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Severa for CRM, Project Portfolio Management and Quick Invoicing

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Severa PSA is an online tool for CRM, PPM and Invoicing. The company is based in Finland with regional offices in Northern Europe. Severa is a global redherring winner as well as winner of other awards. We have over 6000 businesses using our system.

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Severa for CRM, Project Portfolio Management and Quick Invoicing

  1. 1. Severa Company presentation
  2. 2. Severa Success Story Our product was born out of market need. Companies wanted a single solution that combined sales, projects and billing data in a powerful tool. In 2004, we answered that need with Severa. Now over 6,000 companies from around the world use Severa. Our next goal is to spread through the cloud and reach every CEO in the Over 6,000 companies in 100 countries professional services industry. Ari-Pekka Salovaara, CEO
  3. 3. Severa Corporation - Founded in 2004 - EUR 1.54 Million turnover in 2008, EBIT 17% - 1304% revenue growth in last 4 years - Young entrepreneur of the year 2009 - Red Herring Global winner 2008 - Red Herring Europe winner 2009 - International Business Awards 2009, finalist: “Best new product of the year” “Most innovative company of the year” in Europe
  4. 4. SaaS for professional services organizations A single online application for managing customers, projects, work hours and invoicing.
  5. 5. Optimize results Severa handles over 170,000 projects, 13 million work hours and 280,000 invoices regularly. What customers are saying: 91% Would recommend Severa 86% Improved their project management 77% Achieved more efficient invoicing 71% Enhanced their reporting 56% Improved understanding of their business Source: Customer survey 6/2009 Our customers consist of small and medium businesses, agencies and entrepreneurs in IT, consulting, advertising and engineering companies around the world. Some of our customers are:
  6. 6. Vision ® Severa is as widely used in professional service organizations as MS Office. MS Office’s market share is 95% and their unit turnover is16,4 billion dollars (June 30, 2007). Their unit turnover also includes other products and specific turnover from professional service organizations has not been separated.
  7. 7. The leader in professional services automation.