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  1. 1. Shaikes Cyriac John Bangalore, Karnataka, India shaikesj@gmail.com Mobile: +91 9880233286 At a Glance: I strongly believe in letting my work speak for myself. So if you’d care to take a look at my portfolio that’s 19 years in the making, you’d see that it speaks volumes. It would tell you, among other things, how I’ve grown from a wet behind the ears, creative beginner to a seasoned creative professional with a thorough knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in this constantly evolving software services industry. Of course, to see my entire portfolio you’d need to see me in person. Right now, I guess I can only offer you a sneak peek. If you wish to see my resume to begin with, here it is: Senior Creative Lead with 19 years’ of consulting & delivery experience in software services industry and excellent conceptual thinker with a keen business sense. Elicits customer’s most implicit needs efficiently, determines most retainable ways to visually represent and extend company’s identity through its various digital channels and motivates multi-disciplinary creative team in mission-critical executions. • Collaborates with business leaders to translate business goals into unique brand and product experiences • Formulates the innovative concepts that support a company’s brand, marketing, product, or web development goals. • Keeps multi-faceted design team comprising designers, copywriters, photographers, UX Designers and web developers inspired and ensures that their creative output adheres to brand standards and delivers business results. • Possesses excellent knowledge of industry-standard design software and acts as hands-on leader. Has the ability to keep up with new creative technologies and analyze new trends and data. • Manages budgets, teams, timelines, and projects while working across several departments • Presents and effectively communicates how a creative vision will help achieve goals • Builds high trust, high impact relationships and lead teams to define the interactive vision and develop integrated online strategies to enhance and drive brand awareness. • Rich experience in a creative leadership role. • Good working knowledge of user-centered experience design, brand development, digital marketing and the creative process. Tool Proficiency: Has master level proficiency in: • Adobe Tools: Photoshop Creative suite (Mac or Windows), Illustrator and Flash • “Sketch App” for ios, Zeplin. • Axure • Microsoft Tools: Expression Blend and MS Office. Academics and certifications: • 1995: Bachelors of Fine Arts from Ravi Varma college of Fine Arts Kerala, INDIA • 2007 – Participated in “User Centered Analysis and Conceptual Design” and “The Science and Art of Effective Web & Application Design” courses conducted by Human Factors International Pvt. Ltd. Professional History: • Manager- Web – Visual Design, Cognizant | September 2004 – Till date (11 + Years) Creative Director shaikesj@gmail.com
  2. 2. Shaikes Cyriac John Bangalore, Karnataka, India shaikesj@gmail.com Mobile: +91 9880233286 • Has been a pivotal cog of Cognizant Interactive UI/ Visual design + UX services for last eleven plus years. Groomed the Cognizant Bangalore design center from 2 people team to 60+ people strong multi-skilled design hub. • Currently working as a Creative lead also working hands on Visual Design projects for Cognizant Infrastructure Services Business units. • Has directed graphic user experience design for 100+ large-scale projects for international clients from industries such as Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Technology. • As an Engagement Manager, the roles/responsibilities extend to: • Conceptualizing solutions and ideation with Customer representatives/ third party agency • Managing accounts consisting multiple large-scale UX projects. • Managing multi-disciplinary design team members during end to-end execution process. Set annual performance objectives, develop plans and conduct annual performance reviews with direct reports. • Reviewing project status and project metrics on a weekly/monthly basis with the client. • Reviewing and revising project plan to meet changing requirements in the project and introducing reporting project progress through weekly dashboard for client side PMO • Ensuring compliance with project standards and quality assurance procedures. • Ensuring version-controlled requirement & solution documentation throughout Project Life Cycle • Overseeing Risk management and leading early identification and preparation of mitigation strategies. • Presenting clear ideas and concepts to clients and other team members. • Providing hands-on guidance setting the direction and attention to detail throughout the project life cycle. 1. Sr. Visual Designer at Net Galactic Internet Solutions - Bangalore, INDIA |June 2000 – March 2004 a. Created high fidelity prototype and created GUI style guide documents for websites, intranets and various enterprise applications b. Coordinated offshore and onshore creative design team and managed production of creative components 2. Visual Design Lead at Infolink Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Bangalore, INDIA |January 1999 – June 2000 a. Designed and developed websites, graphics and web banners. b. Created web user interface guidelines for large scale in portal projects c. Trained junior graphic designers on the job 3. Contract Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Visualizer Web Designer at various agencies | 1995-1998 a. Worked on various infographic, thematic illustrations, icon libraries for small scale design agencies such as Sasi Communications - Cochin, Maa Bozell – Bangalore and Sans Morale – Bangalore b. Trained junior illustrators on creative visualization and requirement elicitation techniques Awards/Achievements: • 2010 – Certificate of appreciation for outstanding contribution and excellence performance towards the "UI Design" done for The New York Times project. • 1998- Annual State Award in Recognition for Creative Works in Sculpture Kerala State Lalitha Kala Academy Personal Information: • Resident status: Indian citizen with B1 visa • Language Proficiency: English, Malayalam Portfolio Link: https://www.behance.net/thoughtroot https://www.flickr.com/photos/6thlens/sets/72157651162154232 Linkedin https://about.me/shaikesj http://shaikes.branded.me/ Creative Director
  3. 3. Shaikes Cyriac John Bangalore, Karnataka, India shaikesj@gmail.com Mobile: +91 9880233286 Thanks & Regards, Shaikes John Mobile: 9880233286 Creative Director