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Shooting Steel Safely

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Safety is first, second, and third when it comes to shooting. Here are four things to keep in mind when choosing a reactive steel target.

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Shooting Steel Safely

  1. 1. SAFELY AR500 STEEL MOVING PADDLES ANGLED DEFLECTION Shot-Force PRO self-resetting reactive steel targets are made from AR500 steel and feature a 15-degree forward lean to ensure the utmost in safety and reliability. Contact us at 740-753-3927 or info@shot-force.com Angled targets direct bullet splash safely downwards into the ground OPEN BASE An open base reduces ricochets by allowing fragments to strike the ground, rather than steel AR500 is a premium abrasion- resistant steel plate used for severe impact Softer steels are prone to developing dangerous deformations that raise the likelihood of unpredictable splatter Targets made from AR500 steel are able to withstand a great amount of impact and still maintain a smooth surface The safest targets are the ones that maintain the smoothest surface—reversible paddles and silhouette effectively double the lifespan of your shooting surface Targets that are bolted in the appropriate places rather than being entirely welded maintain the integrity of the AR500 Targets that move when struck dissipate a greater amount of energy from the bullet and send fragments safely behind the target—which allows them to last longer in addition to being safer SHOOTING STEEL SAFETY IS FIRST, SECOND, & THIRD WHEN IT COMES TO SHOOTING. HERE ARE FOUR THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN CHOOSING A REACTIVE STEEL TARGET: