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#SportsGeekTrip 2013 Recap

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Recap of Sports Geek Trip where Sean Callanan met with sports teams and tech companies to look at sports digital marketing best practices. Tech visits to Twitter, Pinterest, Tint, List.ly, Chirpify and Ticketnet Sports. Sports visits to Golden State Warriors, Oakland A's, Portland Trailblazers and LA Galaxy.

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#SportsGeekTrip 2013 Recap

  1. 1. #SportsGeekTripApril 2013@SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com
  2. 2. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com#SportsGeekTrip• #SportsGeekTripV4• San Francisco - 3 days• Portland - 2 days• San Diego - 4 days• Los Angeles - 1 day
  3. 3. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comTwitter• Developing relationship with Australian TV market• New Twitter cards integration announced• App installs advertising in-stream• Promoted tweets used by sports teams for tickets & promotions• Twitter #music app released• @JonnoSimpson now working with @TwitterAUMichael Brown@mikeisbrownDirector, International Market Development
  4. 4. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comTint• Developing product all the time• Pre-publish moderation queue• Live social media boards• Scoreboard integration on the wayTim SaeKooCo-Founder, Tint
  5. 5. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comPinterest• Small team focussed on fashion & TV• Still unsure on where sports fits• Keen to dispel the notion of “female social network”• Analytics platform developing• Verified accounts for brands - business.pinterest.com
  6. 6. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com• Digital team of 5 - multi-skilled• Planning for playoffs & sponsorship• Strong ticketing focus dropped infavor of engagement• Wi-fi allows in stadium promotions• Encourage Facebook check-insKevin CoteDirector, Digital MarketingKevan AkersDirector, Information Technology
  7. 7. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comList.ly• Ability to create/curate lists of content• Crowd sourcing and fan vote ability• Ability for fan generated content• Embedded in any CMS like Storify• Premium features - moderation and locked listsShyam SubramanyanEntrepreneur. Product Guy. Founder
  8. 8. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com• Differences between MLB and NBA• Small staff footprint• Problems with older stadium - Wi-fi• Younger playing group embracing socialJoshFeinbergGroup Sales ManagerTravis LoDolceSenior Manager of Digital Marketing
  9. 9. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comChirpify• Ability to sell in social stream• Success with Facebook,Twitter & Instagram• Promotions platform as well• Works on % of sales• Game-time and impulse buy opportunities• Only in $US but uses PayPal for paymentsRory FeltonBusiness DevelopmentDylan BoydVP of Strategic Growth
  10. 10. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com• Social promotional tool for ticket sales• Rewards fans who drive ticket sales leads• Campaign driven using Facebook & Twitter• Used by Trailblazers, Clippers, Blue JacketsDavid SjolinManaging DirectorDesalogic Sports & Entertainment
  11. 11. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com• Trailblazers.TV• Pre-game show on web only• Blogger’s row• Fan delivered game ball• Rip City GuardiansDan HarbisonSr. Director of Digital Marketing and MediaDustin HawesSocial Media Coordinator
  12. 12. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com#SMMW13
  13. 13. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com
  14. 14. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com@PatFlynnPodcasting
  15. 15. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com @BrianCarter
  16. 16. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.com• Coming off Beckham era• Working on a Fan Hub driven by Chevy• Small digital team in big market• Discussed Sports Trendsmap• Tour of Home Depot CenterLisa BregmanManager, Digital & Social Media
  17. 17. @SportsGeek@SportsGeekSportsGeekHQ.comSportsGeekHQ.comAContactSean CallananMediaClientsSpeakingEmail Sean@SportsGeekHQ.comPhone +61407047200Website http://sportsgeek.com.auLinkedIn linkedin/inseancallananTwitter @seancallanan & @SportsGeekFacebook facebook.com/sportsgeekPinterest pinterest.com/seancallananInstagram @SportsGeekHQTumblr tumblr.sportsgeek.com.auDigital Cheer Squad is a great way to introduce your sponsors to your most avid and passionate digital fans.As fans fight for position of the ladder they are willing to support your sponsors with a like, retweet, mention orfollow.If you have a sponsor looking to boost their social media engagement then Digital Cheer Squad can offer thatis a fun engaging way.Digital Cheer Squad client roster