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Transforming the Back Office - A Multi-Screen Necessity

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Transforming the Back Office - A Multi-Screen Necessity

  1. 1. Transforming the Back Office: A Multi-Screen Necessity Brian Cappellani Sigma Systems
  2. 2. Sigma Systems The authority in provisioning Converged Broadband Services• 15+ years of dedicated OSS development and • Headquartered in Toronto deployment experience • Centers of Excellence in Bangalore and Pune• Successful OSS implementations for service providers • Global Sales and Services offices in the UK, of all types Japan, Portugal & Brazil• Privately held • 50+ deployments in more than 20 countries• Deployments with operators ranging in size from 10 million triple-play-subscribers to 20,000 Broadband and VoIP subscribers• Ongoing commitment to Research and Development• Aligned with key industry standards• Experience in diverse converged broadband environments: ‒ FTTx ‒ DSL ‒ DOCSIS ‒ WiFi ‒ Mobile broadband
  3. 3. Fundamental changes in video delivery User Experience Quantum Leap OTT Tipping Everything on Point? Demand IP Delivery Smart TVs& & CDN Retail Devices Second & Multi-Screen
  4. 4. IPTV Integration Issues and Costs Customer Orders fail after Order Entry Only 20% of installations are „incident free‟  McKinsey One in three installs require a second truck roll 25% of IPTV customers swap their STB within first 3 years of service >90% of STB‟s swapped out proved to be no fault found TelcoTV operators spend 3 times more on Opex than Cable Cos  Mariner Partners
  5. 5. MSO IP Video Evolution While operators prepare for IP, they will continue to leverage existing video distribution networks One potential upgrade path uses hybrid home gateways as a transitional device IP delivery initially for adjunct devices but evolving to default means for video distribution
  6. 6. Typical Current Video Environment “Hard Wired” Video Silo – separate silo from broadband and voice Simplistic models with Lack of Flexibility, Agility How do deal with new demands, dynamic vendor environment and still make the transition ?
  7. 7. Typical Current Video Entitlements Simplistic entitlements model Household and STB based
  8. 8. New Definition of Entitlements New model expands entitlement definition to include advanced features Entitlements defined once and can be associated to multiple platforms – including Users and unmanaged consumer devices
  9. 9. The Service Layer Service Layer provides the key “insulation” from changes & adds agility Abstraction key to migration of subscribers from legacy to next gen Orchestration key to common experience across platforms Doesn‟t have to be “rip and replace”
  10. 10. In Summary Both Telco and Cable Operators need to change their video paradigm for multi-screen and next generation video delivery Move from household and STBs to users, identity and entitlements Abstract the delivery mechanisms and platforms with a service layer Simplifying the service layer allows you to keep BSS layer relatively intact through the evolution
  11. 11. Thank YouBrian CappellaniCTO, Sigma Systemsbrian.cappellani@sigma-systems.com