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Keynote vs PowerPoint

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What best suites your presentation need? Use this infographics as a reference.

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Keynote vs PowerPoint

  1. 1. CLEA/ lII A ND CL/ A 55 Y I-'ql, LY I-'Ll¢vc1'1'onI‘A L CAREER I-I1'STORY. ' Apple Keynote: Microsoft PowerPoint: 2003 — Apple Keynote’s 1987 — First release initial release. for Macintosh, then bought by Microsoft. 2005 — integration into Apple iWori<. 1991 — integration into Microsoft Office. 2006 — 2014 - Updates released 1997 — 2013 for compatibility — Updated released with OS X Yosemite. for latest versions of Microsoft Office. APPLICATION CA PA B1'L1'T1'ES: Apple Keynote: Microsoft PowerPoint: Better graphics Easily imports Excel editing engine for graphs, music, videos, presentation visuals. and images. Exports slide decks Export slide decks to Quicktime for as videos for YouTube. Youiube conversion. Manages text—based Can transfer its files presentations and fonts to any Apple device better than Keynote. with Keynote. THE GOOD AND THE BAD: Apple Keynote: Microsoft PowerPoint: Drag-and-drop imports the most feature allows easier image, audio, content placement. and video formats. impressive slide Cluttered interface, templates and graphic but easier to use. editing capabilities. Mac-compatible, Superior graphics, but harder to master. but Mac-exclusive. for visually impressive and simplistic presentations , for Mac. REFERENCES Cordray, Robert. ‘The Best Presentation Software: Keynote Vs. PowerPoint. " Adotas. September 30, 2014. Accessed August 19, 2015. hitp: //www. adotas. com/2014/09/thebestpresentatlonsoflwore-keynote-vs-powerpolnfl. Maldment, Paul. ‘K note Vs. PowerPoint. " Forbes. January 30, 2003. Accessed August 19, 2015. h : /www. fori: >es. com/2003/01/30/cx_pm_0130tentech. htm| . "Apple Unveils Keynote - ProfessIonai~Qua| lty Presentations for Everyone. " Apple. January 7, 2003. Accessed August 19, 2015. http: //www. apple. com/ pr/ library/2003/01/07App| e-UnvelisKeynote. htm| . "Apple Unveils Work '05 - Create, Present 8: Publish With Style. " Apple. January 11, 2005. Accessed August 19, 2015. ll https: //www. app| e.com/ pr/ library/2CD5/01/ 1 iAppie-Unve s-lwork-05.htm| . ‘History Of PowerPoint: The Amazing Facts You Did Not Know. " Free Power Point Templates. (n. d.). Accessed August 19, 2015. http: //www. free-power-polnt-templates. com/ artlcleslhistory-of-powerpolnt-the-amazlngfactsyoudId-not-know/ . ‘Video and Audio File Formats Su orted In PowerPoint. " Microsoft. (n. d.). Accessed August 19, 2015. https: //support. ofi1lce. com/ en-us/ artlc| eNIdeo-an audlo-| |e~formats-supported-ln-PowerPoint-d8b12450-26db-4c7b-a5c1-593d3418fb59.