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  1. 1. Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed [CURRICULUM VITAE] E-mail:(sherifroshdy.eng@o6u.edu.eg) Mobile : (+2) 0100-6264424 Phone : (+2) 02-38383622 (+2) 02-22618313 Address: 835 Ebn-elarkam st. first district, Sixth of october City –Giza- Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed Assistant Lecturer
  2. 2. Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed [CURRICULUM VITAE] Objective Seeking a challenging career in a reputable company where my academic background, technical skills, and communication skills can be further developed Education Studying Phd. Mechanical engineering department Faculty of engineering Benha University Shobra branch, Egypt 2016 Master of engineering science degree of Mechatronics Engineering Thesis title: "Development of Automated Manual Transmission system using robust control" Ainshams university, Egypt 2015 Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering Grade: Excellent with honor GPA:(3.99) in the four point’s credit hours system. October 6 University Six of October, Egypt 2004-2009 Project: Hotwire CNC foam cutting machine. Grade: Excellent Secondary degree, Science Major El manara school Nasr City, Egypt 2002-2004 Professional Career Experience September 2009-Present October 6 University Faculty of Engineering Teaching Assistant Teaching and assisting in the delivery of academic education courses for undergraduates, the courses include:  Mechatronics department Courses include: Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics, System dynamics and Automatic control.  Preparatory year courses: Physics 1 and Physics 2 In addition to supervising undergraduate Projects. Also, I’m involved in several administrative, academic, and cultural activities in the University, including Quality Assurance.
  3. 3. Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed [CURRICULUM VITAE] Articles  Abdelhameed, M., Abdelaziz, M. and Roshdy, S. “DEVELOPMENT OF AN AUTOMATED MANUAL TRANSMISSION CLUTCH ACTUATOR” Al-Azhar University Engineering Journal, JAUES Vol. 7, No.2, Dec.2012  “Engineering Simplified” Teen stuff magazine, Cairo, Egypt. (August 2009) Attended Training Courses  Design of Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems "Load estimation- A/C systems and application of each system - Sheet metal air duct design - Air outlets selection-Design of Ventilation system-Load estimation using computer software (HAP)-Design of chilled water system – building management systems (BMS) - Pumps and Fans" Ayman Omar Consultancy Electro-Mechanical Cairo, 2015  Fire Fighting Systems & Fire Alarm Training Course Ayman Omar Consultancy Electro-Mechanical Cairo, 2015.  Design of plumbing system, drainage system and water fountains Ayman Omar Consultancy Electro-Mechanical Cairo, 2015.  The responsibilities of the engineer course Ayman Omar Consultancy Electro-Mechanical Cairo, 2015.  Course development skills and capabilities of faculty members and teaching assistants, Consultancy Training Center, October 6 University Giza, 2013.  "Automatic Control" Compusystems. Cairo, 2008.  "Microcontroller (AVR)" Compusystems. Egypt, 2008.  "ICDL (International Computer Driving License)" Communication and Information Ministry in Egypt Egypt, 2007.  "Computer Aided Graphics (AutoCad)" The American university in Cairo Egypt, 2007  "Matlab software" Global max. Egypt, 2006.  "Mechatronics assistant Engineer" The Arab Organization for Industrialization Sakr factory. Egypt, 2006
  4. 4. Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed [CURRICULUM VITAE]  "Engineer assistant" Volvo car Company. Egypt, 2005 Awards  Participate in Formula student competition 2014 in England.  My ranking is the first for the years 2005,2006,2007,2008 & 2009.  The ideal student for the years 2008 & 2009.  The award for the best graduation project in the Power & Control field in Egyptian Engineering Day 2009.  Participate in Robocon Egypt 2008 representing my University in the competition for the year 2008. Special Skills Managerial Skills  Time Management  Quick to learn and to understand.  Skilled to work under pressure and make decisions on own initiative.  Calm in stressful conditions with inter personal skills.  Organized, creative, active, ambitious, loyal and flexible. approach. Can explain fairly complex technical issues in a simple manner.  Presentation & Communication  leading people in an effective way Computer Skills  Efficiency in using Windows.  Efficiency in Microsoft Office.  HAP program for load estimation in HVAC system.  Pipe flow wizard using to calculate static pressure at pipe circuit.  Ductsizer (mcquay) program.  Efficiency in interfacing with CNC machines using Computer.  Matlab software and simulink  Familiar with C++ . Languages  Native speaker of Arabic  Fluent in English Speaking & Writting Personal Data Date of Birth February 11th, 1988 Place of Birth Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates Nationality Egyptian Marital status Married
  5. 5. Sherif Mohamed Roshdy Mohamed [CURRICULUM VITAE] References Prof. Dr. Aly Mohamed Talaat Vice president for educational and student affairs October 6 University E-mail:atalaat@o6u.edu.eg Tel:01223377289 Prof. Dr. Osama Ezzat Abdel-lattif (Head of Department of mechanical power engineering at Shobra Faculty of Engineering Benha University) Email:osama.abdellatif@feng.bu.edu.eg,sameh_sohasmr@yahoo.com Tel:01112194077 Ass. Prof. Hanafy Mansor Faculty of Engineering, Helwan (Elmatareya) University and October 6 University E-mail: hanafy48@hotmail.com Tel:01005196403 Dr. Mohamed Aly Ibrahim Lecture, Department of Mechatronics Engineering October 6 University E-mail: aly13@hotmail.com. Tel:002-01063131500 , 002-01022287203 Dr. Abdelrady Okasha Lecturer, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, October 6 University E-mail: rady_nady@yahoo.com Tel:002-01003585719 Eng. Ayman Omar Hassan Electromechanical consultant Office E-mail: m_ayman2000@yahoo.com Tel: 01144451099 Documented Furnished upon request Military status Exempted