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Farrell Communcations Company Profile

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Farrell Communcations Company Profile

  1. 1. Director Shane Farrell (Managing) Farrell Communication. (Pty)Ltd Reg No: 2015/272018/07 B-BBEE Level 4 Office Number 012 111 0475 E-mail address sales@farrellcommunication.co.za admin@farrellcommunication.co.za info@farrellcommunication.co.za www.farrellcommunication.co.za
  2. 2. Who We Are Be The Difference Introduction • Farrell Communication is a dynamic company based on integrating and converging your technology to ensure seamless communication to you and the outside world. We understand the importance of how this affects your business. With our state of the art equipment and our commitment to service, we bring cost effect solutions which gives your company the competitive edge, this letting your corporate image reflect a professional, dynamic and efficient face to your clientele and business partners. • We know how you communicate with the outside world and how they communicate with you and this essentially could be affecting your bottom line profits. So we at Farrell Communications and our channel partners strive to achieve the optimal communication platform to suite your business needs. • Farrell Communication was formed to provide true end point to end point ICT solutions with a combined experience and expertise of 15 years of solution and technologies. • We at Farrell Communications never allow the service to be compromised; we have built a name for going the extra mile to ensure that your business runs as smoothly and effectively by providing services, solutions and products to your satisfaction. • Farrell Communication grows its business through you, as you grow so do we. This motivates us to use the best global leaders in manufacturing and suppliers of innovative cutting-edge equipment worldwide, with proven pedigree electronics for commercial and domestic applications, leaving you at the forefront of breaking technology use. • Farrell Communications and its manufacturers, channel partners and service providers are associated with innovation, quality, reliability and value, our commitment to research and product development ensure a reputation as a provider of the world’s most intelligent products will continue. • Farrell Communication offers a free analysis upfront on all your existing communications (data, voice and IT). We also offer service provider liaison management, essentially; we make your business communications hassle free. “Leaving you to focus on your core business”. Our Key Areas of business Portfolio and investment management of all business communication modules being telecommunication, IT and communication infrastructures as a unified venture, as opposed to just providing a product we look at the whole picture from solution architecture point of view, to reduce cost and maximize productivity. We consult with you to better understand how your business works and identify the areas you need developed or a solution provided and then discuss how we can structure these options for you. Our expressed interest is to build a working relationship of mutual trust and forge a roadmap ahead with certifiable business solutions, products and services World of Communications We are the difference you wish to see
  3. 3. What We Do Putting It Together Farrell Communications’ objective is to forge a collective product offering to secure long term relationships; this is achieved through a full business solution from end point to end point and providing complete communication and record management platforms. We deliver the business infrastructure design, development and deployment to future proof technologies through collaboration and solution synergies.
  4. 4. Connectivity Solutions We will help choose the right connection for your business, be it fibre or wireless, adsl to 3G and LTE we have a solution for you to connect your business to the outside world and /or your services provider. Connectivty is one of the most important factors for you business and the type of connectivty will determin that the solutions you have works. Services like Voice, Video and Data across your internet connection is what makes this an important choice and we have you covered, be the need to converge the services or provide as an individual need we have the right package for your business. Communications Solutions There is full range of communication solutions we can offer depending on the type of business you are, ranging from small telephone systems to more advance unified communication. We can provide the solution which best reflect your business’ needs be it Video conferencing boardroom to boardroom or desktop to desktop/ phone to phone or all three, from on- site solution to full blown cloud communication, you may even need to link all your branches on one network we do it all. Collaboration Solutions Typically this is used to coverge your voice, data and video and eletronic equipment like servers with CRM, ERP and operating systems (OS) and provides a working relationship and links to the workflow processes and aids’ productivity and record management a like, there are many ways to achieve this