11.06

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Spyros Foundas CV (EN)-2016.11.06

  1. 1. SPYROS FOUNDAS Systems and Database Designer and Developer. Informatics Tutor. Date of birth: September 11th, 1968 65 Veikou St. 11741 Athens +30 217 7323800 +30 6945 889609 spyrosfoundas@hotmail.com https://gr.linkedin.com/in/ spyrosfoundas  SUMMARY I have over 25 years of experience implementing and tutoring Information Technology having held senior positions in several IT companies. At the same time I continue gaining significant teaching and tutoring experience: 8 years teaching experience at a university level and over 4 years of univer- sity students’ independent coaching and support. I have managed several IT projects and have a very good understanding of the entire systems development lifecycle and complex solution develop- ment. My strong intent is to design, create and maintain robust and efficient in- frastructures, along with the development of long-lasting, honest, support- ing and bilaterally fruitful relations with colleagues and partners.  EDUCATION 2003 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Informatics Masters in “Advanced Information and Telecommunication Technologies”. 1990 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens B.Sc. in Information & Telecommunication Technology.  WORK EXPERIENCE 2015 - Prinou Medical Group of Companies Business Process, Applications & Database administrator. 2012 - Alpha IT and Education Services Informatics Tutor (information systems, programming languages, algorithms, project management, WEB Content Management, WEB development, ECDL IT Security). 2005 - 2015 Freelance Application Designer and Developer Electronic Content Management / Electronic Document Management / Web 2.0 and Database applications designer and developer. 1996 - 2005 Athens Technological Educational Institute (TEI of Athens) Department of Informatics Laboratory fellow. 1994 - 2004 MODUS Software S.A. Founder, Manager Research & Development. 1992 - 1994 INFOWARE S.A. Manager Software Development. 1990 - 1992 Freelance software developer
  2. 2. Page 2  ACHIEVEMENTS Currently I work on the development and support of the group’s ERP system. Aim is to rewrite the existing legacy system (written in VB6) using the .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS. I also work on database design and administration. I have developed several highly productive code that streamline everyday operations and processes: ■ Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that provides data consolidation of heterogeneous databases, make quality adjustments to data and provide data analysis and extraction. Time of repetitive tasks has been cut by 80%. ■ Database scripts. Backup operations of the multisite databases has been streamlined through sophisticated scripts that provide unattended scheduled backups as well the maintenance of multi-site backup storage to achieve extremely high levels of data security. Daily backup opera- tions time required has been reduced from 1 hour to only few minutes to only review to back- up reports. ■ Web applications that provide real time monitoring of the company network and server health, using interactive maps and integrating server and network logging. Committed in the document and workflow management development. Holding the R&D manager role I managed the design and development of a currently well-known document management soft- ware in Greece. I engaged in several business-critical IT projects in the public and private sector from negotiation to planning and implementation. Significant experience I gained preparing research project proposals to the EU. I participated in sever- al project boards managing projects funded by the EU and closely worked with public organizations and private companies from different European countries. Relevant to my tutoring activity, I organize and conduct seminars for advanced IT subjects to highly skilled professionals who intend to achieve efficient data management and analysis capabilities using technologies like Microsoft Office suite, programming languages like VBA, VB.NET and PHP as well as web content management and design platforms.  LANGUAGES English German Greek (mother tongue)  FUNCTIONAL SKILLS ■ Managing user requirements gathering and modeling. ■ Systems analysis and finalization of technical and functional specifications. ■ Defining best practices for project support and documentation. ■ Designing, development, testing and debugging of applications. ■ Efficient cooperation, communication and logging with other team members. ■ Writing and editing product documentation, user and administrator’s manuals.
  3. 3. Page 3  TECHNOLOGICAL SKILLS Development tools and languages JQuery JavaScript Java / EJB HTML5/CSS3 PHP Microsoft VBA VB.NET Visual C++/C# Phonegap mobile development Server Systems Windows Azure Exchange Server Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Virtualization / Mware Office & Productivity Enterprise Architect Microsoft Visio Microsoft Project Microsoft Office Database programming OLEDB programming ADO programming VBA database integration Microsoft Access front-end Database design SQL / T-SQL Oracle ApEx Database management MySQL Oracle 11g Enterprise Suite Microsoft SQL Server PostgreSQL Document & Content management Joomla WordPress Microsoft SharePoint IBM FileNet Networking OPNET Modeler TCP/IP networking & addressing  COURSES TOUGHT ■ Information Systems Design. ■ Business Process Design and Modeling / UML ■ Database Management Systems Design and Development. ■ Web development – HTML – CSS – JavaScript - PHP. ■ Web Content Management (WordPress, Joomla). ■ C++/C#, Visual Basic, Java. ■ Advanced Microsoft Excel – Excel VBA. ■ Project management. ■ ECDL IT Security. ■ Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).