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How to Get More Out of LinkedIn

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How to make more of an impact with your personal profile and Company Page on LinkedIn. A breakout session at the Heartland Byways conference April 2014 in Manhattan, Kansas.

My Tourism Currents team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality - http://www.tourismcurrents.com

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How to Get More Out of LinkedIn

  1. 1. Help Me Get More Out of LinkedIn! Sheila Scarborough - @SheilaS Tourism Currents - @TourismCurrents
  2. 2. No Magic Beans! Photo credit rich13 Flickr CC
  3. 3. Any marketing strategy asks.... What are your goals? Who is your market? Where can you get in front of that market (including online?)
  4. 4. What are your organization's goals? How do you think your LinkedIn presence might support them?
  5. 5. Social media isn't the place to be "sales-y" BUT That doesn't mean that Likes/followers can't become sales opportunities & leads
  6. 6. "Hand out knowledge, not brochures" Real Lawyers Have Blogs
  7. 7. Social media for B2B is like a trade show Photo credit siebenthalercreative Flickr CC
  8. 8. Your LinkedIn Trade Show Booth People's personal profiles and activity on LinkedIn Organization's LinkedIn Company Page
  9. 9. New to LinkedIn .... Publishing from your personal profile
  10. 10. LinkedIn Company Pages
  11. 11. New to LinkedIn .... "Showcase" sub-pages for your LinkedIn Company Page
  12. 12. How People Can Help Pages Help create Page content (or at least ideas) Like & Share Company Page updates Tag the Page in their personal updates Tell their other networks about it
  13. 13. "Hand out knowledge, not brochures" Real Lawyers Have Blogs
  14. 14. No Magic Beans! Photo credit rich13 Flickr CC
  15. 15. Thanks very much! Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents @SheilaS @TourismCurrents