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OneDrive for Business Or SharePoint Team Site

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Should you store a document on OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint Team Site? Pretty simple... If you know what the two are destined for.

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OneDrive for Business Or SharePoint Team Site

  2. 2. It's Your File. You'd like to keep it private. The File Belongs to the group. OWNERSHIP 5 3 1 OneDrive For Business SharePoint Team Site
  3. 3. You want to control who has access to your file. Permission Management is centralized and controlled by the people in charge. PERMISSIONS MANAGEMENT OneDrive For Business SharePoint Team Site
  4. 4. Learn More Manage all your
 OneDrive for Business & Team Sites at the same time with Sharegate
  5. 5. Lightweight collaboration. You're not quite sure if it's a project yet. You will be collaborating with others. You need more than a document repository like mailbox, custom lists, web pages, etc. You need advanced document features like metadata entry, customized views, etc. COLLABORATION OneDrive For Business SharePoint Team Site
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  7. 7. About Sharegate Sharegate simplifies management tasks for SharePoint, Office 365, and OneDrive for Business for thousands of administrators and IT professionals around the world. A privately-held company based in Montreal, Sharegate is trusted by more than 10,000 organizations. As a leader in its industry, Sharegate lives by the motto: "innovate and keep things simple & fun." Want to learn more? Connect with us on twitter and visit share-gate.com for more SharePoint related content. @sharegatetools www.share-gate.com