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Project Base Learning with ICTs

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Find resources at http://bit.ly/ELTLINKs

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Project Base Learning with ICTs

  1. ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs
  2. What is PBL?
  3. Decide on a Topic & Objectives
  4. PosterShowcase of researchMagazineInvention PodcastTimelineInfographic
  5. Mobile AppDigital DeviceWebTool
  6. ilearntechnology.com by Kelly Tenkely
  7. ilearntechnology.com,By Kelly Tenkely
  8. Edshelf.com
  9. EvaluationResearchPresentationBrainstorming
  10. Example Small Group Project: Invent an App•Students choose any object•The group gives the objectan extraordinary skill•The group creates a30second video commercialshowcasing the object andit’s skills
  11. •Students jotted downpossible objects andskills•The students createda storyboard of theircommercialsBrainstorm: Object, Skill, Commercial
  12. •Market prices•Targetaudience•Best places toincludecommercial•Where to sellthe productResearch conducted to produce theircommercials
  13. Pinterest
  14. Presentation of Commercials
  15. Tip: Supportstudentchoice!
  16. Provide a List of Recommended Tools with Tutorialshttp://pear.ly/bYQob
  17. Evaluation
  18. Assessment
  19. •Give each group a stack ofyellow, blue, & red cups.•The top cup is their status.•Yellow= sunny &bright, everythings all right•Blue= were through, whatshould we do?•Red= we have a problemwe cannot solve aloneTheorganizedclassroomblog.com/index.php/blog/cup-management
  20. Group Projects
  21. Team Leader: ensures thegroup is listening & completingtasksOrganizer: makes sure thateveryone participates &understands the instructionsDeliverer: turns in the projectReporter: presents for thegroupAssign tasks & roles
  22. Team Building Activities
  23. Provide virtualand physicalplaces tocollaborate
  24. Google Apps Logo Ring of Happiness by adria.richards, Flickr
  25. Google Docs•Create documenttogether or upload aWord/Open Office•Collaborate on adocument•Group chat•Reverse changes•Work on a mobiledevice•Work offline, savesonline•Add comments•Various privacy options
  26. Chat & Edit Collaboratively
  27. Google Calendar•Create events•Create alerts•Embed•Alert students andparents•Works on mobiledevices
  28. Google Hangouts
  29. Google DriveFlashdriveDropboxFolder on the computerLMSWiki
  30. LinksExamplesICT TutorialsChecklistsFormsRubricsRoles
  31. Publish all in 1 placeLinoIt.com
  32. Daily Progress LogsEmail AlertsSms AlertsGoogle CalendarGive them class time daily
  33. Presentation Bookmarks:Pear.ly/b8dln
  34. ShellyTerrell.comBit.ly/ELTLINKsPear.ly/b8dln