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Monks and Masters: How a Shaolin school in China can make all the difference

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In this article from Song Mountain Kung Fu School China, we explore the reasons why an overseas adventure is the only way to learn true kung fu.

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Monks and Masters: How a Shaolin school in China can make all the difference

  1. 1. A Song Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School China publication MONKS AND MASTERS Thinking of visiting a Shaolin school in China? An overseas experience makes all the difference.  What makes a Shaolin school in China different?  How closely do the monks and masters work with students?  What new skills will students come home with? In this issue:
  2. 2.  Mastering the ancient martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu simply cannot be done anywhere else but in China. Those who’ve made the overseas pilgrimage to training grounds in the Henan Province come away with a life- changing experience.  In this article, we’ll explore how a stay at a Shaolin Kung Fu school in China can leave students of kung fu in awe of the sights, sounds, culture and education they’ve returned home with. THE TRAINING GROUND TREK
  3. 3. There’s a plethora of Shaolin monk training perks. FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE 1. Traveling to Songshan Mountain, where the Shaolin monastery is located, puts you in an ancient settling like no other. 2. The masters and monks at the Shaolin temple in China have dedicated lifetimes toward leaning this ancient art. 3. As a result, students are exposed to lessons of such depth and quality that they could never hope to find at a martial arts facility in their hometown.
  4. 4. Dengfeng City is home to the premier Shaolin school in China. Here’s why attendance is up...  The history of this Shaolin monastery spans centuries . With roots than can be traced all the way back to 495 A.D., the immersion you’ll experience is unrivaled.  The headmasters who offer true shaolin monk training have themselves also traveled internationally to train and compete.  As the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, in 1983 this Shaolin temple in China was designated as a national temple for all Buddhists. THE DECIDING FACTORS
  5. 5. Shaolin monastery reviews are the ultimate proof of why an overseas adventure is the best choice. SHAOLIN STUDENT REVIEWS Shaolin monastery immersion: “The fact that the village we lived in was somewhat isolated made me feel safer, and I grew so fond of that village that I was very sad to leave,” a 2016 student says of her experience. Daily life at the Shaolin temple in China:  A 5:30 a.m. wake-up time would rouse students from sleep in their “clean and spacious” bedrooms with “comfortable” beds, according to a review from a 2017 trainee.
  6. 6. Traveling to the Song Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu School has become a popular option for those serious about first-hand training from experts. FOR MORE INFORMATION  By making the decision to learn at a Shaolin monastery, you’ll be surrounded by fellow students as dedicated as you are. As a result, bonds that last a lifetime can be built.