and we specialise in intergrating such solutions, whether it be solid state (phycial), virual (VMware) and/or hybrid, we can design new methods. We also provide products and/or software for collaboration or integrate into an exsisting enviroment. Network Solutions In today’s technology environments the relationship between equipment like physical desktops, phones and any end point device need to go through a network “on-site”, this is called a LAN (local area network) which can be a combination cabling or wireless equipment (Wi-Fi) terminating to a network switch/s. This would then connect to some type of router/gateway which would connect you to your WAN (wide area network) ISP/DATA CENTER/ VoIP service provider and/or branch/s which we can then create a VPN (virtual private network), we design, service, supply these solutions. We optimise these networks to ensure you get the performance and speed you need. Hosting and Data Center (Cloud) Solutions We provide a variation of solutions, from Web/e-mail hosting to VMware (virtualization), be it hosting a server in our data centres and creating Virtual servers or even a Virtual Data center for multiple VM’s, we aid and customise the infrastructure design. With services such as storage, hosted PBX’s you can free your business of the physical hardware needed to run your business and having this managed by our qualified and skilled engineers allow you to back up, store and replicate all your business’ crucial information. IT Solutions IT solution is a broad spectrum, from desktops, notebooks, tablets to servers. We cater for most major brands and this extends to network equipment, on the software side we supply and install all major software products including OS such as MS Window 7.8.10 and from to MS Office 10 - Office365 user and server based, covering antivirus programmes and most software available to market.
  5. 5. Design and Develop Solutions From concept to design, planning, implementation and maintenance, we provide full circle service from custom OS to Cloud, Web development, ERP and CRM’s we have highly qualified software developers skilled for these projects and portfolios to match. We also do custom websites, graphic design and portfolios. IF you can think it we can develop it. Managed Services and Support In today’s ever evolving technology and changes it is sometimes a better option to out-source your requirements and in order to up keep your equipment and services, we offer a full range of services which we can customised to suite your pocket, we can provide an on-site IT professional or arrange a package that meets your requirements, being it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly visits, which we call co-sourcing. Packages include remote support or telephonic assistance. Our Methodology Consultation:  We consult with a client and/or company as an extension of its business development and market development functions. This begins with a complete understanding of the clients and/or company’s situation, objectives, constraints and costs. Evaluation  We evaluate the client company quietly and confidentially, sifting through new market developments that are in line with their industry needs. Infrastructure Design  We strategize with the new opportunities as is appropriate to the client, representing the client in initial talks of identified areas for development to maximise infrastructure/s, communication platforms. Presentation  Introduction  Overview  Current challenges  Diagram of current infrastructure  Over-coming challenges  Diagram of new infrastructure  Products  Communication Platform solution Investment  Overview  Return on investment  OPEX structured finance  Product investment  Risk milestones and management World of Communications We are the difference you wish to see
  6. 6. • Fibre Lines, Connectivity • Digi nets Lines • 3G • Fibre in the Air • Microwave • Wi Fi, Mess networks • LTE • Sip Trunks Voice • VoIP Connectivity • Managed PBX • Hosted PBX • Pure IP telecommunication • Soft switches • Call Centres • Voice Loggers (call recording) • Unified Communications • Soft Phones, PC, Tablets and Smart Phones • Voice and Video conferencing • Voice, Data, Video platforms • Converged networks platforms • Unified Smart Functionality software • Integration’s of multiple location systems and hardware • Mobility solutions across multiple devices • Single platform across multiple devices across multiple locations • Virtualisation (VMware) Cloud • Collaboration software and system What We Do Making It Work CONNECTIVITY COMMUNICATIONS COLLABORATION
  7. 7. LANS Design, planning, implementation and maintenance • Hardware, switches and routers • Customised SLA’s for LAN support • Network configuration and set up WANS Design, planning, implementation and maintenance • Hardware, routers, Gateways and controller's • Router plans, configuration and deployment • WAN security (firewall) • Customised SLA’s and Support Servers • Hardware and software, Cloud • Hosting, • Virtual server Hosting • co-location set up design • Data Back up • Data Recovery (RD) • Replication All Major brands • Desktops • Notebooks • Tablets • Servers • Network switches • Routers and gateways • Software • Applications • Accessories • Design, Development, planning, and implementation of software and platforms • Web development and Software development, design, implementation • CRM and ERP integration (website) and design, NETWORKS HOSTING AND DATA CENTERS IT SOLUTIONS DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT
