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Silverpop Worst Times to Send Email

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A fun, tongue-in-cheek look at the worst time to send emails ... in response to the enduring question asked by so many email marketers: What is the best time to send email? Have something fun to add? Please Tweet @LorenMcDonald with your short description of a worst time to send email - and I'll add my favorites to this SlideShare presentation.

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Silverpop Worst Times to Send Email

  1. What Are the Worst Times toSend Email Marketing Messages?A tongue in cheek response to theenduring question:“What’s the best time to send email?”
  2. One of the most frequently askedquestions in email marketing is: “What’s the best time to send email?” 2
  3. Answers: 1) It is different for each individual recipient. 2) Send based on past individual email open and click interaction.3) Move away from generic broadcast emails sent at one time, to automated emails triggered in real time based on each individual recipient’s behavior. 3
  4. OK, but let’s have some fun withthis question ..by flipping it on itshead … in a not so serious way. 4
  5. “What’s the WORST time to send email?” 5
  6. 1. Saturday?: People are playing golf, shopping, going to soccergames – who has time for email? 6
  7. 2. Sunday?: A day of rest, many folks are religious about not checking email on Sunday. 7
  8. 3. Monday?: Whoa, people have too many things to do after theweekend … and too many emails in their inbox. 8
  9. 4. Friday?: People are trying towrap-up things before heading off for the weekend? Checking email, not. 9
  10. 5. Tuesday?: This is when all of your competitors were told tosend their email – so this is themost difficult time to stand out in the inbox. Forget it. 10
  11. 6. Wednesday?: Hump day. You kidding me? People are justtrying to make it through this mid- week hurdle of a day. 11
  12. 7. Thursday?: Not quite …sinceyour recipients are busy checking their email that backed up from the rest of the week – yours will certainly get lost. 12
  13. 8. 10 am EST?: Perfect for thoseeast coasters just getting into the office. Oops, too early for those on the west coast and Hawaii. 13
  14. 9. 7 am EST?: Excellent. Top ofeast coast folk’s inbox. Shucks, but at 4 am on the left coast, definitely lost among the overnight spam. 14
  15. 10. Midnight to 6 am EST?: Hmm, too late for most and simply lost among the Viagraemails sent in the middle of the night. Try again. 15
  16. 11. Lunch time?: Possibly … darn, folks are too busy eatingtheir turkey and Swiss sandwich to be able to focus and act on your email. 16
  17. 12. Late afternoon?: Like late afternoon for whom? Folks areeither picking up kids from schoolor getting that presentation done before the end of the day. 17
  18. 13. Dinner time?: No oneanswers their phone anymore at this time – do you want to be “that guy” because of your dinner-time emails? 18
  19. 14. Anytime?: Yikes, looks likeyou can’t send emails at anytimeas lots of subscribers will simply not be checking their email? 19
  20. 15. 9PM ET on Sunday?:Because thats when Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on. Via DJ Waldow, Waldow Social - @DJWaldow 20
  21. 16. 8 am on December 25th?: ...everyone is opening presents.via Andrew Kordek, Trendline Interactive - @AndrewKordek 21
  22. 17. Early August?: When justabout everyone is enjoying their much needed vacations…via Remy Bergsma, MailPlus - @RemyBergsma 22
  23. 18. On National "Clear Your Inbox“ Day? via GroupMail - @GroupMail 23
  24. 19. During a blackout? via GroupMail - @GroupMail 24
  25. 20. On the same day that yourdomain is used for a phishing scam? via GroupMail - @GroupMail 25
  26. 21. Rainy days?: Becauseeveryone is checking the weather instead of their email. via Alyson Engle, Silverpop - @allyengle 26
  27. 22. Sunny days?: Becausepeople are finding ways to get outside instead of checking email. via Alyson Engle, Silverpop - @allyengle 27
  28. 23. Between 1-3 pm midweek?: Because thats when everybody posts on Facebook, so clearly users arent checking their email.via Stephan Hovnanian, Shovi Websites - @Shoviweb 28
  29. 24. 6-9a?: Moms gotta get the kids up, dressed, fed, off to school. via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 29
  30. 25. 9a-Noon?: OMG, you should see the house after the kids leave! Gotta clean. via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 30
  31. 26. Noon-3p?: Ha! No way, thatsmy nap time - been up since 6a! via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 31
  32. 27. 3pm-6pm?: How can I check email when the kids are nowhome? Have to be the homework police! via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 32
  33. 28. 6pm-9pm?: Right. Like Im going to check email when myentire family wants dinner. Yeah, thats not gonna happen. via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 33
  34. 29. 9pm-Midnight?: Maybe? Doubtful. Finally got the kids inbed. Time for a glass of wine and a good book. via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 34
  35. 30. Midnight-6am?: Nope. Needmy beauty sleep to face the next day starting at 6am! via Liz Bross, Silverpop - @liz_bross 35
  36. 31. During the Superbowl,because people like to see ads around that time.via Jordie van Rijn, Email Consultant - @jvanrijn 36
  37. 32. Your contribution here…And your name here…submit your worst time! 37
  38. Have some of your own fun “worst times to send email” contributions?Tweet @LorenMcDonald and I’ll add my favorites to this presentation. 38
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