Delivery Pipeline as Code: using Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline

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Learn how to use Jenkins 2.0 Pipelines:
* Pipeline as Code
* Jenkins Pipeline DSL
* How to use existing plug-ins in pipeline
* Lessons learned

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Delivery Pipeline as Code: using Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline

  1. 1. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS © 2015 medavis GmbH. All rights reserved. DevOps Karlsruhe Slawa Giterman - July 2016 Delivery Pipeline as Code using Jenkins 2.0 Pipeline
  2. 2. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  Slawa Giterman  Java Developer (10+ years)  A lot of experience with DevOps:  Continuous Integration & Build Tools  Delivery Pipeline  Automated acceptance testing About myself
  3. 3. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  medavis GmbH - Software solutions for radiological workflows (MRT, CT, nuclear medicine, etc.)  Browser clients (Java, JEE, Vaadin)  Fat clients (Windows)  Integration with multiple 3rd party medical services (HIS, HL7, DICOM, etc.) About my company
  4. 4. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  Life before Jenkins Pipeline  Pipeline as Code  Jenkins Pipeline DSL  How to use existing plug-ins in pipeline  Lessons learned Agenda
  5. 5. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS "Old" Jenkins Pipeline Plug-Ins  Since 2011 there have been multiple Jenkins plug-ins which supported pipelines, e.g. Build Pipeline Plugin or Build Pipeline Plugin (pictured below)
  6. 6. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS "Old" Jenkins Pipeline Plug-Ins  They presented multiple Jenkins jobs as if they were part of the same pipeline  From Jenkins point of view these pipelines were just collections of jobs which triggered each other
  7. 7. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Decision Points and Fork / Join Logic  It was necessary to use plug-ins to describe decision points or fork / join workflows  Maintenance cost for complex pipelines was too high and rose exponentially with the number of steps
  8. 8. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Job DSL Plug-In  A partial solution is to use Jenkins Job DSL plug-in  It allows to create jobs using Groovy scripts instead of complex manual configurations (see an example on the next slide)  But Groovy scripts can only be used during job creation not during job executions
  9. 9. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Job DSL Plug-In Example void createMavenJob(String jobName, String svnUrl) { job(jobName) { svn { location(svnUrl) { credentials(SVN_CREDENTIALS_ID) } } ... steps { maven { goals('clean deploy') mavenOpts('-Dserver.username=$username') } }
  10. 10. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS GoCD, Travis CI, Shippable  Absence of the “full-fledged” pipeline support in Jenkins led multiple teams to switch to alternative products like GoCD, Travis CI, Shippable, etc.
  11. 11. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Pipeline  This led Cloudbees to start working on Jenkins Pipeline Project (Originally called Jenkins Workflow)  Development started – May 2014  Release 1.0 – November 2014  Renamed to Jenkins Pipeline – January 2016  Jenkins 2 (weekly: 2.0) – April 2016  Jenkins 2 (LTS: 2.7.1) – July 2016
  12. 12. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Pipeline – New Project Dialog  To create a new Pipeline using Jenkins 2 select New Job -> Type: Pipeline
  13. 13. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Pipeline Project Configuration  Then instead of configuring dozens of combo- and checkboxes just configure your project SCM (Git, SVN, etc.)
