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Implementing Test Automation: What a Manager Should Know

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Decent test automation performance is no longer just an increased amount of script code. Learn all the ABCs of test automation.

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Implementing Test Automation: What a Manager Should Know

  1. 1. IMPLEMENTING TEST AUTOMATION – WHAT A MANAGER SHOULD KNOW Tuesday, February 16, 2016 8 AM PST/4 PM BST/5 PM CEST Oleksandr Reminnyi webinar webinar@softserveinc.com
  2. 2. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • Identify if you are there to start • Select best approach • Staff right personnel • Calculate and present ROI AGENDA
  3. 3. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • Are existing manual processes stable enough to automate? • Are the targeted applications suitable candidates for automation? • What return on investment can be expected? • Will the automation baseline be maintainable with the company's current efforts and resource skill sets? • Is your client willing to invest into automation AUTOMATION READINESS
  4. 4. webinar webinar@softserveinc.com Functional test automation
  5. 5. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar Quick and Dirty (Q&D) TEST AUTOMATION GOALS Solution-based (S-b) • Click-click and production • Immediate benefit • Should be deprecated soon • Environment dedication • Framework setup • Long term supportability • Continuous maintenance orientation
  6. 6. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • With Q&D – to gain immediate benefit – any applicable resources • With S-b – one senior person per direction/project/platform • Technology/language is not so important STAFFING
  7. 7. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT We don’t care too much on what is inside the blocks. We care about interfaces. BL2 UI2 Services DB UI3 BL UI
  8. 8. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar Services UI2UI UI3 DB Test script Test script Test script TEST AUTOMATION Each test script cares about each possible interface it is supposed to access. This leads to code duplication, because many scripts access same interfaces.
  9. 9. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • Smoke test suite • Regression test suite • Never set up 100% automation goal • Things hard to do manually • Frequently repeated SCOPE FOR TEST AUTOMATION
  10. 10. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar INTERFACE TO AUTOMATE UI Web/Desktop/Mobile Services (Soap, Rest) Code (Unit test)
  11. 11. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • For Q&D – just do it • For S-B: – Tool selection – Architecture definition – Integrations with dev environment WHAT IT TAKES FOR Q&D OR S-B
  12. 12. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • What we have in house? • What we have open source? • What market leaders are there in my area? TOOLS Tool is not a solution but only one of the means to build the solution.
  13. 13. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar • Platform: – Multiplatform/Web/Desktop/Mobile • Price: – Open source(free)/ Node locked/ Floating • Market oriented – Enterprise/Ad-hoc TOOLS
  14. 14. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar Legend: Blue – Automation development and maintenance efforts Orange – Planned regression manual efforts Green – Time savings RETURN OF INVESTMENT Facts: Era of constant movement to continuous delivery and deployment Number of release cycles per quarter is rising Test automation can increase number of regression runs per period and at the same time – decrease time spent on quality
  15. 15. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar IN: Rates, Environments, Licenses, UI changes OUT: ROI based on number of cycles (or period) ROI CALCULATION
  16. 16. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar PLAN AUTOMATION WITH AN EXPERT One Time Activity Iterative Plan Design Develop MaintainExecute • Re-facctor manual tests to be ready for test automation • Framework design • Plan reusable libraries • Define other abstractions layers • Data management plan • Review app road map • Review manual test cases • Verify testability • Selection of automation candidates • Define test strategy • Create test scripts • Data management • Build execution flow • Recovery scenarios • Add to function libraries • Tool extensions • Repository management • Documentation • Create new test enviroment • Deploy test suite • Execute test scripts • Results reporting • Defect management • Update assets • Archive test suite • Maintain test suite • Regression tests
  17. 17. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar QUESTIONS & ANSWERS e-mail your questions to webinar@softserveinc.com
  18. 18. webinar@softserveinc.comwebinar THANK YOU www.softserveinc.com