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Off Page SEO Strategies

  2. Link Building Link building is the process of increasing the number and quality of inbound links to your website. It helps to get higher ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and thus get plenty of targeted visitors to your website.
  3. What You Need To Consider While Link Building Always Focus On: 1. Natural /Fresh 2.Quality 3.Relevancy 4.Avoid spinning or duplicity 5.Avoid link velocity (Link building rate) 6.Anchor variation
  4. Old School Link Building Reciprocal links: You link to my site and I will link to yours! Link Exchange (3 way): Suppose: there are 3 websites: A, B, C. A gives backlink to B, B gives backlink to C and C gives backlink to A. Ultimately each of them gets backlink from other websites. Banner Exchange: You put a banner on your site linking to my site and I’ll put a banner on my site linking to your site.
  5. Old School Link Building FFA (Free for All) or Link Farm Links: FFA sites are those that give backlinks to all sites. This sites usually give you links from various websites with scraping contents. Google identified link farming long ago a spam. Paid Links from seller: You can find lots of websites in the web who are offering to give you backlinks to your website in exchange for a charge!
  6. Bad Link Building Practice Blog and Comment Spamming Forum Spamming Link Hacking Google Bowling/Negative SEO
  7. Bad Link Building Practice Blog and Comment Spamming:  Blog commenting in irrelevant blog  Adding no value in your comment  Adding too many links in a single comment  Copying the comment made by someone else in the same article  Doing the same comment in all the blogs  Only writing disgusting words (nice share, great share, great post! etc.)  Using automated software to make comments in hundreds of blogs.
  8. Bad Link Building Practice Forum Spamming:  Adding lots of websites in your signature profile  Adding links without making any constructive comments in any thread  Post on forum thread that are years outdated to link to your website  Sign up for profiles on forums, in which you have no intention to comment on further!  Posting nothing but “me too” type comments to increase your post count
  9. Bad Link Building Practice Link Hacking: Hacking websites to get backlinks to your website. It, in fact, adds no value to your website except bad reputation! Google Bombing:  There was a time when it’s possible to rank for a keyword which actually doesn’t include in your website.  This was done by creating all backlinks with the same keyword Negative SEO/Google Bowling:  Doing negative works for a website to make Google believe that the site is spammy  Hack and change contents of a website  Apply black-hat for victim site  Creating backlinks for a website from bad neighbourhood
  10. Types of Link Building Platforms  Blog  Forums  Social Media  Social Bookmarking  Press Release  Infographs  Presentations  E-books Marketing  Video Marketing  Audio Sharing  Image Sharing  Article Sharing  PDF Sharing  Business Listing  Q/A Platforms  Directory  Web 2.0 & so on…
  11. Competitor’s BackLink Analysis Try to find out who are the real competitors in your niche Find out their main backlinking strategies & sources Following tools will help you get basic idea about competitors’ backlink sources:   
  12. Important Considerations While Building Backlinks Dofollow/Nofollow Ratio  60%/40% Anchor Text  Around 20% on your exact keywords  Other 80% includes:  Brand  Nude URL  Second/Phrasal Keywords  Co-citation!!! • Keywords on site • Site Structure Build Links for Inner Pages Too! Link Velocity (Link Building Rate)  Build links in a rate that it looks natural to Google!  Give priority on social media
  13. Important Considerations While Building Backlinks Referring Pages/Domains:  Domain quantity is more preferable to backlink quantity Backlinking Domain Quality:  Indexed pages  Relevant Pages  Duplicate/Spinning Contents etc. Authority:  Audio  Video  Presentation  PDF
  14. Avoidable Backlinks Profile Backlinks Backlinks from pages having duplicate contents (except re-purposing or content curation) Spammy/Adult/Gambling websites Footer backlinks Paid backlinks
  15. Traditional Free Link Building Directory Submission Blog Commenting Article Submission Social Bookmarking Social Sharing Presentation Marketing Video Marketing E-book Marketing
  16. Traditional Free Link Building Web 2.0 Submission Link Wheel Press Release Submission Q/A Sites Forum Posting Guest Blogging Classified Ad Posting (Can be Paid Too)
  17. Traditional Free Link Building Directory Submission:  Find relevant and quality directories (You can use Directorycritic to find quality directory list)  Find the most appropriate category for your website in each web directory  Always submit only the homepage/main domain  Submit a website in a directory for only one time  Always write unique description for your website while submitting web directories.
  18. Traditional Free Link Building
  19. Traditional Free Link Building ● Article Directory:  Submit unique article in free article directory sites e.g.,, etc.  Submit your article in the most appropriate category of that article submitting website  Most article directory websites accept 400+ words contents.  You may follow this list: submission-sites/ Social Bookmarking:  Submit your website in social bookmarking websites with unique title and description.  Use your targeted keywords in “tags”  You can also submit your website’s subpages in social bookmarking websites  You can find plenty of social bookmarking sites on the web. Just search “top social bookmarking site list” in Google   Example:
  20. Traditional Free Link Building Social Sharing:  Social engagement is a really crucial ranking factor at this time.  Share your blog’s contents regularly in FaceBook, GooglePlus, Pinterest etc.  Always share contents through fan pages. Otherwise your account may be suspended! Presentation Marketing:  Simply write in MS PowerPoint and then upload the file in slide sharing websites like etc.  Attach your website links in your presentation slide before uploading it in  Some other presentation sharing sites also allow to include website links in Slide description.  Sample list: pdf-ppt-presentation-site-list/
  21. Traditional Free Link Building Video Marketing:  Create and publish videos in YouTube, Vimeo  You can add your website’s link in the video descriptions.  You can use “WonderShare Fantashow ” and “Camtasia” type software for video creation E-book Marketing:  You can create and publish e-book (PDF) in different e-book sharing sites (e.g., etc.) attaching your website links in e-book.  You can simply create an e-book by writing your contents in “MS Word” and then convert in via “Primo PDF” or similar other software.  Here’s a list that you may follow: high-pr-pdf-document-sharing-websites/
  22. Traditional Free Link Building Web 2.0 Submission:  You can write and publish contents in various web 2.0 sites giving backlinks to your websites  You need to register and create blog in web 2.0 sites like Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal, Tumblr, Weebly, etc.  Since you are the admin of this blog, so content quality and length aren’t concerning factor.  Popular web 2.0 site list: high-pr-web-2-0-sites/
  23. Traditional Free Link Building  Link Wheel: Some examples of Link wheel:
  24. Traditional Free Link Building Press Release Submission:  You can find numerous FREE press release sites on the web e.g.  Create accounts in those free press release sites like  Submit updates/news about your products or company. Q/A(Question & Answer) Sites:  There are lots of Q/A sites in the web like Yahoo Answer, Quora, etc.  Here you need to participate in discussion.  When you get enough points via asking questions and giving solutions to others, you will be able to share your website link in relevant questions.
  25. Traditional Free Link Building Forum Posting:  Only register in quality and relevant forums to your keyword  Participate in forums through creating thread and making reply  Participate on discussion to prove that you are an authority on your subject  Participate on related topics as much as you can to spread links used in signature  Following tricks will surely help you find relevant forums • KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/forum • KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/forum • KEYWORDS “powered by smf” site: /forum • KEYWORDS “powered by phpbb” inurl:/community • KEYWORDS “powered by vbulletin” inurl:/community • KEYWORDS “powered by smf” inurl:/community • “powered by vbulletin” • “powered by phpbb” • “powered by smf” • “powered by vbulletin” site:.Gov • “powered by phpbb” site:.Gov • “powered by smf” site:.Gov
  26. Traditional Free Link Building Guest Blogging:  Writing on other blogger’s blog to increase traffic for your own blog.  Guest blogging actually work s in any of the two ways: • You write a post to appear on another blogger’s blog or, • Another blogger writes a post to appear on your blog  It helps build- • Build relationships with blog owners and others • Introduces you to new people  Search with Keyword “write for us” to find relevant guest blogging websites  Contacting via sending emails/filling up contact boxes also work great!
  27. Traditional Free Link Building Infographic:  Infographic stands for presenting information graphically.  It really works great for showing statistical or boring data with attractive interface.  Some free infographic creating tools:  (highly recommended as it lets you store image on hard disk)   Classified Ad Posting:
  28. Paid Link Building Paid Link Partners Paid Directory Submission (e.g. Yahoo Directory) Paid Inbound Links Paid Press Release Submission Paid Blogging & Article Submission (e.g., Paid Banner Promotion etc.
  29. Corporate Activities for Backlinks Client Credit/ Testimonial/ Review Link Encourage Stakeholders Link (employees, peers, business partners, suppliers) Local Directory Listing Expert Interviews Sponsorship and Donation for Charities for Backlinks
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