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What's New In Socialtext 4.6

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With release 4.6 Socialtext delivers several features that help make your intranet more social. It's now easy to share videos and slides via Signals or wiki pages, embed OpenSocial widgets on pages, and chat with colleagues using instant messaging.

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What's New In Socialtext 4.6

  1. 1. What’s new in… Socialtext 4.6 Where work gets done. Together.
  2. 2. Share Rich-Media Via Microblogging Pictures, videos and slides display as thumbnails which you can click on to view
  3. 3. Pictures
  4. 4. Videos Supports popular services such as YouTube, Slideshare, Vimeo and Google Video
  5. 5. Presentations Supports Slideshare presentations, videos and documents
  6. 6. Microblogging Via Socialtext Desktop
  7. 7. Videos
  8. 8. Presentations
  9. 9. Signals NotificationsAlicia sends a signal mentioning Trevor. A popup appears* on Trevor’s screen.*Currently supported on Google Chrome. Other browsers with display the number of missed messages in the Dashboard tab
  10. 10. Add Videos To Workspace Pages Simply enter the URL and This also works forchoose a size and the video will Slideshare presentations. be embedded on the page.
  11. 11. Add Widgets To Workspace Pages Add widgets to pages to display tools and content from a huge variety of sites.
  12. 12. Configure The Widget Configure the widget’s settings and choose the size you want it displayed on the page.
  13. 13. Preview The Widget
  14. 14. Display Widgets On Pages Use widgets to add RSS feeds, calendars, pictures, stock tickers, and much more.
  15. 15. Share Code On Workspace Pages Application Developers can share and discuss code on workspace pages.
  16. 16. Code Displayed On A Page It is displayed with line numbers and syntax highlighting.
  17. 17. IBM Lotus Sametime Integration Sametime integration is available on Socialtext profile pages and business card pop-ups. You can see people’s presence status and initiate a chat with them.
  18. 18. Web-based Administration The Socialtext Web Admin UI has been improved making it easier to manage accounts and perform common admin tasks.