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Building a digital strategy in 2016

  1. BUILDING A DIGITAL STRATEGY IN 2016 Simon Kingsnorth Global Head of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Author @thekingsnorth OUT NOW
  2. CREATING AN INTEGRATED STRATEGY Technology Content Social Experience Mobile Search
  3. WHERE IS TECHNOLOGY HEADED? Implants will enter the retail space by 2020 Ambient user experience Advanced machine learning Autonomy Internet of things ecosystem
  4. THIS WILL CHANGE BEHAVIOURS Driving a car or van 61% Underground, metro, light rail, tram Train Bus, minibus or coach Taxi Motorcycle, scooter or moped Driving a car or van Passenger in a car or van Bicycle On foot Other method of travel to work Commute trends in England & Wales ONS 2011
  5. HOW DEEP IS YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY? 24 percent of organizations now devote 50 percent or more of their budget to content. Content requires resource and global content may require 24/7 regional support – you can’t do this well without resource But you need a consistent voice – consider your brand and writing style together How much value is your content really creating? Look for trends you can capitalise on but be authentic – Euro 2016, Brexit, Trump Proactive and Reactive methods Consider SEO Content purpose – fun, informative or action-based
  6. SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES IN 2016 Don’t write off Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat Social is not advertising – don’t shout - watch, listen and respond. 70% of users want a response and 53% want it within an hour Live streaming video thanks to Periscope and Meerkat Social ecommerce is expanding all the time – keep up to speed Data is key. Social signals impact search. Understand your analytics and ensure your social listening tools are in place
  7. EXPERIENCE Experience is increasingly becoming the differentiator and is where many start-ups are winning. Are you client centric? Big data and micro data are both key to understanding customers and creating a personalised experience Human-centred design. ‘Best practise’ is irrelevant. Human nature is what matters Getting retargeting right will give it a resurgence
  8. WHERE IS MOBILE HEADED Video on mobile (and elsewhere) continues to grow and become better integrated. Consider vertical video Augmented reality will begin to become more widespread, especially on mobile devices Will VR change web experiences again. Could this mean spherical browsing? Interaction has moved from type to click to touch. We are slowly moving into voice, and gesture is coming up fast. Will thought be far away? App streaming may begin to change the way apps and devices function
  9. SEARCH Mobile searches overtook desktop in 2015 Optimise apps for search Time to make sure your structured data markup is right Content and engagement remains hugely important Links remain key – volume and quality – give people a reason to link to you
  11. ALIGN AND INTEGRATE YOUR STRATEGY Digital Marketing HRPR ValuesBrand Strategy Content Messaging Design Social SEO Spend Resource Technology Mobile UX Analytics
  12. Thanks for listening Simon Kingsnorth @thekingsnorth SHAMELESS PROMOTION