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Little Valley Fire settlement - $25 million

The State of Nevada has agreed to a settlement with the 105 property owners who suffered as a result of the 2016 Little Valley Fire. The property owners will receive $25 million from the state and its insurance company.

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Little Valley Fire settlement - $25 million

  1. 1. Little Valley Fire settlement is $25 million, State of Nevada to pay $10 million WASHOE VALLEY, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) — The State of Nevada will pay $10 million to Little Valley Fire victims as part of a $25 million total settlement agreement expected to be approved by state officials this week. Under the agreement, the 105 plaintiffs will receive $18 million and their insurance companies will receive $7 million for a total settlement amount of $25 million. Nevada's excess insurer will pay out $15 million, but the
  2. 2. remaining $10 million will come directly from state coffers. The Nevada Board of Examiners is expected to formally approve the deal at a Thursday morning meeting in Carson City. The settlement represents the culmination of a two-year-long legal battle on behalf of 23 victims who lost their homes and others who lost property in the October 2016 blaze. "It's a fair resolution given the law and budgetary constraints of the state of Nevada," Matthew Sharp, attorney for the victims, said. Sharp said how the $18 million will be dispersed between the plaintiffs and how much money will go toward attorney's fees was confidential. The Little Valley Fire, the most destructive wildfire in recent Northern Nevada memory, was determined to have been caused by an escape from a Nevada Division of Forestry prescribed burn. In August 2018, a jury found the NDF 'grossly negligent' for the blaze that burned about 2,300 acres in Washoe Valley, just south of Reno. According to documents on the Nevada Board of Examiners
  3. 3. website, settlement demands reached a peak of $325 million at one point. Per the agreement, the State of Nevada is required to make the $10 million payment before July 1, 2019. Three million is expected to be paid from the state's tort fund, with the remaining $7 million coming from the statutory contingency account. The Nevada Attorney General's office was not immediately available for comment, but the document indicates that "the settlement is in the best interest of the state."