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Liquid Enhancer - Beverage Makeover

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Presentation on liquid enhancer aka super concentrate as adding fun and excitement. This is on trend. We believe this can unlock new possibilities rather than micronizing existing products.

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Liquid Enhancer - Beverage Makeover

  2. 2. LIQUID ENHANCER HISTORY 2011 2013 2012 Kraft MIO (March 2011) Kraft MIO Energy (December 2011) Coca-Cola Dasani Drops (October 2012) DPSG Crush (December 2012) Kraft MIO Fit (December 2012) DPSG Hawaiian Punch (December 2012) Kraft Crystal light (January 2013) Coca-Cola Powerade Zero Drops (June 2013) AriZona Beverages (October 2013) PepsiCo Aquafina FlavourSplash (October 2013) Kraft Kool-Aid (January 2013) Nestlé Nestea (September 2013)
  3. 3. LIQUID ENHANCER EXTENSIONS OF EXISTING BRANDS Coca Cola realised the potential and soon embraced this emerging concept... Dasani Minute Maid Glaceau Vitamin Water Powerade Zero
  4. 4. LIQUID ENHANCER ….which was soon followed by other brands PepsiCo Aquafina Nestlé Nestea DPSG Crush AriZona Ice Tea
  5. 5. Liquid Enhancer is on trend: 1. Personalization People love mixing and deciding the flavour, intensity and sweetness; 2. Convenience Nicely packed in a 48 ml squeezer to carry, anywhere; 3. For today’s modern life Expectations are higher and fulfilled now with zero calories
  6. 6. LIQUID ENHANCER PRODUCT INFORMATION Liquid Enhancers are concentrated zero-calorie flavoring waters, milk or coffee and can also contain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes or other functional ingredients. ABOUT ENHANCING A BEVERAGE: PRODUCT APPLICATION The liquid enhancer can be added as desired The liquid enhancer can be added as desired Water Sparkling water Dairy Yogurt drinks Almond milk Soy milk Rice milk Coconut milk Protein Soft drinks Alcoholic beverages Tea Coffee
  7. 7. SUCRALOSE STEVIA LIQUID ENHANCER OUR PRODUCTS Infusion Enhancer Mineral Enhancer Milk Enhancer Vitamin Enhancer Flavour Enhancer C A D K B
  8. 8. LIQUID ENHANCER Coffee Enhancer Glow Enhancer Amino Enhancer Energy Enhancer Detox Enhancer IN DEVELOPMENT
  9. 9. LIQUID ENHANCER LIST OF INGREDIENTS FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS: THERAPEUTICS AND ACTIVE AGENTS: SWEETENERS: Vitamins Minerals Electrolytes Protein Caffeine Guarana Green coffee extract Melatonin L-Theanine Glucosamine Chondroitin Chamomile CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) L-carnitine Omega-3 DHA (Docosahexanoic acid) Quercetin Sucralose Stevia Monk fruit Honey etc. Acesulfame potassium Aspartame Saccharin Neuromuscular agents Nutritional supplements Blood modifying agents etc. Hormones Diabetes treatments Respiratory agents Gastrointestinal agents Genitourinary agents Biologics Anti-pain agents Anti-inflammatory agents Heart and circulatory drugs Anti-cancer agents Anti-infective agents Central nervous system agents
  10. 10. LIQUID ENHANCER MARKET 2020 $2.83 billion 2014 $1.371 billion The Global Water Enhancer Market Revenue Estimated CAGR 12.8% North America 72% Europe Market Share Major Players Liquid enhancer has the potential to make a significant impact on sales of bottled water Until now – limited presence in markets outside the US
  11. 11. Liquid enhancer gives an individual and exciting colour and taste profile to your product 9-12 months best-before date Low in calories 48ml, very compact & portable bottle Popular with athletic and fitness consumers One bottle can last up to 30 servings
  12. 12. SLUYS INTERNATIONAL Originally established in 1931 as Sluys & Co by Mr. K. Sluys. Sluys International is now an established Duffel (B) based manufacturer of flavour. The dynamic Sluys team is a reflection of artists, idealists and businessmen continuing to challenge new frontiers of taste and smell. Sluys today is the only Malaysian family owned and -managed flavour house in Western Europe. www.sluys.euNijverheidsstraat 1 2570 Duffel, Belgium info@sluys.eu +32 (0)3 490 03 30 WHERE SMELL, TASTE, SIGHT ARE BALANCED