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Search for the truth

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A quick ten minute Power Point presentation I did for my English class. It's pretty interesting if anyone cares to watch.

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Search for the truth

  1. 1. Searching for theTruth: Exploring theevents of 9/11By Jason Matthews
  2. 2. The Twin Towers of theWorld Trade CenterComplex were completedApril 4th, 1973. Sept. 11th, 2001 they were destroyed by “terrorists”.
  3. 3. White house officials deny having any priorknowledge of attacks.
  4. 4. San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was personallycontacted by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urginghim to cancel his flight for the 11th ,though he was not toldwhy.It would be later revealed that several governmentofficials canceled their flights for Sept. 11th.
  5. 5. • In 1999 NORAD conducts exercises simulating a plane hitting the WTC and Pentagon.• Oct. 2000 – Pentagon conducts Operation “Mascal” simulating a plane hitting the Pentagon.• May, 2001 FEMA releases a new manual on the topic of terrorism with a cover picture of the WTC in crosshairs.
  6. 6. • 6-28-01 Radio personality William Cooper warns of an imminent attack on American soil accusing our own government of being the masterminds.• Nov. 5th, 2001 Cooper is raided by the FBI and killed for reasons undisclosed.
  7. 7. • Osama Bin Laden was immediately accused of planning the attacks.• His plan must have taken years to form.• The Bush family and the Bin Laden family are life long family friends.• No one knew what he was planning?
  8. 8. 8:48 am American Airlines flight 11hits North Tower. 9:05 am United Airlines flight 175 hits South Tower.
  9. 9. • About 50,000 people worked in the Towers.• Under 14,000 were working on Sept. 11 th• Under 3,000 perished.
  10. 10. Unable to evacuate, many people choose tojump to their deaths rather than burningalive.
  11. 11. 9:59 am South Tower collapses less thanan hour after impact due to fire damage. 10:28 am North Tower collapses less than two hours after impact due to fire damage. Never has a steel high-rise collapsed due to fire.
  12. 12. • All 110 stories of the South Tower collapsed in under 11 seconds.• All 110 stories of the North Tower collapsed in under 9 seconds.• A bowling ball dropped from the buildings would not have made it to the ground any quicker.
  13. 13. Hundreds of eyewitnesses and everynews station present reported hearingmultiple explosions prior to collapses.
  14. 14. • Thermate is a substance used to cut through steel and burns at over 2500 degrees Celsius. • Jet fuel burns at less than 1500 degrees Celsius. Not hot enough to cut steel.How could this steel column look like this?
  15. 15. • These are the steel beams used in the Twin Towers.• Laid flat, just two beams are almost as tall as the man standing behind them.• Notice his hardhat?
  16. 16. • Thermate can be applied as a paint and ignited later by a spark.• Steel beams are cut at an angle so that they come straight down instead of folding over.
  17. 17. • Dr. Steven Jones collected traces of Thermate from the WTC.• The 9/11 Commission Report says nothing about this.• 99 days after attacks “molten steel” was still found burning at over 2000 degrees Celsius, well over the temperature jet fuel burns at.• Jet fuel cannot melt steel.
  18. 18. • Underneath the remains of the WTC, alleged hijacker Mohammad Atta’s passport is found completely unscathed.• Satam al-Sugami’s passport was also found in “pristine” condition.• No identifiable parts of either plane were ever found.
  19. 19. 9:43 am American Airlines flight 77 supposedly crashes into the Pentagon.• 84 surveillance cameras captured footage of what happened there.• Only 3 were released to the public.• None show a plane hitting the Pentagon.
  20. 20. • The Pentagon has only 5 stories above ground, approximately 50 ft high.• The Boeing 757 is 44 ft high.• Only the bottom 1st floor was actually hit by the “aircraft”.• The fire was said to be so hot that it “vaporized” the aircraft, yet somehow bodies were still identifiable.
  21. 21. • Before the Pentagon rubble was even picked up, gravel and dirt was laid out over the lawn.• Literally covering up any evidence.
  22. 22. • Flight 11 directly hit the 93rd – 98th floors of the North Tower (5 stories).• Flight 175 directly hit the 78th – 84th floors of the South Tower (6 stories).• Flight 77 only directly hits the bottom 1st story of the Pentagon.
  23. 23. Officialreports claimthe airplane“skipped” offthe groundbefore hittingthe building. • Where are the “skip” marks? • Could this be why the lawn was covered up?
  24. 24. • 10:06 am United Airlines flight 93 crashes into a field near Shanksville, PA.• Almost no debris is collected from the site.
  25. 25. • Flight 93 debris was found as far as 8 miles away from PA crash site.• Officials say wind carried the pieces away from crash site including one of the one-ton engines found 2000 feet away.• Eyewitnesses report hearing a mid-air explosion.• The 9/11 Commission Report says nothing about this.
  26. 26. Normal plane crash. Normal plane crash.Normal plane crash. Flight 93 crash site.
  27. 27. • 5:20 pm WTC building 7 collapses due to fire. 47 stories in just 6 seconds. • It collapses in a classic controlled demolition style where core columns are broken first. • Building 7 was two city blocks away from the towers.Somehow buildings inbetween are still standing.
  28. 28. 19 men were accused hijacking 4 commercial airliners whichcrashed into both Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, thePentagon, and an empty field in Pennsylvania.However, the alleged hijackers were not on the flightmanifests and at least 7 are still alive today.
  29. 29. “If tyranny and oppression come tothis land, it will be in the guise offighting a foreign enemy.”-James Madison
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