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Age Friendly Innovation Bootcamp Poland- services elaborated during workshops

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Age Friendly Innovation Bootcamp Poland- services elaborated during workshops

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Age Friendly Innovation Bootcamp Poland- services elaborated during workshops

  1. 1. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES DEVELOPED DURING WORKSHOPS FOR SENIORS 1. Formation of a database of forms of spending free time (by seniors): Problem: - lack of information about current events for seniors from the entire region, - lack of proper communication (some seniors have no idea about events organized for them). The need and benefits: - activating seniors to go out and about, - the need for social gatherings. Idea for a product/servie: - gathering all current events in one place to facilitate access and give seniors a choice, for this purpose, bulid a base in which seniors can read about all mettings, concerts etc. taking place in a given venue, - creating a website or application. 2. Establishing an association od seniors: Probelm: - no places for senior meeting, - no institutions that would be targeted at all seniors, and not just for the selected group. - loneliness of some seniors. The need and benefits: - geater intergration, - spending free time. Idea for products / service: - selecting seniors - leaders who will run the association and encourage older people to become members and attend meetings, events, etc. - with time, commercialization of the association through the introduction of membership fees. 3. Shopping trolley for the senior Problem: - now shopping trolleys are too heavy, - unhealthy and uncomfortable body position when pulling the cart (forced body twist, causing backache, shoulder pain, neck pain).
  2. 2. The need and benefits: - many benefits for the senior: healthy spine, convenient shopping, the opportunity to buy more products. Idea for a product/service: - production and distribution by Lidl, Auchan stores, etc. electric carriages, which will be "driven" by their owner (they will have built-in GPS) and were controlled using a remote control. - the investor can be a commercial outlet. 4. Platforms for boarding / disembarking on trains Problem: - often the platforms are too low and the entrance to the train is too high, which makes it difficult to get in, especially for the elderly, The need and benefits: - facilitating getting on and off the train, which will allow seniors to travel more comfortably, - such platforms are currently used in buses and trams, - it will encourage seniors to travel by train. Idea for a product / service: - building platforms for getting on / off in trains, - the investor could be Polska 5. The application "Grandma / grandfather on the phone": Problem: - shortage of experienced babysitters, - lack of a general carer / guardian base. - greater trust in the older woman as a babysitter than in the case of a younger woman, due to the greater experience in taking care of children, The need and benefits: - creating a portal / application by a private company with a database of carers / babysitters, - provision of childcare services by seniors, especially by elderly ladies, - a form of earning, making money for seniors, - seniors have a lot of free time, which can be somehow managed, Idea for a product / service: - creating an application containing a database of babysitters and carers for children aged 50+, - proper training of candidates for a child carer, - creation and financing of the application by a private company.
  3. 3. 6. Concierge: Problem: - lack of a house caretaker in tenements, on housing estates, - lack of a person from "special tasks, but time-consuming" when handling business events, conferences, VIP services, etc. The need and benefits: - professional service of events, VIP events etc., by a person who will perform various tasks, e.g. ordered a taxi for guests, registered participants. - activation of seniors, - additional earnings, - personal development, - adequate training, - good manners. Product and service: - employment of older people as a "concierge", - establishment of a company that will train and hire older people with high personal culture. 7. Handyman: Problem: - shortage of people who would perform simple repairs at home and other housework for low pay. The need and benefits: - creating a database of people who would provide their services with a detailed description of the services offered, - with time, creating an application through which you will be able to "order", for example, a locksmith, builder, person for rolling furniture, etc. - fulfilling the free time of seniors, - using your skills, - additional earnings, - building a sense that you are a useful society. Product and service: - creating a database or application that will contain a list of older people who can do simple repairs at home and other housework, - a database created by a private company. 8. An application that reads text messages from the mobile phone "out loud": Problem: - many seniors have vision problems and can not read messages / texts from a mobile phone. The need and benefits: - facilitating reading of texts / messages from mobile phones,
  4. 4. - reading the text of text messages, etc. "aloud" by the application, - the "reverse" function, that is speaking aloud the message text and transcription of the recording to a text message. Product and service: - creating an application that could read "text messages" aloud and act the other way, that is, transcribing voice messages to text messages, - creator: a private company.