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QA Tester Junior

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QA Tester Junior

  1. 1. We have an opening for a Junior QA tester for a long term contract position. Our client is looking for a driven goal-oriented professional with some experience in computer science, information technology, and software systems and programming languages. The Jr. Quality Assurance Tester will be responsible for developing test scripts, programs and workflows to ensure that product features are tested thoroughly on all supported platforms. Essential Responsibilities: - Review software requirements and specifications to provide input on areas for improved product testing - Ensure engineering solutions meet the acceptance criteria by creating test procedures to verify the criteria - Design, organize and execute manual and eventually automation solutions - Create and maintain test environments - May assist development team in creating unit and integration tests Required Skills: - About 6 months to 2 years of experience in software development and/or testing - Some experience with script coding and debugging - Some experience with troubleshooting the software defects and test environment issues - Some understanding of multiple testing tools - Knowledge of white-box and black box testing - Understanding relational databases, including SQL programming skills - Experience with C# / .NET is a plus Education: Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Engineering or related field of study.