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Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Event

Companies of all shapes and sizes are adopting customer communities to improve the social experience. They’re meeting needs faster and at lower cost, and harnessing the power of amplified word-of-mouth marketing to drive new sales. If you answered, YES, which is probably everyone, then a customer community may be just what you need drive your meeting ROI to a much higher level. This guide offers essential steps toward building and maintaining a sustainable event community via social media.

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Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Event

  1. 1. DID YOU KNOW  YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web, making it a great resource for traffic and leads.  Facebook users share 2.5B pieces of content on the site each day. Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Event: 6-Step Guide  43% of US marketers have found a customer through  What is your strategy outside of social media?  How can social media help meet those objectives? Twitter users send 400M  What are the three strategic things that you want to push forward tweets each day.  Define Your Objectives (Mission Statement) LinkedIn.  1. on as an organization in the next 3-6 months or even 6-12 months? 70% of brands have presences on Google+. 2. Get Clear On Your Goals Most event management companies have multiple objectives, including:  83.8% of luxury brands have a presence on Pinterest. Awareness/Buzz  Long-term engagement  -Source: Social Media Today  Networking  Information distribution  Increase attendance If you are not sure which goals to have regarding social media, then you will want to consider the following questions:  What are some of the social media goals others have in my industry?  Why are they doing it?  How has having the right goals in place helped them succeed?
  2. 2. 3. Decide On the Best Channels: The next part of your strategy is to consider what social media channels you want to establish a strategic presence on. With hundreds of platforms to choose from and the momentum of social media, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In Figure 1.1, you will find a breakdown of the five most commonly used social media networks: Facebook Relevant Goals: Awareness & buzz Long-term engagement Pros: High adoption News feed > viral Cons: No deep conversations Not as professional Twitter Relevant Goals: Awareness & buzz Information distribution Pros: Real-time Highly viral Cons: No deep conversations Short-lived LinkedIn Relevant Goals: Awareness & buzz Long-term engagement Pros: News feed Professional Deep group conversations Cons: Lower penetration Hiring & deal-oriented Pinterest Relevant Goals: Awareness & buzz Design brainstorming Pros: Emotionally compelling Cons: Requires visuals Less professional Google+ Relevant Goals: Buzz Information distribution Pros: Integration with Google services Cons: Lower adoption Figure 1.1 4. Craft and Share Your Content You should have a mixture of both original content that you create and shared content that others create. Once you’ve crafted the content, you’ll use your social media channels to amplify your messages throughout your networks. Commonly Shared Forms of Content Blogs - Recommended Articles Infographics Interviews Whitepapers YouTube videos eBooks Slideshare Reports/Case Studies Checklists Figure 1.2 Webinars/Podcasts Cheat Sheets
  3. 3. 5. Measure Your Results Monitoring Engagement Management Measurement Influence Radian6 Spredfast Wildfire Simply Measured Klout Tweetdeck Buffer Moz.com Optimizely Appinions Social Mention Hootsuite ShortStack Google Analytics Vocus Figure 1.2 Implementing one or more of these tools, whether free or paid, will allow you to optimize your efforts and productivity in social media. It is an absolute component in which organizations should be experimenting. If one hour of your time is worth $20, then spend it and use that time to do something that is more strategic or more valuable. www.signup4.com sales@signup4.com 800.237.8945 © SignUp4 2014. All rights reserved. The SignUp4 logo and trademarks are exclusive property of SignUp4 LLC