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PayPal Digital Marketing Strategy

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Final Project Spring 2016 New Media Drivers License

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PayPal Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy Shalee Blackmer “A Visual Story”
  2. 2. Creating Stories Target: Young professionals 22-35 Lifestyle profile: Innovative and motivated young adults who are succeeding in the professional world Campaign length: 12 months Tagline: “We’re not telling our story, we’re telling your story.” Opportunity: Reach new audiences and gain new customers who will be loyal in the years to come Goal: create engagement, bond with interaction, and help those obtain their dreams with encouragement.
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. Blogging • Bloggers are objective in writing, which means viewers trust them • Growing form of advertising • Using those with strong social media presences as “ambassadors” • Opportunity to create important relationships through outside voices • Sponsored blog posts, paid sidebar advertisements, tags on social media • Finance bloggers, freelancers, boutique owners
  5. 5. SEM/SEO This campaign will not contain any Google AdSense website banners. Recent studies show that banners can actually cause a negative energy between a business and consumer. This campaign will include sponsored Facebook posts and Google search Ads. Focusing on organic “viral” shares, likes, and engagement through various forms on media. Minimal paid banners and maximum organic shares desired.
  6. 6. Contest • “PayPal’s Voice” contest • One year campaign • Creates engagement, shareable content, and opportunity • 12 winners, $1,000 each, thousands inspired • One-month digital feature for each winner • Winners will be examples of innovative young adults who share an identity with PayPal
  7. 7. Commercial • 12 YouTube commercials that feature the winners of the PayPal’s Voice contest • The winners will share their story • Professional title • How they “#LivePayPal” • Interests • Role of PayPal in their life Example: “Meet Eric” Eric is a young professional who runs his own graphic design company who pushes the limits both on and off the job. In his free time, Eric participates in extreme sports. From mountain climbing to skydiving, he always makes sure he is living life to the fullest. At the young age of 24, Eric has been able to kick start his own company, take 150 skydiving jumps, and stand on 25 mountain summits.
  8. 8. Sponsorship PayPal will gladly sponsor contests and giveaways on Instagram, where followers of the third party company will recognize PayPal be aware they are connected with another brand they are interested in. PayPal will also be tagged in the photos and mentioned in the comments. Sponsored accounts and contest examples: • Account: @PassionPassport • Prize: ONA Camera Bag • Account: @Instagood • Prize: Everlane Suede Bag • Account: @Goodtype • Prize: Café Kubal Coffee Roaster *In order to win the prize the contestant must follow both the third party account, PayPal, and use the hashtag #LivePayPal*
  9. 9. Budget YouTube online commercials: $800,000 ($.20 Cost-per-click) Online social media ads: $150,000 Video travel, recording, editing, labor: $130,000 Sponsorships: $50,000 Winners of contest: $12,000 ($1,000 each) TOTAL: $1,142,000
  10. 10. Closing We will create engagement We will brand an identity We will gain users We will develop loyalty We will create awareness We will be different Sources: • http://www.peppergang.com/5-no-fail-ways-to-increase-audience-engagement-on-social-media/ • http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/ • http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=YouTube+Play+Button+Icon&id=B110C2004BAF5381C50D82531E885BC0667C1328&FORM=IDBQDM • http://www.pennapowers.com/how-much-do-ads-on-youtube-cost/