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  1. 1. RESUME SELVA MOHAN LETCHUMANAN Contact Details. Mobile : +60132559531 Email: selvamohan59@gmail.com / lselvamohan@yahoo.com Home Address: No.67, Lorong Kubang Buaya 14, 25250 Kuantan, MALAYSIA. 36 Years of Industry Experience SYNOPSIS • Technical Services Consultant (Freelance). • Senior Maintenance Engineer (Static / Rotating Equipment). • Experienced Senior (Lead) Mechanical Engineer. Have worked in the downstream & upstream sectors of the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry. I have the confidence and determination to execute jobs efficiently. • Have acquired experience working for domestic & international projects with PETRONAS and its subsidiaries. • Have involved in various onshore/offshore projects during Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance. • Qualified Safety and Health Officer (SHO). NIOSH trained. DOSH registered. • First Grade Internal Combustion Engine (License Certificate). PETRONAS REFINERY WORK EXPERIENCE 1. Involved in developing maintenance programs such as the Maintenance Management Program and Preventive Maintenance. 2. Have acquired Hands On experience to perform Static Equipment servicing and cleaning. Worked with Technicians to carry out Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. 3. Have Supervised and Managed Technician and Engineers to execute Plant Turnaround for Static and Rotating Equipment. 4. Have worked and involved during construction and commissioning of Refinery project as Field Mechanical Engineer. 5. Have worked as Maintenance Engineer in Petronas Melaka Refinery after Plant Turnaround and during normal Operation. Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan ROLES & RESPONSIBLITIES Freelance (Contract) 2014 onwards. Position: Senior Mechanical Engineer (Projects) Projects: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Duties & Responsibilities: Rotating Equipment. Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. Petronas Carigali Malaysia Projects Involvement: • Dulang CGCE Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine Installation and Commissioning. • Angsi RB 211 Rolls Royce FAT, Installation and Commissioning • Tangga Bara Reciprocating Compressor Installation and Commissioning. • Terminal (TCOT, OGT, OSC) Plant Rejuvenation Project involvement. • Crude Oil Terminal – Fire Water Pump Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance. • Fire Water Pump Performance Test and Rectification for Dulang, Duyong and Angsi Platform. • Review vendor documentation, prepare job specification, review technical specification for Rotating Equipment. Review Vendor Documentation and Technical bid summaries. Manage contractors and participate inter face meetings with Operation. Resolve interface problems with related disciplines. Prepare technical clarifications. • Participated in Factory Acceptance Test and Equipment Inspection. • Supervised Condensate Transfer Pump new Installation and site acceptance test for Resak Platform. • Involved in Water Injection Pump packaging and fabrication for Dulang Platform • Prepared and Organised Bad Actor Management Project for Terminal and Offshore Platforms. Lead Machinery Engineer - Rotating Equipment • To carry out Preventive and Reactive Maintenance on Rotating Machinery for PETRONAS Oil and Gas platforms. To handle new projects and new Rotating Equipment Installation (Gas Turbine, Compressors and Pumps). • Manage Field Engineers and Technician in carrying out projects (Project Management) • To ensure Reliability, Availability and Integrity when handling projects and to carry out given task without LTI, within scheduled time Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan (Project Engineer / Technical Service Engineer) PETRONAS MJSB (JAPAN) Task: Rotating Equipment trading and marketing. Ongoing project Rotating Equipment Inspection, Installation and Commissioning. Material evaluation and Technical Specification check. Rotating Equipment Procurement. Petronas OGP Technical Services • Petronas Ammonia Kerteh (Project Engineer / Rotating Equipment Planner) • Petronas Refinery Terengganu (Mechanical Engineer / Rotating Equipment Engineer). • Petronas Fertiliser Kedah (Plant Turnaround Engineer / Rotating Equipment Planner) • Petronas Refinery Melaka (Plant Turnaround Engineer / Rotating Equipment Engineer) Task: Execute Plant Turnaround for Rotating Equipment i.e. Gas Turbine, Compressors, Pumps, Blowers. (Solar, Rolls Royce, GE, Dresser Rand and others) • Petronas OGP Technical Services (Project / Commissioning Engineer (Rotating Equipment) Project: SHELL AMPA -FAIRLEY, Onshore Compressor Plant (BRUNEI) Task: Involved in Rotating Equipment Selection, Installation, Commissioning, GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance. • Petronas Methanol Labuan (Machinery Engineer) Task: Plant modification and Rotating Equipment change out. • PETRO VIETNAM GAS (VIETNAM) Machinery Engineer Task: Machinery Installation, Inspection, Overhaul and Technical Verification. OGP Technical Services Sdn. Bhd. Mechanical Engineer / Planner (Rotating and Static Equipment) Project Management / Plant Turnaround • To plan and execute work for Turbo Machinery, Rotating and other related equipment. • Prepare, validate and formulate the work list for Rotating Equipment Overhaul. • Planning and Preparation in identifying spare parts and material. • Preparing the Job Steps, Job Scope, Method and creating the Job Method Sheet (JMS) • Contract, Service Request preparation and submission. • Participate in the Technical Evaluation of the Tender proposal and award. • Organize work execution plan, manpower loading and organization chart. • Liaise with client, contractor and coordinate turnaround execution process. • Plan and perform pre-turnaround work and ensure all system is ready for shut down. Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan • Assist the material coordinator to verify and check spare parts availability and delivery. • Ensure all spare parts, consumable are tagged, certified and fit for use. • Perform material identification and tractability requirement specified by client. • Coordinate and participate in Turnaround Planning / Preparation meetings. • Involve and interface with other disciplines on work coordination, safety, quality, etc. • Prepare Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and brief contractor on safety issues and measures. • Prepare and establish Quality Check List, procedures, specifications and technical data. • Compile the job package to incorporate all prepared document, i.e. MCS, JMS, EIS, SOW, etc. • Lead the Turnaround Execution team to perform overhaul on Rotating Equipment. • To carry out post Turnaround activity and prepare the Close out Report. • To prepare, verify and consolidate work list, scope of work, technical specification, (JMS, EIS, SOE, MCS) • Work list compilation and review. • To identify materials and spares required for the planned jobs including defects and COD work. • To liaise with scheduler in identifying optimum levels of resources and equipment for safe, efficient work. Highlighting specific equipment maintenance work requirement. • To ensure all materials are ordered and arrive at site when required. • To attend daily preparation meeting, monthly meeting to highlight work progress, constraints, etc. • To monitor and supervise the shutdown preparation / execution in a safe and efficient manner. • To enhance work instructions by incorporating safety and quality methods. • To maintain and implement cost effectiveness within estimated budget for the Turnaround. • To manage and implement Quality Procedures as per Turnaround Quality Plan. • To ensure all Inspection and test equipment are carried out as per ISO standards. • To report to Turnaround Manager on quality related problems, including defects and new work items. • To practice and adhere to the company’s HSE plan and maintain efficient Safety records. o Planning, Preparation, Execution of Plant Turnaround (Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Plants) o Contract Preparation, Evaluation and Award. o Materials Preparation and Technical Evaluation o Health , Safety and Environment monitoring and control o Quality Turnaround Evaluation and Documentation. o Monitor and enhance planned shutdown program o Implementation of Condition Based Monitoring system. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan WORK INVOLVEMENT 2014 – PRESENT (2015) Freelance Senior Project Engineer (Mechanical) 2005 – 2014 PETRONAS CARAIGALI Senior Maintenance & Reliability Engineer 2005 PETRO VIETNAM GAS (VIETNAM) Mechanical Engineer / Planner (Machinery) Plant Turnaround 2004 PETRONAS METHANOL LABUAN (PML) Mechanical Planner (Machinery) Plant Turnaround 2003 PETRONAS VCM PETRONAS GAS BHD (GPP 5) Mechanical Planner (Rotating Equipment) Plant Turnaround 2002 SHELL AMPA-FAIRLEY PROJECT (BRUNEI) Project Engineer ON-SHORE COMPRESSOR PLANT (OCP) PROJECT • Involved in the Construction, Commissioning and Operation of On-Shore Compressor Plant • (SHELL, BLNG) BRUNEI. • Performed operation, maintenance and start-up of GEC FRAME 5 Gas Turbines, Nouvo Pignone Compressors and accessories. • Appointed as Control Room Engineer to operate, manage DCS and Gas Turbine Operation. 2001 PETRONAS AMMONIA KERTEH (PASB) PETRONAS PENAPISAN TERENGGANU (KR2, AROMATICS) Mechanical Planner (Rotating Equipment) Plant Turnaround 2000 PETRONAS FERTILISER KEDAH (PFK) Mechanical Planner (Rotating Equipment) Plant Turnaround Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan 1999 PETRONAS REFINERY MELAKA (PSR 2) Mechanical Planner (Rotating Equipment) Plant Turnaround 1994-1998 MITCO (JAPAN) SDN. BHD. (MJSB) Project Engineer / Technical Service Engineer / Marketing Executive Roles and responsibilities • Trading and Marketing activities. • Technical Evaluation / Material Specification review and verification • Project Management, Construction, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance • Tender Preparation and Submission • Business Development and Presentation • Material evaluation, procurement and preparation • Meeting, liaise with equipment manufacturers and vendors. Job assignment at MITCO office in Yokohama JAPAN • Technical specification evaluation and assist Japanese marketing staff in technical matters. • Equipment and material inspection before delivery to client. • Meeting with suppliers and manufacturers to discuss on technical matters. 1984 – 1994 : PETRONAS GAS BHD GPP (Operation / Maintenance Team Leader) EDUCATION Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Resource Profile – Selva Mohan Letchumanan • MSc. Business & Management Engineering - University Of Warwick, UK • BSc. Mechanical Engineering - Camden University, USA • Diploma in Chemical Engineering - University Technology Malaysia • Technical Diploma - Workers Institute of Technology, Malaysia • Certificate in Gas Plant Operation and Maintenance - PETRONAS Technical Institute (ILPP). PROFESSIONAL TRAINING / COURSES ATTENDED • Solar Turbines Operation and Maintenance • Dresser Rand / MHI Compressor Operation and Maintenance. • Rolls Royce / Cooper Rolls Operation and Maintenance. • Gas Plant Operation and Maintenance (DSM. Holland). • Gas Transmission and Compression (Nova Corp. Canada). • Bentley Nevada Vibration Monitoring Analysis. • Allen Bradley Control System and Operation. • Turbotronics Control System. • OGP Turnaround Methodology Training / Workshop. • Health Safety and Environment (PETRONAS HSE). • Quality Education System (PETRONAS PERMATA). • SAP Training / Workshop (PETRONAS PERMATA). • Primavera R3 (InfoTech Malaysia). • Safety and Health Officer Certification Course (NIOSH). • Internal Combustion Engine Competency (DOSH.) • Marketing and Business Development Skills (PETRONAS). • Project Management (BATC, UTM). • Plant Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance (PETRONAS). • Rotating Equipment Inspection and Analysis (INSTEP). • Dresser Rand, RECIP and Centrifugal Compressor O&M Page 7 of 7