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Shannon MBA Resume

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Shannon MBA Resume

  1. 1. SHANNON L. SATTERFIELD, MBA 1949 Horse Carriage Lane  Asheboro, NC 27203  slsatterfield6@gmail.com  336.460.0945 CAREER SUMMARY Customer service and management professional with over 10 years of providing high quality results in the automotive and furniture industries. Successful career track record of increased responsibilities. Targeting a challenging position that will enhance my professional experience and education while valuing my contributions to the success of the organization. AREAS OF EXPERTISE BudgetManagement TeamLeadership Marketing SalesLeads CustomerService InventoryControl CustomerSatisfaction AP/AR DeliveringResults EDUCATION Master’sDegree,Business Administration, Liberty University, LYNCHBURG, VA (2014) Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration Marketing Concentration, Salem College, WINSTON-SALEM, NC (2013) HONORS Sigma Beta Delta, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Magna Cum Laude, Delta Mu Delta Internships/Work Studies Randolph Community College,  Administrative Services/Human Resources  Marketing  Foundation Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AdjunctProfessor,Randolph Community College, Asheboro, NC (1/2016-Present)  Responsible forcreating teaching plans and organizing objectivesto facilitate student learning  Provideguidance and direction on varied subject matter to all students at each level of understanding Internet Manager,Asheboro Ford Lincoln,Asheboro, NC (6/2007-2/2009)  Marketing and sales using the internet and social media  Updated inventory on company website as wellas outside web based applications  Photographed inventory forthe websites  Received all internet leads and made follow up calls as well as responded to emails  Providedcustomers with information that would help them in their decision to purchase a vehicle  Tracked all leads to determine which outside lead provider company provided the most profitable leads  Advised upper management on whichweb providers and lead aggregates to spend money on CustomerService AccountExecutive,Klaussner Furniture, Asheboro, NC (8/2005-3/2007)  Placedorders in the system  Tracked orders from origin to delivery  Kept in constant contactwithcustomers providing them with weekly spreadsheet order updates  Kept in constant contactwithshipping providers to ensure the location of the orders at all times
  2. 2.  Spoke with outside sales professionals to make sure the customers were satisfied with their purchase StoreManager,Asheboro Truck Accessories, Asheboro, NC (1/2001-5/2005)  Marketing and sales, Purchasing, Customer Relations  Supervised and managed employees  Managed accounts payable and receivable  Human Resources StoreManager,Carquest of Randleman, Randleman, NC (8/1998-1/2000)  Marketing and sales, Customer Service, Purchasing  Supervised employees  Processed accounts receivable and payable  Human Resources