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  1. Schedule Y
  2. What Is Schedule Y • It is “Schedule under Part X-A of Drugs & Cosmetics Rule 1945 describe the information/data required – Requirements and guidelines for permission to import and/or manufacture of new drugs for sale or undertake clinical trials
  3. Salient Features of Schedule Y • Provides statutory support to Indian GCP guidelines. • Stipulates responsibilities of EC, Investigators and Sponsor. • Structure, contents and formats for CT protocols, reports, EC approvals, ICF, SAE reporting are incorporated .
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  12. Schedule-Y Amendments - Long Overdue • The amendment has brought in several good changes - EC/CRO registration, GCP Compliance and other related quality changes. • Safeguard the safety of trial participants and to improve the following much criticized inefficiencies: – Misconduct, fraudulent cases of several clinical research players including CROs, investigators, ECs, regulators and sponsors. – Ethical lapses in informed consent issues, protocol violations, compensation issues among others.
  13. • Compensation has to be paid irrespective of whether or not the SAE is causally linked to IP. • If this compensation is not provided, this may lead to the company suspending/losing the license to conduct CT in India on a case-by case basis. This is acting as a deterrent for many pharma MNCs. • DTAB meeting on May 16th, 2013- causality issue/ if the standard care is denied in case of placebo trials/ failure of IP to act /streamline the timelines – these recommendations are highly required to be enacted
  14. CONCLUSION • These amendments have brought sudden change to the CT regulations. • Many of these amendments were long overdue and were very much required however without too many lacunas. • These changes should have been done in consultation with the stakeholders (Public, Sponsors, CROs, Academia, Ethics Committees, Regulators and Ministry) to avoid the anguish that the CT industry is undergoing currently.