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Learn all about microservices from Product Marketing Manager Dan Giordano. We'll cover how to get started, the benefits, potential challenges, and how SmartBear can help.

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  1. 1. Microservices Microservices
  2. 2. Page Proprietary & Confidential Microservices: an approach to engineering focused on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. • Minimize risk and scope of change • Easy to deploy • Easy to understand across the business Microservices 2
  3. 3. Page Proprietary & Confidential 3 Microservices Monolithic Architecture Microservices Architecture User Interface Business Logic Data Layer DB DB DB DB DB Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice User Interface
  4. 4. Do One Thing. And Do It Well. Microservices
  5. 5. Page Proprietary & Confidential 5 Microservices Application Microservice Lifecycle Monolithic Lifecycle Microservice Microservice Microservice Build Test Deploy Monitor Build Test Deploy Monitor Build Test Deploy Monitor Build Test Deploy Monitor
  6. 6. Page Proprietary & Confidential 6 Microservices Benefits Of Microservices Separation of Services Easy to Change Tech Simple to Understand Increased Availability Reusability of Services Decentralized Data Easy to Deploy - Services focus on one single function - No large commitment to one tech stack - Distributed teams can understand small functions easier - Improve fault isolation and system resiliency - Reuse microservices through your organization - Each microservice is responsible for its database - Deploy in literally pieces
  7. 7. Page Proprietary & Confidential 7 Microservices Experience Layer Process Layer System Layer Cancel Credit Card View Balance Receipt API TwillioSalesforce Fraud API Fraud DB Credit Score API Card Sales API User DB Messaging API Activity API New Acct # API Check Balance API Microservice in Enterprise
  8. 8. Page Proprietary & Confidential 8 Microservices Challenges Of Microservices What services exist, connect, function as Unit, System, API Testing Service dependency Managing scale and performance
  9. 9. Page Proprietary & Confidential 9 Microservices Complexity On top of normal APIcomplexity: • Exponential number of connections • Accuracyof API abstractions • Not fully standardized Complexity Automation Availability Performance Microservice Microservice You Start With… And End Up With… Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice Microservice
  10. 10. Page Proprietary & Confidential 10 Microservices Test Automation Complexity Automation Availability Performance • Functional Testing • Testing Stateand Data • ServiceChaining • Test Refactoring That’s a lot of endpoints to test!
  11. 11. Page Proprietary & ConfidentialMicroservices Availability Complexity Automation Availability Performance • 84% ofQAteamsreportdelayswaitingfor services, components,API’setc. • 81% ofDevelopmentteamsreportdelayswaitingfor services,components,API’setc. • Accessto requiredsystems • Averagenumberofsystemsneededfor dev/test=52 • Averagenumberofsystemsavailablefor dev/test=32 • Averagewaittimeto accessrequiredsystems=32days Application Under Test Tester $00.02 per callAPI Still Getting Built Legacy, Fragile Database 11
  12. 12. Page Proprietary & Confidential 12 Microservices Performance Complexity Automation Availability Performance • Testing performance on asingle serviceversus system-wide testing • Modelling large-scaleusage economically • Driving data data-driventesting approach
  13. 13. Page Proprietary & Confidential 13 Microservices How Can We Combat These Challenges? Definition Driven Development Continuous Testing Service Virtualization Continuous Monitoring Designing and building your API with a standard spec like Swagger will encourage collaboration and speed up work across development and test. Make sure that a sense of ownership of “testing” and “quality” is felt equally by the development, testing, and operations teams. Empower everyone with tools and processes for success. Virtualize services so that fragile, production, or 3rd Party systems are always available for integration, E2E, and performance testing. Monitoring your application’s performance and user experience pre and post production to shorten downtimes and MTTR.