  14. 14. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline as Code node('java-build') { checkout scm sh 'mvn -B clean deploy' }  Definition of your build / pipeline will be stored together with your code as a Jenkinsfile
  15. 15. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Simple Maven Project stage 'Compile' node('java-build') { checkout scm sh 'mvn -B clean deploy' junit testResults: 'build/test-results/*.xml' } stage 'Automated tests' node('qa-environment') { … See step definitions on the next slide
  16. 16. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Jenkins Job DLS Steps  Jenkinsfile describe pipeline using Jenkins Pipeline DSL  Jenkins Pipeline DSL consist of steps like:  stage: starts a new pipeline stage (see next slide)  node: executes steps on an agent (node) with the corresponding name / label  checkout: checkouts code from SCM (e.g. Git or SVN)  sh: executes command line or shell script  bat: executes Windows command line or script  junit: publishes JUnit test results
  17. 17. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Stage View UI  Each pipeline consists of stages, e.g. Compile Stage, QA Stage, Release Stage, etc.  Each stage has one or multiple steps
  18. 18. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline DSL: Working with Files //Write string to file writeFile file: 'status.log', text: 'Status: OK', encoding: 'UTF-8' //Example: read XML file to string and then //get artifact version using regex pom = readFile('pom.xml') matcher = (pom =~ '<version>(.+)</version>') version = matcher ? matcher[0][1] : null //Read file to string results = readFile file: 'results.log‚ encoding: 'UTF-8
  19. 19. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline DSL: Pass files between stages //"Archive" an artifact file to be used later stash name: 'artifact', includes: '' //Stash multiple files: stash name: 'testResults', includes: '**/test-results/*.xml' //Get the artifact file e.g. on another node unstash 'artifact'
  20. 20. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Parallel Execution of Steps parallel( //Both deployments are executed in parallel deployToEnv1: { node('environment-1') { deploy(…) } }, deployToEnv2: { node(environment-2') { deploy(…) } } ) //Execution continues after the longer step finishes
  21. 21. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Use existing plugins in pipeline  It is possible to use existing Jenkins Plug-ins if they added Pipeline support  Majority of popular Jenkins plug-ins support Pipeline already (see list here)  E.g. Email-Ext plug-in: emailext( subject: "Build #$buildNumber, $status", recipientProviders:'CulpritsRecipientProvider' … )
  22. 22. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Docker Support docker.image('.../java8-maven').inside { checkout svn sh 'mvn -B clean install' }  Jenkins Pipeline also provides Docker support  See Orchestrating Workflows with Jenkins and Docker
  23. 23. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline DSL API Reference  See Pipeline DSL API Reference  Or just use Snippet Generator in Jenkins
  24. 24. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Manual steps in Pipeline  Jenkins Pipeline supports manual steps, i.e. steps which require user interaction, e.g. tester should choose which environment to use for testing:
  25. 25. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Manual steps – Confirmation dialog //Clicking on Release will start the next phase and //on Abort will abort the pipeline execution input message: 'Release to production?', ok: 'Release'  Confirmation dialogs are also supported
  26. 26. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Multibranch Pipeline  Jenkins can auto discover branches (Job type: Multibranch Pipeline)  If a new branch is created, a corresponding job will be created for it. As soon as the branch is merged (deleted) the job will be deleted as well.
  27. 27. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  Reuse pipeline modules  Use Scripts in other languages (e.g. Schell script, Python, Ruby, etc.) if necessary  How to test Pipeline scripts?  New Jenkins GUI: Project Blue Ocean Part 2: Lessons learned
  28. 28. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  How it worked before pipeline Our First Pipeline
  29. 29. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS  Delivery pipeline - an automated implementation of build, deploy, test, and release process  Automate the full process from Code Commit to Product Release Our First Pipeline
  30. 30. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline Code Reuse stage 'Compile' node('java-build') { checkout scm bat 'mvn -B clean deploy‘ junit testResults: 'build/test-results/*.xml' } … 200 more lines …  If the whole pipeline will be described in a single Jenkinsfile script, it will be too long and its maintenance will be too expensive
