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Smart Time Table

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Smart Schooling offers online student information system in schools and school time tables management software for schools.

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Smart Time Table

  1. 1. Smart Time Tables Smart Schooling
  2. 2. The right coordination of the six elements of a school, viz. students, teachers, rooms, periods (time slots), subjects, and types of classrooms are what a good time table is all about. Smart time tables automate the various scheduling actions of a school, thus keeping a balance between study and free time and maximizing the use of the best resources. The key objective behind using this software is to keep students occupied and supervised all the time except intervals, lunch hours, and other breaks. School timetabling looks easy, but it is a computationally concentrated and exhaustive chore. Smart time tables simplify the complete timetabling process speedily Smart Schooling
  3. 3. Features of Smart Time Tables Entry of data of all time tables related to classes, subjects, teachers, cla ssrooms, period allocated to teachers, etc. is easy Detailed divisions of time table data can be created into groups Smart Schooling
  4. 4. The software comes with a guide option, instructing the user on how to enter data and other related activities Smart time tables automatically checks the minimization of gaps in the schedules of teachers Smart Schooling
  5. 5. It is dependable for assignment of optional teachers when necessary and for immediate requirements In case of illegal changes, the same is notified to the specific user The software facilitates automatic generation of printout of the time tables and creation of synopsis Smart Schooling
  6. 6. Why Schools should adopt Smart Time Tables In Indian schools, timetabling is commonly classified into general that encloses information of the proceedings; scheduling for teachers wherein classes are allocated to them; scheduling for students wherein they are kept occupied and supervised; and provisional that keeps records of absentee teachers and accordingly reallocates teachers. Coordination of all happens fast and the easy way. Smart Schooling
  7. 7. Schools can maintain discipline effectively and efficiently using Smart time tables, thus facilitating the holistic development of students in the true sense of the term. The software functions as the second clock of a school, demonstrating schedules of every activity related to students and teachers class wise and subject wise, also including scheduling of co-scholastic activities Smart Schooling
  8. 8. Smart time tables act as the mirror that reflects the complete educational program of a school. Right from displaying hours / times of school work, morning assembly timings, exhibiting types of tasks to be undertaken to scheduling teaching time of teachers, showing lists of subjects to be taught in certain periods by respective teachers, the software enables all Smart Schooling
  9. 9. Using Smart time tables, schools save significant time and energy. The management can justifiably distribute work among teachers and other members of the staff. Schools using this software can effectively promote regularity and punctuality, preventing laxity and shortages. Plans and schedules can always be chalked out systematically. A gamut of other scheduling purposes is also served by the software. It schedules recreational and interval time for teachers and students, deals with classrooms being used in a certain period, displays and manages time of drill, games and other co- scholastic activities besides generating synopsis and reports on schedules. Smart Schooling
  10. 10. Complex time tables are part of every class in a high school. The cycle changes every week or fortnight, keeping the students occupied. Smart time tables help slotting periods of the teachers grade-wise and subject-wise, facilitating smooth running of classes. The software comes equipped with well-organized tools and features, customized to suit individual school schedules and requirements Conclusion Smart Schooling
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