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Social Media Case Study: MyCityLinks Tabloid

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Social Media case study of MyCityLinks tabloid by Prelude Digital

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Social Media Case Study: MyCityLinks Tabloid

  1. 1. MyCityLinks(Tabloid)–Teaser Campaign(30th April– 18th May 2013)By: Prelude Digital
  2. 2. How the newly launched “MyCityLinks”fortnightly tabloid kick-started with a “TeaserCampaign”
  3. 3. Target AudienceOur target audience included:• Students of all age groups• Working Professionals of all categories“Summing up all, audiences targeted were basically thegeneral public , irrespective of the category they belonged to”
  4. 4. How the teaser ad was revealed..
  5. 5. Final Launch
  6. 6. Some Creatives
  7. 7. Contest Creative
  8. 8. ResultThe results of the campaign were as follows:1) Around 1000 likes were received in the first 4 days2) The page became an interactive platform from the first dayitselfStatistically speaking , the campaign was a huge hit amongthe common masses and our purpose was rightly served
  9. 9. OurTeamCredits for this successful contest entirely goes to :1)Pratik Mohapatra a.k.a Digi Dude – The man behindthe concept of Prelude Digital2) Ajit kumar Behera a.k.aGoogle Guru3) Pradyumna Prusty a.k.a Techno crat4) Nidhi Lohia a.k.a Social keeda
  10. 10. Our OpinionIn our opinion this campaign proved to a great hit togather fan-base and people became very enthusiastic toknow what is going to launch. It became an Interactivepage in a very short span of time, and our hard workreally paid off.Teaser campaigns are a great medium to launch a newproduct/service
  11. 11. Agency Detail – “Prelude Digital”We are Prelude Digital – A 360 degree Digital Media Agency based in the“Temple City-Bhubaneswar” situated in Odisha. A digital media team havinga natural flair for design & strategy.Our Services include:• Social Media Marketing• SEO & Analytics• Website Designing• Advertising Campaigns & App Development• Humanizing brandsPrelude Digital – “Giving an Introduction to something important”
  12. 12. Thank You ..!!