  31. 31. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline Code Reuse  To solve the problem use full Groovy potential (see the following slides for examples) : 1. Extract methods to avoid copy-pasting and achieve code reuse 2. Organize code in modules by extracting methods into separate files 3. Reuse pipeline modules between multiple pipelines by storing them into a separate VCS repository (e.g. in Git or Subversion)
  32. 32. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS 1. Extract Methods void runPhase(String phase){ //extract code as method node('java-build') { checkout scm bat "mvn -B $phase" //phase is a variable junit testResults: 'build/test-results/*.xml' } } … stage 'Compile' runPhase('deploy') //just call the extracted method
  33. 33. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS 2. Extract Modules In Jenkinsfile load and reuse the extracted modules: def maven = load 'maven.groovy' stage 'Compile' maven.runPhase('deploy') //method runPhase() from file //maven.groovy will be called Copy methods to separate files, e.g. maven.groovy: void runPhase(String phase){ … }
  34. 34. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS 3. Reuse Shared Modules Jenkinsfile: //checkout shared modules from VCS first checkout 'http://svn/main/pipeline-framework/trunk' //then just load modules as before def maven = load 'maven.groovy' stage 'Compile' maven.runPhase('deploy') Check-in all modules (like maven.groovy, deployment.groovy, etc.) to VCS and then reuse them in all pipelines:
  35. 35. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS VCS vs. Jenkins Global Library 1. You can specify which version of shared modules to use, e.g. trunk/master, or stable branch, etc.: checkout 'http://svn/main/pipeline/trunk' checkout 'http://svn/main/pipeline/tags/' checkout 'http://svn/main/pipeline/branches/stable' 2. As an alternative to VCS, add modules to the Jenkins Global Library (currently does not support versioning): ssh://user@jenkins:3421/workflowLibs.git
  36. 36. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Reuse Existing non-Groovy scripts  If you prefer to use a language other than Groovy (e.g. Python, Ruby, Shell script, etc.) or already have multiple non-Groovy scripts which implement pipeline step:  Implement in Groovy just the Pipeline orchestration logic (e.g. decisions, parallel execution, etc.)  Implement steps using your preferred language  Call these scripts from Pipeline using sh (Linux) or bat (Windows) DSL steps (see the next slide for an example)
  37. 37. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Example: Reusing PowerShell Scripts 2. Call the script from Jenkins Pipeline: bat ' source destination username password' 1. PowerSchell script (or shell, python, ruby, etc.): Map-Networkdrive $drive $destination $username $password Copy-Item $source $destination  We decided to reuse a PowerShell script which copies artifacts to shared folders
  38. 38. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS How to Test Pipeline  If Pipeline becomes complex and has multiple steps, then testing it become time consuming as well  Currently Jenkins Pipeline does not have any support for testing or Dry-Run mode (see feature request)  To solve the problem we implemented a simple unit-testing module (testing.groovy) for the pipeline using xUnit principles  Methods like assertEquals() or assertTrue() were added. If assertion fails, an exception is thrown (see the next slide)
  39. 39. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Assert Methods in testing.groovy void assertEquals(expected, actual, msg = null){ if (actual == expected) { return } else { throwException(expected, actual, msg) } } void assertTrue(actual, msg = null) void assertContains(subString, string, msg = null) …
  40. 40. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Test Example testing.test("Get Maven artifact coordinates") { given: //just a label to structure code (see also Spock) def pomXml = ''' <groupId>de.medavis</groupId> <artifactId>project-a</artifactId> <version></version> ''' when: def coordinates = maven.getCoordinates(pomXml) then: testing.assertEquals('de.medavis', coordinates.groupId) testing.assertEquals('project-a', coordinates.artifactId) testing.assertEquals('', coordinates.version) }  Sample test of maven.getCoordinates() function:
  41. 41. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS How to Test Pipeline  We also implemented a simple test reporting: if an exception was thrown in test, it is marked as failed:
  42. 42. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS New UI –Blue Ocean  Jenkins will soon get a new UI optimized for pipelines: Blue Ocean – see the following slides  It can be installed from the experimental update center: center.json
  43. 43. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Blue Ocean: Parallel Execution
  44. 44. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Blue Ocean: Console Output
  45. 45. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Name des Autors Datum der Präsentation © 2015 medavis GmbH. All rights reserved. Your Trusted Partner for Workflow Management in Radiology medavis