the case method psychoanalysis roland barthes; studium and punctum; semiology; ph lacanian psychoanalysis psychoanalysis of management management theory bank of england; ben bernanke; mark carney; confli alienation; bank of england; mark carney; desire o clinical techniques in psychoanalysis; free associ bank of england; mark carney; contextual intellige the contagion effect; crowds and the herd instinct constructions in analysis; freedom; sigmund freud; ego psychology; lacanian psychoanalysis; washingto the analytic pact; the fundamental rule; the inter autobiography resistance to psychoanalysis; sigmund freud; jacqu bruce fink; jacques lacan; phone analysis clinical techniques in jacques lacan; death instin extimacy; jacques lacan; jacques-alain miller; jou free association; speech desire desire; ego; narcissism; jacques lacan aphanisis; dramaturgy of the subject; psychoanalyt image; word; jacques lacan; psychoanalytic literar mirroring function; transitional object; donald wi playing; transitional obects and phenomena; donald donald winnicott; good enough mother; transitional donald winnicott; transitional object; transitiona concepts in psychoanalysis; lexicography; translat ars combinatoria; literary canon; theory of genres image music text key concepts friedrich nietzsche keywords key metaphors history of beauty; umberto eco; aesthetic theory; the good and the beautiful english romanticism; the mirror and the lamp; mime harold bloom; bloomian poetics; american religion harold bloom; the western canon; canonicity harold bloom; bloomian poetics; conspicuous allusi anxiety of influence; belatedness; gerschem schole deconstruction at yale; literary essay; fortunoff anxiety of influence; harold bloom; revisionary ra sigmund freud; jacques lacan; repression; repetiti jacques lacan; language and psychoanalysis; anthon écrits signified signifier letter subject of the signified subject of the signifier jacques-alain miller jacques lacan bruce fink sensitivity analysis; scenario planning; 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psychoanalysis; self-o mental structures; negation; pousse a la femme; ps extimite; mirror phase; phenomenology psychic distortion; psychoanalysis; transference free-association aggresivity in analysis; dual relations; formation negative therapeutic reaction; positive therapeuti the analytic relationship; psychoanalysis; schema desire; dialectic; psychoanalysis; subjectificatio anaclitic; naricissistic; psychoanalysis; klaus th primal repression; repression proper; psychoanalys fantasy; reality; sublimation constructions in psychoanalysis; interpretation; p speaking subject; subject position; psychoanalysis non-realized; pulsative function of the unconsciou chronological time; logical time; pre-ontological; paul schreber; psychosis; psychoanalysis; sujet su causality; evenly suspended attention; listening s dual relations; scanding; variable sessions; psych deferred action; interpretation; psychoanalysis; t counter-transference; pre-transference; transferen hysteria; other of desire; other of jouissance; ph lacanian algebra; objet a; psychoanalysis; schema desire of the other; free-association; plus-de jou imaginary; real; pre-symbolic; post-symbolic; psyc chain of signification; individual; jouissance; su after-education; ambivalence; manifest and latent psychic apparatus; pleasure principle; psychoanaly aetiology; erotic; libido theory; narcissistic; ps day-dreams; family romance; psychoanalysis; sublim analogy; expectant anxiety; obsessive actions; obs libido; libidinal stasis; psychic inertia; psychoa aetiology; fantasy; hysteria; repression; psychoan external reality; internal reality; neurosis; psyc anxiety; flight into illness; inhibitions; neurosi anxiety; choice of neurosis; fixation; inhibition; dangerous situation; repression; sources of anxiet after-education; character-types; resistance; self desire of the other; object-choice; neurotic behav consciousness; formations of the unconscious; repr bloomian poetics; literary canon; literariness; re ben bernanke; broader economy; 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