  8. 8. • Document Management, Workflow and Security • Indexing, search and retrieve in seconds • Archiving and Storage • Legal Compliance and retention Pollicises • Controlled Access and Record Management • Full Business Management (collaboration) • Control from creation to archiving and retrievals • • Managed Networks Voice and Data solution packages inbound, outbound • Managed Communications Equipment Servers, Telecommunication • Managed Business communications solutions Print control and services • Managed Infrastructure Platforms (LAN,WAN,VPN and MPLS) • Managed IT solutions custom SLA’s • Out-sourced packages • Web Monitor, Productive and Internet Usage and Security • LAN Guard , Network Security and Monitoring • Mail Essential, Managing multiple Mail Servers • Events Manager, Log data analysis and reporting tool • Email archiver and reports • End Point Security , manage all activity of the devises on your network • Cloud Fax Maker, Secure Faxing , reporting and management MANAGED SERVICES AND SUPPORT NETWORK AND END POINT SECURITY ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
  9. 9.  Cash for Unexpected Opportunities - Unlike cash outlays required when purchasing equipment, financing allows you to preserve that cash, ready to respond to new business opportunities.  Always have usage of Leading Edge Technology - As business changes, you may need a new solution to handle larger, more complex applications. Unlike bank financing, which can lock up flexibility throughout the finance period, Channel Capital allows you to upgrade before completing your current agreement.  Cash Flow Certainty - Monthly payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement enabling you to effectively understanding your exact costs associated to your companies’ infrastructure.  Tax Benefits - Monthly instalments are tax deductible and are treated as an operating expense (off balance sheet).  Cost Allocation - Lease payments can be allocated to individual assets so the various internal divisions that actually utilise the equipment recognise their cost of usage  There's no doubt that, for many companies, financing is the best answer. If you have any questions about whether or not our financing solutions are right for you, please ask your Channel Capital sales professional We Finance Flexible solutions Technology finance Solutions Assets Finance Rental agreemnet Insurance cover Financial Lease Instalment finance Preserving working capital is usually of prime importance to the majority of businesses. Asset financing products and solutions enables businesses to benefit from using business assets immediately without having to pay for them upfront and in full. Save Your Cash and rather invest in your business operations Financing is often better than out right purchasing because it affords
  10. 10. Executive Summary Be The Difference The Why The most significant competition is no consulting at all, companies choosing to do business development, channel development and market research in-house if any at all. Their own managers do this on their own, as part of their regular business functions when and if they find the time between managing operations. The Advantage Our Key advantage in competition with in house development is managers are already overloaded with responsibilities in new market development or new channel development. Farrell Communications can approach and engaged in negotiations with alliances, vendors and or channels on a confidential basis in order provide the ICT synergies, either to integrate into existing infrastructure or provide a new platform in this way gathering information and making initial contact in ways that corporate managers cant. The Value There are few companies focusing on the conceptual ideal of full communication synergies of complete record management, there focus is currently poised to a product singular and unformulated quotations rather than fully fledged business operations and management thereof, there methodology is based on a price war of who is the cheaper quote, instead the value proposition of VALUE for money Our Focus We focus on what is important and that is you, our customers, so delivering services is top of our list, providing the right solution and planning is at the core of what we do to ensure that you receive the best products, solutions and service. Our commitment to you is one of trust, reliability and dedication in all that we do. Our Aim To provide a technology road map for the continuity of your business and walk the road with you on growth of your company by providing your business with the right tools to achieve your success. Our Aspiration Our goal is cast in stone and we are driven by passion, this allows us to be the best breed of Company. With this, coupled with our focus and aim, we will achieve the success we have road mapped for ourselves. By applying our methodology we strive to be the number one provider of solutions in this market.