  14. 14. SmartBear Helps Across The Entire API Lifecycle Microservices
  15. 15. Page Proprietary & Confidential 15 SmartBear’s API Lifecycle Toolset Design Build Test Deploy Microservices Codegen– generateclientSDKsandserverstubs SwaggerUI–buildbeautifuldocumentation Editor–Designswagger-basedAPIseasily SwaggerHub Virtualizewebservices,allowing yourdevelopmentortesting teamtoworkona“live”API in parallel ServiceV Functional– Automatedtestingfor SOAP&RESTAPIs Secure– RunsecurityscansagainstyourAPIs SoapUI Pro SyntheticmonitoringforAPIs preandpostproduction AlertSite LoadUI Pro Performloadandperformance testsagainstyourAPIs MONITOR DESIGN/BUILD BUILD/TEST TEST TEST DEPLOY PARTNERS
  16. 16. Microservices Design Design & Build with Swaggerhub Document Generate SDKs Collaborate on the Platform for Designing and Documenting APIs with Swagger Quick Hits: • Issue Tracking • Versioning • Integrate into popular tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, Github, & more. • Cloud Access or Install On-Prem Design new and existing APIs in an intuitive, browser-based Editor that’s built for rapid iteration of the Swagger/OpenAPI contract. Validate and save your design on the fly, with a hassle-free editing experience for designing APIs that maximize consumer adoption. SwaggerHub visually renders your API contract as a fully interactive document for live workability, letting your end consumers know exactly how your API will work and behave, before integrating it into their code. Build your API’s server and client code straight from your contract in over 30 different languages. The generated code packages are highly customizable with friendly instructions to quickly turn your API contract into functioning code. SwaggerHub
  17. 17. Microservices Prototype Deploy & Share Virtualize Virtualize with ServiceV Create and deploy virtualized APIs in minutes with ServiceV Quick Hits: • Record live REST or SOAP call • Import Swagger spec Quickly mock up and design an API by importing a Swagger spec and quickly define responses or use our powerful Wizard to start creating your API. SwaggerHub visually renders your API contract as a fully interactive document for live workability, letting your end consumers know exactly how your API will work and behave, before integrating it into their code. Replace 3rd Party, unstable, or other costly APIs in your E2E, Integration, and Performance testing process while still retaining testing accuracy. ServiceV
  18. 18. Microservices Functional Testing Data-Driven Testing Load Testing Test with ReadyAPI Create powerful API functional and load tests in the world’s most widely used testing platform. Quick Hits: • Test SOAP APIs • Test REST APIs • Data-Driven Testing • Security Scans • Load Testing Create functional API tests for your entire microservices infrastructure easier than ever. With SoapUI Pro, you can scan your Swagger specs or live endpoint to automatically generate test structures for them. Then easily refactor your tests when any of your APIs change. Connect to a database, csv, or generate your own test data within SoapUI Pro to seamlessly test your web services with actual data. You can drive names, passwords, credit cards numbers, etc. into your API to get the largest possible coverage. LoadUI Pro provides key insights that help you fix performance bottlenecks in your API under load. The tool tracks in-depth statistics and parameters on your APIs performance and presents these in an intuitive & actionable format. SoapUI Pro LoadUI Pro
  19. 19. Microservices Service Uptime Pre & Post Production Monitor with AlertSite Monitor web, desktop, or mobile applications as well as APIs Quick Hits: • Monitor REST & SOAP APIs AlertSite makes it easier than ever to monitor your internal, partner, or public APIs - REST or SOAP - effortlessly. Create an API endpoint monitor natively in AlertSite, or reuse OpenAPI/Swagger definitions and SoapUI tests to monitor complex API transactions. Monitor internal APIs that serve your internal customers from within your private network using our private nodes placed in your local network, data center, or private cloud. AlertSite
  20. 20. Page Proprietary & Confidential Page 20 Why SmartBear Wins Microservices Easy To Install & Use Affordable Pricing Open & Integrated Customer Success Reusability The Old Way The SmartBear Way Hard To Try & Start Expensive To POC & Buy Locked-Down Ecosystem Month-long Sale Cycles Offline Business Model
  21. 21. Page Proprietary & Confidential 21 Microservices The tools you use everyday. Made better with SmartBear.
  22. 22. Page Proprietary & Confidential 22 Microservices Reusability Across SmartBear Import Your Swagger Spec Into ReadyAPI Virtualize that Swagger Spec so developers, testers, and consumers have access to it Then reuse the same testing script across ReadyAPI for functional and performance testing, and monitoring. ServiceV SoapUI Pro AlertSite LoadUI Pro SwaggerHub
  23. 23. Page Proprietary & Confidential UI API Create Great Software, Without Tradeoffs Perform Code & Doc Review Collaborator Design, Develop, & Document APIs SwaggerHub DEV TEST OPS Code Create Automated UI Functional Tests (Web, Desktop, Mobile) TestComplete Script Run Tests On Real Devices in the Cloud CrossBrowserTesting Create Web Load Tests LoadComplete Spec Create Automated API Functional Tests (REST, SOAP, and more) SoapUI Pro Script Virtualize API & Database Services ServiceV Pro Create API Load Tests LoadUI Pro Monitor Web & API Performance, Availability, & Functional Correctness AlertSite Manage Manual & Automated Tests QAComplete Integrations …100 +
  24. 24. Page Proprietary & Confidential 24 Microservices Design Monitor Develop Test Deploy Swaggerhub Collaborator ServiceV Pro SoapUI Pro LoadUI Pro QAComplete AlertSite CrossBrowserTesting TestComplete LoadComplete The Future Of Quality
  25. 25. Page Proprietary & Confidential We provide tools for development, testing, and operations teams to create great software, faster than ever. AccelerateSDLCWorkflows | ImproveQualityatEveryStage | RealizeRapidTime-to-Value • European HQ in Galway, with 7 offices globally • Founded in 2009 • Open Source Innovator (Swagger & SoapUI) 6.5M+ Users 194 Countries 22K+ Companies TestComplete SoapUI Pro SwaggerHub CrossBrowserTesting QAComplete AlertSite Microservices 25
  26. 26. Page Proprietary & Confidential Loyal and Diverse Customer Base Accelerated Workflows Improved Quality Realized Rapid Time-to-Value Health Sciences Insurance Financial Travel /Hospitality Consumer Telecom Government /Defense Software Tech Achieved100%standardizationof OpenAPISpecacrossdevprojects Increasedreleasefrequencyby2xasa resultofimprovedtestautomation Realized>$30kincostssavingsby switching fromHP/MicroFocus
  27. 27. Page Proprietary & Confidential Questions? Thank you!