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Factsheet Spread.ly, English

Spread.ly: first choice for social sharing. Facts at a glance: http://www.spreadly.com

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Factsheet Spread.ly, English

  1. 1. FactsheetOne social network is not enough - Spread.ly: the future of social sharingSpread.ly (http://spread.ly/), the groundbreaking social sharing-button can be implementedon web sites in only three simple steps. It enables users after a one-time authentification, toshare feedback, simultaneously if desired, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GoogleBuzzwith just one click. Before sending the “likes” can be commented on.Web site operators profit from the recommend-tool, as their content is spread into differentsocial media channels by their visitors where it can be seen by their contact network.In addition, Spread.ly is an analysis tool that helps web site operators to evaluate theeffectiveness of users’ recommendations. Anonymized demographic data are visible to theweb site operator.Furthermore, the button offers the possibility to create individual “deals” for an individuallydefined running period. That way site operators can reward users for theirrecommendations with individual discounts, bonuses and other benefitsIn April 2010 the button was already launched under the name yiid.it. The relaunch andproduct extension under the name Spread.ly took place in March 2011. The button is aservice of ekaabo GmbH (www.ekaabo.de), one of the leading providers of communityinnovations.Web: http://spread.ly/Category: Social SharingFoundation: 2006Founder/CEO: Marco RipantiInvestors: Marco Ripanti, Artus Capital GmbH & Co KGaAAddress: ekaabo GmbH| Grundelbachstr. 84| 69469 WeinheimPress Contact: Benjamin Blum | Tel.: +49(0)30.2576205-28 | presse@spreadly.com