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  1. Snappar Interactive
  2. What is Snappar? Snappar is an industry –leading company company at the forefront of rapidly emerging interactive media. At Snappar, we specialize in immersive technology to create unforgettable brand campaigns.
  3. Why Snappar? We are a group of techies, artists, programmers and interactive marketing specialists. We research, innovate and establish new interactive communication methods. We help brands to attract, engage and connect with their customers. We are brand experience architects.
  4. What Do We Do?
  5. Services We specialize in conceptualizing and executing interactive campaigns on several platforms: Events, OOH, Smart-phones, Tablets , Web and Social Media using state-of–the-art technology such as Augmented Reality, Gesture Tracking, Motion Sensing, Touch Displays, and other customized interactive technologies. Keeping track of the latest in technology is our job. Partnering with top technology providers, we develop custom cutting edge marketing solutions that make an impact on your audience.
  6. How We Work? Phase 1: Campaign Kick-Off: Snappar works with the client to develop the custom interactive solution scenario: scope out the project: document key timelines, goals, deliverables, messaging. Develop and confirm scenario storyboards. Phase 2: Content Creation: Media artists develop assets for a custom solution: source sound effects, video files and other assets. Create media content and animation. Validate and test the content. Phase 3: Programming: Engineers customize the solution through licensed technology scripting, where the interactivity of the user experience is developed. Develop scenario and validate final result Phase 4: Final delivery: Final version is tested and then integrated on the platform requested.
  7. What is Augmented Reality? We at Snappar, specialize in Augmented Reality technology, that can be used for your brand’s effective communication. Augmented reality (AR)!is the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time.! Let’s unsderstand what AR is all about. Different Types of Augmented Reality: Black & White Markers:! The detection of interest points is here done through black & white fiducial markers. Most of the time,! the applications using markers are based on open source technology. Marker Less Tracking (MLT): This is currently one of the best technology for tracking. It performs active tracking and recognition of real environment on any type of support (visuals, objects, faces, movement) without using special placed markers. It is more powerful and allows the performing of more complex applications of Augmented Reality. This new technology is operational on stationary, web or mobile devices.
  8. Augmented Reality for web
  9. Idea This technology called Augmented Reality integrates 3D objects with live video on the web server. The video is digitally processed and “augmented” with the 3D components. In other words, this digital processing mixes real and virtual worlds together, in real time.
  10. Brand Immersion Using AR, customers can try on various articles- apparels, eyewear, jewellery and much more.
  11. Objectives •  Audience engagement. •  Complete feel of the product without displaying the actual product. •  Saves from the hassles of displaying the live product. •  The digital platform is attractive as well as interactive.
  12. Benefits !  It provides a 3D feel of the product on a display device. !  The software transforms a printed product catalogue into interactive moving images. !  Provides a 360 degree view. !  Multi colour view – If required the various colour options of the product may be highlighted.
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  16. Reference Augmented Reality solutions : Virtual Dressing room The activity is aimed at giving users a virtual trial room experience using Augmented Reality and 3D depth sensing technologies. Users will find themselves immersed in a Virtual trial room and will have options to try out different outfits . Once the user likes a particular outfit, she can take a photograph wearing that outfit and then share the photograph on social media. Similar Virtual dressing room solutions can be implemented on the web as well as inside the store as permanent installations. Such solutions will not only give consumers a ‘WoW’ experience but also save retail space. Video:
  17. Augmented Reality: Mobile Phones
  18. The Technology AR is capable of recognising images as seen through your camera. These may be objects, sites or just pictures on a magazine. Once recognised will dynamically overlay multimedia content on to the camera view. It is able to virtually “glue” a 3D model on to objects. As you move the camera, the 3D model will follow accordingly. This also makes two way interactions between the user and AR over lays possible, perfect for an augmented experience.
  19. To showcase the innovative features in a The Challenge Print AD/Outdoor Hoarding We create an application (for iPhone / Android/ Blackberry/Nokia enabled platforms) for readers/ Idea viewers to download for free of cost so that they can experience the innovative features by themselves. The Solution Augmented Reality
  20. Augmented Reality: On Ground
  21. Users present in the mall will be asked to stand on the marker. There will be a huge LCD screen with a live feed camera. When the users stand on the marker, different characters will appear on the screen augmented with the users. Different characters will perform different actions depending on their role etc. Users can instantly share their experience / pictures with the characters on Facebook . Reference Link : Disney Times Square
  22. On-Going Project We are executing a project for Google at Group M offices in Mumbai and Delhi . Here, the user will be made to scan a QR code, which will direct him/ her to a smart-phone optimized micro-site consisting of unique animations and sounds. The micro-site will display campaign related information and requests registration details, stored on a back-end real-time server.
  23. Reference Links Following is a list of interesting AR campaigns. We have the capability, people and technology to do execute campaigns of similar nature. On Ground: Nokia Lumia: Mahindra: On Mobile: Heinz: On Web: