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Building communities / Service Design Drinks

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The September Service Design Drinks edition will discussed how to build active communities. Whether it is brands, services, or in-house communities of practises, everyone wants to create a community. But how do you actually build one that thrives? We had Kara Kane joining us as a guest speaker to tell us.

Kara is the community manager for user centered design for the UK Government. She works with the 3000+ people strong community across the UK government to help departments grow UCD across government, help designers, content designers, and user researchers work better together, and support the sharing of UCD best practice across government.
She earned an MA in Digital Experience Design from Hyper Island. Before, she worked as a consultant in insight and innovation consultancies helping clients like Samsung, L'Oréal, O2, Patagonia, and ESI Media understand their customers better.

The September edition was hosted and sponsored by USEEDS. It took place at their central office in Friedrichstraße.

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Building communities / Service Design Drinks

  1. 1. Service Design Berlin U S E E D S / S E P T E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7 Building communities
  2. 2. Katrin Business Analyst,
 DxC Who is inviting? Olga Business Consultant, Fuxblau Mauro Freelance Designer (Hire me) Martin Service Designer, UK Gov Manuel Service Designer, Fuxblau
  3. 3. Activities of Service Design Berlin Service Design Drinks Service Experience Camp The Service Gazette
  4. 4. Christian Rudolph Circular Economy Julian Kea Hands, Minds & Bricks! Maria Izquierdo Martin Jordan Data & Services Dr. Katrin Dribbisch Design Thinking in Public Administration Aino Hanttu Beyond the holodeck: Creating Next-Gen Experiences Kara Kane Designing distributed communities Public Service Lab TBD Service Design Network Global Conference 2017 — Madrid TBD March April May June July September October November 2017 Agenda
  5. 5. Who’s hosting?
  6. 6. How to share? #SDDrinks
  7. 7. What’s the agenda? Input Exercise Mingling
  8. 8. Available globally
  9. 9. Who’s talking? Kara Kane Community manager for user-centred design GDS
  10. 10. @karakane_kk Hello, hiya, hallo!
  11. 11. @karakane_kk Building communities Kara Kane
  12. 12. @karakane_kk Community Manager for user- centred design Government Digital Service
  13. 13. @karakane_kk MA Digital Experience Design Hyper Island

  14. 14. @karakane_kk Innovation consultant C Space

  15. 15. @karakane_kk Design student Parsons the New School for Design

  16. 16. @karakane_kk It started with a love of dance...
  17. 17. @karakane_kk Design, like dance can inspire confidence and build community
  18. 18. @karakane_kk Better together
  19. 19. @karakane_kk Let’s talk about communities
  20. 20. @karakane_kk Communities are an important source of knowledge
  21. 21. @karakane_kk Bound by shared goals
  22. 22. @karakane_kk ONLINE FACE TO FACE
  23. 23. @karakane_kk
  24. 24. @karakane_kk
  25. 25. @karakane_kk
  26. 26. @karakane_kk A community is fluid and flexible
  27. 27. @karakane_kk with different levels of participation
  28. 28. @karakane_kk differing motivators
  29. 29. @karakane_kk and differing outcomes
  30. 30. @karakane_kk Some communities are about learning experiences
  31. 31. @karakane_kk Communities thrive on diversity of expertise
  32. 32. @karakane_kk OPEN CLOSED
  33. 33. @karakane_kk Are there tangible outcomes?
  34. 34. @karakane_kk
  35. 35. @karakane_kk
  36. 36. @karakane_kk 3 things I’ve learned building communities
  37. 37. @karakane_kk 1. Build relationships, not platform
  38. 38. @karakane_kk 
 » Find the tools your community members are already using

  39. 39. @karakane_kk 
 » Build and support relationships, even those which are outside of the formal community activities

  40. 40. @karakane_kk 
 » Meet face to face

  41. 41. @karakane_kk 2. Ownership is the source of results
  42. 42. @karakane_kk 
 » Upskill participants to become facilitators “It feels like a lot of these competitions seem like crowdsourcing rather than doing with. It is about passing it around responsibility. Who is ultimately going to shepherd this stuff and get their hands dirty and do it? That’s harder, but that’s what we’re trying to do” (IDEO CoLab)
  43. 43. @karakane_kk 
 » Establish strong communication to make a community’s vision clear
  44. 44. @karakane_kk 3. Building communities is a reflective process
  45. 45. @karakane_kk 
 » Learn by doing “for any project we do there has to be a minimum of two corporate sponsors which creates multiple perspectives…having multiple perspectives on the same problem is super valuable is amounts to accelerated learning, seeing each other’s blind
 spots, calling those things out it’s just really good” (IDEO CoLab)
  46. 46. @karakane_kk 
 » Learn from communities of practice
  47. 47. @karakane_kk The community I work on now...
  48. 48. @karakane_kk Community of practice:
  49. 49. @karakane_kk shared domain of interest

  50. 50. @karakane_kk shared practice with tools, stories, experiences

  51. 51. @karakane_kk a community of individuals who build relationships

  52. 52. @karakane_kk UK Government user centred design community: 2000 content designers
 700 user researchers
 600 designers

  53. 53. @karakane_kk GDS 
 » meetups
  54. 54. @karakane_kk GDSGDS 
 » training
  55. 55. @karakane_kk GDSGDS 
 » shared learning
  56. 56. @karakane_kk GDS 
 » shared culture
  57. 57. @karakane_kk Communities of practice 
 Communities of interest
  58. 58. @karakane_kk Thanks!
  59. 59. @karakane_kk Brainstorm how to build a community for 1 of the following: - A neighbourhood: pick one everyone in your group is familiar with. - Civic participation: a community supported by the city. - Zalando: a community for Zalando, the online retailer. What is the purpose of the community and how does it work? Use the community canvas to help you.
  60. 60. See you soon! servicedesignberlin.de @SD_Berlin fb.com/servicedesignberlin