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GPS Enabled School Bus Tracking System Ensures Child Safety During Transit

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Schools today are increasingly using GPS enabled school bus tracking system, ensuring student safety during transit

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GPS Enabled School Bus Tracking System Ensures Child Safety During Transit

  1. 1. How GPS enabled School Bus Tracking System ensures child safety during transit? Smart Schooling
  2. 2. An increased concern amongst parents today is the safety of their children on the way to school and back home. Schools today are increasingly using GPS enabled school bus tracking system, ensuring student safety during transit. Smart Schooling
  3. 3. Continuous tracking and positioning of the school vehicle is easy with GPS enabled buses and RFID tracking system carried by students embed in their identity cards. Smart Schooling
  4. 4. Smart Schooling The software manages maintenance schedules, monitors unauthorized trips into restricted areas, identifies aggressive driving habits, alerts both school management and parents in times of emergencies besides notifying both parties on boarding and disembarking of students from the school bus.
  5. 5. How GPS enabled School Bus Tracking System works? Smart Schooling
  6. 6. It is a web-based program linked to small and reliable units hardwired to school bus. Alerts are configured to be automatically sent to the management if the driver breaches driving limitations such as high speed or moving in a different zone. The system generates reports automatically according to logged trip data. Smart Schooling
  7. 7. It gives real time information about the scheduled routes of the school bus The school management can track whether the bus is making any unplanned or unscheduled stops, speed limit, whether it is moving on time so that students are not late. Sudden traffic jams and any possible emergencies help management anticipate late arrivals in advance. Smart Schooling
  8. 8. GPS enables quick updating and modification of routes. Despite planned stops and scheduled speed limits, a bus may fall behind schedule. In such cases, the tracker system helps adjust route boundaries. In case an emergency related to road closures, etc. arises, the GPS helps the management to immediately coordinate with the driver to re- route the bus. Smart Schooling
  9. 9. The GPS bus tracking system software is flexible, enabling the school management to allow parents to access the location of the bus by logging with unique passwords from their web browsers. The GPS system automatically sends alerts to parents if the bus is behind the schedule or pick / drop of the students. Smart Schooling
  10. 10. While students use RFID enabled identity cards for added safety and to help in tracking, the GPS automatically identifies them boarding and disembarking the vehicle, recording the time and place respectively. The system also alerts the driver if the wrong student boards the vehicle or if any student is left behind Smart Schooling
  11. 11. Conclusion Today, use of the GPS enabled school bus tracking system is a must for school vehicles given the increasing incidences of crimes. It is not only the school management but also parents who enjoy peace of mind when it comes to safety of the students while on the move. Besides, the school management can keep tab on the transportation schedules and make improvements if any Smart Schooling
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