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Theek Kar Do offers to set your household appliances right
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Theek Kar Do_Soumyadeep

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Theek Kar Do_Soumyadeep

  1. 1. Home » Enterprise » Big Idea » Mumbai's local fixers Theek Kar Do offers to set your household appliances right Soumyadeep Purkayastha JUL 20 , 2013 Tushar Mane True to its name, Mumbai-based repair firm Theek Kar Do offers to set your household appliances right — from faculty air-conditioners, refrigerators and televisions to ceiling fans and even broken water taps. It was started in November 2012 with a seed capital of ₹ 5 lakh, by Sonakshi Pratap, 22, and Hardik Shah (L), 23, chartered accountants from Ernst & Young and KPMG, respectively, along with Bhavishya Pratap, 18, and Shantanu Kamath, 17.  Wary of unreliable repairmen fixing their out-of-warranty items, they decided to come up with a more professionally-delivered alternative. "We started Theek Kar Do as a solution to our own problems," says Shah. Customers can register complaints on the firm's website or call its helpline. A fee of ₹ 250 is charged if the customer doesn't avail of its services, but this is waived if the technician reaches more than two hours after the complaint was registered. Bills vary from ₹ 750 to ₹3,000 and products are returned within three days with a 90-day sevice warranty. Shah says conversion rates are as high as 85-90% for direct calling customers, and 20% of those are routed through directory services. New employees undergo police verification and are trained in soft skills before being assigned work. It plans to service cellphones soon, and extend its coverage to most of Mumbai by the end of this year.  Mumbai's Local Fixers Sign In Subscribe Story of the day One Giant Leap For Mankind *projected Outlook Traveller Business Money Images Hindi