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GPS Tracking System For Schools in India

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Description: With GPS Bus Tracking System, schools in India can now ensure enhanced safety by tracking the location of the school buses and vehicles thereby monitoring speed, automating driver logs/timesheets, redirecting buses away from sites where emergencies occur, and more besides controlling operating costs.

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GPS Tracking System For Schools in India

  1. 1. It is the GPS tracking system. Where crimes are on the rise, parents today prefer sending their children to schools that assure safety of the students at the school premise and while on the move in school buses and cabs. They can follow their children’s movements with the touch of a button on their Smartphone What is the anti-theft and real- time monitoring software that comes equipped in many a school vehicle?
  2. 2. Tracks and monitors all school vehicles in real-time Sends auto alerts to parents about actual arrival and departure time of the buses Parents can log in to access real time information on status of bus locations Sends auto alerts to parents about pick / drop statuses of their children
  3. 3. School management gets instant alerts when the school vehicle enters a no-go zone or when drivers are involved in unsafe, speedy driving Two-way contact between drivers and school management Auto alerts to parents and school management during emergencies and for delays Auto storing of real time data for analysis on demand
  4. 4. •Equipping the GPS tracking system in school vehicles, schools effectively monitor and track the vehicles for operational efficiencies, punctuality, and discipline of drivers besides ensuring the safety of students while on the move. The software helps the management monitor speed and redirecting the vehicles away from accidents .
  5. 5. •The software enhances operating efficiency of school vehicles. Parents gain a competitive advantage of keeping up with the daily trip of their children to and from school via SMS alerts or via live viewing of the vehicle location from their smart phone wherein they are allowed to log in with unique passwords provided by the school management •Excessive speeding and idling of vehicles including inefficient driving behaviours lead to wastage of fuel. The GPS tracking system helps school management track the fleet's activity while on the move and thereby save significantly on fuel costs. Unauthorized usage of school vehicles can be checked
  6. 6. •The software helps unearth routing capabilities and accordingly the best route can be automatically measured. Students can thus reach school on time involving less travel time. The school management can view in real time which route the driver took including driving time including tracking the vehicles each time they stop and start moving •Using the GPS tracking system, schools can audit pickup and drop-off times of school vehicles. Auto alerts are sent to parents whenever their children enter or get down from the vehicle. Come any emergency on the road and parents get automatically alerted. If a bus breaks down, the management immediately gets alerted automatically
  7. 7. GPS tracking system is the perfect security solution for schools to monitor and track school vehicles, drivers, and students while on the move. Safety being a growing concern amongst parents, this software is almost an indispensable part of school vehicles today. Parents have a preference of sending their children to smart schools that deploy this technology for safe and secured movement of the students to and from school
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