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Shift from teaching to learning

Last 2 decades has witnessed significant change in our Education system. Transformation is enormous and the teaching fraternity must learn to understand and appreciate their new role.
With free access to extraordinary educational material across diverse platform things are becoming more challenging. Technology has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives and the only way to survive is through adaptation and change.
Teacher must change their profile from EXPERT to FACILITATOR. Most of the teaching fraternity lives with the illusion of being EXPERT in their discipline, but the reality is that the quality of teaching as a profession has gone down over the last decade. This is the reason teaching fraternity is advised to take up the role of facilitator and be the active part of the classroom learning experience.
No more teachers can assume that what they know is extraordinary and that every day they are producing amazing content for their discipline or subject. As a matter of fact most of the times students are more updated than what we are.
With teachers changing their work profile the entire Education system is undergoing a major transformation. Educational Institutions are now forced to focus in developing Competencies amongst their students rather than transferring KNOWLEDGE.
It is essential that we must know the difference between transferring knowledge and that of being a facilitator. We have to accept the facts that most of us have gone wrong in our approach of teaching and we can only change if we accept. ACCEPTANCE is key to CHANGE

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Shift from teaching to learning

  1. Mental Models are shifting fast
  2. Span of interest getting SMALL
  3. Classroom teaching is fast becoming ineffective
  4. ---------------
  5. Class Absenteeism
  6. Classroom Boredom
  7. Ineffective Classroom participation
  8. Retarded Thinking
  9. Lack of attention
  10. Causing Anguish amongst students
  11. 24x7 free access to extraordinary information
  12. Tell me something that I can’t GOOGLE!
  13. Shift in Mental Model is the need of the hour
  14. Shift from WHAT --- WHY
  15. transfer of KNOWLEDGE
  16. To developing SKILLS.....
  17. .......COMPETENCIES
  18. 1. START with...
  19. Limited Expression Limitless Expression
  20. WHY offer tremendous opportunity for boarding the scope of thinking - LIMITLESS
  21. 2. Your Audience is Adult Learner
  22. Show
  23. 3. Deliver memorable LEARNING experiences
  24. LEARNING Experience Courses=
  25. Suspending JUDGEMENT
  26. Nothing is RIGHT or WRONG
  27. Reference to Context is changing FAST
  28. Economies are EVOLVING
  29. Business environment is VOLATILE
  30. Believe that > one solution exist to any problem
  31. Experiment / Innovate & Evolve
  32. Appreciate LEARNING as a continuous process
  33. Memorable LEARNING experiences...
  34. Sneak Peak into some BAD experiences...
  35. We all create everyday & feel proud of....
  36. BAD LEARNING experiences... 1. Information OVERLOAD
  37. BAD LEARNING experiences... 2. Inconsistent DELIVERY
  38. BAD LEARNING experiences... 3. Monologue delivery
  39. BAD LEARNING experiences... 4. Irrelevant EXAMPLES
  40. BAD LEARNING experiences... 5. All CRAP – Only THEORY
  41. Memorable LEARNING experiences...
  42. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 1. Establish Reference FIRST
  43. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 2. Reference to Context to Content
  44. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 3. Discuss MORE
  45. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 4. Allow students to EXPLORE more
  46. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 5. Keep Track of their PROGRESS
  47. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 6. Do not ASSUME anything
  48. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 7. Conclude your session
  49. Memorable LEARNING experiences... 8. Build relationship of TRUST
  50. Mental Models are shifting fast ACCEPT the fact!
  52. Thank You!