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Appeal letter for financial aid

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Do you need to write an appeal letter for financial aid? Is your financial aid offer letter a joke? If so, check out our tips for writing the best appeal letter for financial aid. We'll explain exactly what type of documentation you need to include. We also give you access to our template appeal letter for financial aid which you can download here: http://www.sixstepcollegeapplication.com/resources/

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Appeal letter for financial aid

  1. 1. 3 Reasons Why You Can Appeal Letter for Financial Aid So what do you do if the financial aid package is just not enough? What if the EFC is way out of whack? There are ways that you can appeal for more financial aid, but only if you have special documentable circumstances that affect your family’s ability to pay. Here are our tips for how to write an appeal letter for financial aid. There are many different types of situations that can impact the amount of money that your family is able to contribute to your college education. The important thing is that you must be able to document them. Reason #1: Job Loss If one of your parents has recently lost their job or experienced a drop in their income, this is a legitimate situation for seeking an appeal. Make sure that you can quantify how much money your family has lost as a result. If you listed one or both of your parents as a “dislocated worker” on the FAFSA, you should also document the circumstances of the situation.
  2. 2. Reason #2: Excessive Medical Bills A second reason for requesting an appeal could be due to unusually high medical expenses. But again, make sure that you clearly document the total costs, how much the insurance paid, and how much the family is required to pay. You should also include photocopies of insurance forms and hospital bills. Reason #3: Family Emergency A third reason that you may be able to appeal your financial aid award is due to an emergency that has wiped out your family savings. Perhaps your family lost their home in a wild fire or a flood. Perhaps a parent had a major car accident and has been disabled and unable to work. It’s important that you document exactly what happened and how it has impacted your family finances. So how do you go about appealing for more financial aid? The first step is to go to each college’s financial aid website and see if they offer information about how to appeal. Some schools have specific forms for you fill out to initiate an appeal.
  3. 3. Second, you need to send a letter to the financial aid office and ask for a “professional judgment review.” You must be very specific in your letter, outlining exactly why the student applying needs more financial aid. Many times, financial aid offices work on first-come-first-served basis. You want to make sure that you file the appeal as soon as you receive your financial aid letter. Looking for an appeal letter for financial aid that you can use right now? To find it, visit our blog to download The Secret of How to Appeal for More Financial Aid.