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  1. 1. Shelley (Michelle) Vekasy 4009 Victory Dr. Apt C208, Austin, TX 78704 shelley.vekasy@gmail.com (512) 618-3148 BIOCHEMIST Seeking employment in the material or life sciences field. Experience in gene cloning using bacterial model systems and yeast strains. Experience in enzyme kinetics, well versed in biochemical techniques such as UV-Vis spectroscopy, TLC, HP-LC, IEX chromatography, affinity chromatography, protein purification, western blotting, gel electrophoresis, and others. Experienced in instrument troubleshooting. Highly organized and efficient in time management. MUSICIAN Specializing in the area of saxophone performance in the jazz style. Skilled in flute performance as well as classical saxophone. Seeking professional performance and learning opportunities with skilled musicians. EDUCATION Texas State University- San Marcos, Tx May 2014 B.S. Biochemistry, Undergraduate Thesis: Isolation and Characterization of novel, antibiotic-degrading enzyme. Thesis Advisor: Dr. Linette Watkins Texas State University- San Marcos, Tx May 2014 B.A. Music, Minor in Chemistry. Specializing Saxophone Performance and Jazz Styling. Studio Professor: Dr. Todd Oxford CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Isolation and characterization of novel, antibiotic-degrading enzymes Vekasy, M. E., Cherry, E. C., and Watkins, L. M.  2013 Experimental Biology Conference April 2013 Boston, MA  FASEB-MARC Travel Award Scholarship winner April 2013 EXPERIENCE Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Texas State Univ. Aug 2012 – May 2014 Undergraduate Instructional Assistant San Marcos, TX  Instructed general, organic, and quantitative analytical chemistry curriculum at the undergraduate level for students enrolled in chemistry labs.  Responsible for safety of students, pre-lab lectures, grading, and necessary lab preparations.  Responsible for instrument operation/troubleshooting of GC, UV-Vis spectrometer, electronic balances, and any other lab equipment required for student experiments.  Experienced in liquid extractions, column chromatography, and general laboratory
  2. 2. 2 methods.  Preparation of stock solutions, proper chemical storage and disposal, working knowledge of FTIR, UV-Vis, Titrations, pH meters, and Centrifuges. Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Texas State Univ. Mar 2012 – May 2014 Undergraduate Research Assistant San Marcos, TX  Conducted enzymology based research in the lab of Dr. Linette Watkins  Main project was the isolation and characterization of a novel folate-degrading enzyme discovered from soil in the Central Texas region.  Developed purification and kinetic characterization protocols, as well as protein detection assays for every step of the purification.  Utilized affinity chromatography, UV-VIS, Gel electrophoresis, and NextGen Illumina™ sequencing, in addition to traditional biochemistry laboratory techniques.  Solved problems with regard to process optimization of unidentified protein purification. Dept. of Biochem/Biophysics – Texas A&M Univ.. Jun 2013 – Aug 2013 Undergraduate Research Assistant College Station, TX  As part of the NSF-REU program, I conducted research in the Zhang lab at Texas A&M University.  Tested the protein-protein interactions of Arabidopsis proteins and geminivirus components.  Experience in Yeast-2-Hybrid systems, gene cloning, primer design, DNA purification, PCR, and other standard biochemical laboratory techniques.  Research implications in plant disease mechanisms. ATX BIKES May – July 2014 Salesperson/Bicycle mechanic Austin, TX  Assessing bicycle repair needs and performing routine maintenance of bicycles.  Rebuilding and adjusting suspension, conversion to tubeless wheels.  Recommending products for in-store sales based on knowledge of industry trends.  Matching products to customers’ individual needs. Knowledgeable in the Cannondale, Giant, Kona, and Schwinn bicycle lines.  Built up bicycle inventory and maintained bicycles on the floor. Student Learning Assistance Center- Texas State Univ. Aug – Dec 2010 Supplemental Student Instructor San Marcos, TX  Served as the co-lecturer of an undergraduate level chemistry course as part of a national study of supplemental instruction.  Aided and enhanced conceptual understanding of chemical concepts presented in the lecture series to students.  On average students scored a half to a whole letter grade higher than those who did not participate in the SI program. COMPUTER SKILLS Proficient in the use of Windows and Macintosh OS, MS Office, Chemdraw, Igorpro, Pymol, and Matlab. OTHER NOTABLE SKILLS
  3. 3. 3 I possess a conversational fluency of Spanish, and am also experienced in public speaking.