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E bootcamp right track manufacturing solutions 3 min pitch 04172013

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E bootcamp right track manufacturing solutions 3 min pitch 04172013

  1. 1. Right  Track  Manufacturing   Solu3ons   Sola  Lawal     olawal@indiana.edu   281-­‐236-­‐3647    
  2. 2. Meet  Jack  
  3. 3. Jack’s  problem  is  also  Dow’s  problem  
  4. 4. Dow’s  problem  is  everyone’s  problem  
  5. 5.        
  6. 6. BUSINESS  MODEL  •  Our  Prices:     –  One-­‐3me  fee  ($2,500  -­‐  $25,000)   –  Consul3ng  fee  ($3,000  -­‐  $30,000)   –  Monthly  licensing  fee  per  user  ($25)  
  7. 7. MARKETING   Trade  shows   White  papers   Conferences   Sales  force   Partnerships      Target  high  asset  u,liza,on  advanced  U.  S.   manufacturing  companies  
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT  Aarik  Williams  –  Director  of  Sales  Opera3ons,  Defender  Direct  Felicia  Enuha  –  Assistant  Marke3ng  Manager  at  Ecolab  Sola  Lawal  –  PhD  candidate,  Maintenance  Engineer,  entrepreneur  
  10. 10. CURRENT  STATUS  &  TIMELINE   Build   prototype  and  conduct   Obtain   Prepare  for   feasibility   Business  plan   addi3onal   launch   analysis   completed   funding     Recruited   $15,000   Release  full   advisory   invested  by   featured   board   management   product   members   team  
  11. 11. TAGLINE  Leveraging  QR  codes,  Right  Track:      •  Reduces  unplanned  down3me  •  Reduces  maintenance  costs  •  Reduces  EH&S  costs    To  make  manufacturing  firms  more  money.         Right  Place.  Right  Time.  Right  Track.  
  12. 12. USE  OF  FUNDS  Item   Cost  Development   $160,000  Office  and  Computer   $    10,000  Equipment  Sales  and  Marke;ng   $    20,000  Materials    Industry  Trade  Shows   $    45,000  Other   $    15,000  Total   $250,000  
  13. 13. Thank  You!  
  15. 15. ADVISORY  BOARD  Riley  Wilson  –  President  UpArrow,  SAP  Consultant  and  subject  maier  expert.  He  has  consulted  for  Shell,  BP,  ExxonMobil,  Suncor  Energy  and  other  prominent  petrochemical  companies.  Shakira  Tilghman–  Professor  Computer  Science  and  experienced  Team  Leader  of  EDS  at    General  Motors.  She  serves  as  president  of  Millenium  African  Projects,  and  also  sits  on  the  boards  of  several  non-­‐profit  organiza3ons.    George  Shofoluwe  –  Senior  Vice  President  of  Deltatek  Energy  Incorporated  and  ex-­‐DOW  SAP  Implementa3on  Leader,  Maintenance  Process  Leader,  Dow  Strategic  Sourcing  Leader,  and  CEO  and  co-­‐founder  of  an  HVAC  consul3ng  firm.  
  16. 16.  Product  Offering  ·∙                QR  code  digital  and  physical  genera3on    ·∙                  Codes  linked  to  informa3on  repository  w/  repair  guide  informa3on    ·∙                  Data  captured  and  accessible  for  top  10  unexpected  down3me  causes    ·∙                  Usage  analy3cs  captured  for  future  preven3on  strategy        Professional  Services  ·∙                  Implement  3rd  party  Wiki  solu3on  as  informa3on  repository    ·∙                  Digi3za3on  of  standard  opera3ng  procedures    ·∙                  Cross-­‐func3onal  training  for  turnkey  handoff  to  client     Sales  
  17. 17. Right  Track  solves  Jack’s,  and  Dow’s,  problem  
  18. 18. Figure 5 – Small Companies Dominate the Industrial Landscape (Updated January 2013) 120,000Number of Manufacturing Firms in 2010 100,000 Total Number of Firms: 290,704 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 0-4 5-9 10-19 20-99 100-499 500+ Number of Employees per Firm Source(s): U.S. Census Bureau and MAPI
  19. 19. Industry Percent of Manufacturing, 2011 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Chemical Products 18 Computer and Electronic Products Food, Beverage & Tobacco Products Petroleum and Coal Products Share of Total Mfg GDP (Current $) Employment (Updated January 2013) MachinerySource(s): MAPI calculations from U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data Fabricated Metal Products Other Transportation Equipment Share of Total Mfg Employment Miscellaneous Manufacturing Motor Vehicles, Bodies Figure 11 – Chemicals Lead Manufacturing in Terms of Output But Not and Trailers
  20. 20. COMPETITION  Company   Customer  Type   Focus   Installa;on   Mobile  Bigfoot     Scalable  (10  to  10,000  users)   All   Both   Yes  eMaint   Scalable   All   Web   Yes  Loc8   Scalable   Asset   Web   Yes  Landport   Scalable   Facili3es   Server No  Maintenance   Scalable     All   Web   No  Connec;on  mPulse   Scalable   All   Web   No  SAP   >  $50,000,000  revenue   Manufacturing   Server   No  Maximo   >  $50,000,000  revenue   Manufacturing   Server   No   Direct     Indirect     Future