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Video is the best advertising tool for your business

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Video marketing
Video marketing
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Video is the best advertising tool for your business

  1. 1. While you are reading this approximately 11 million videos is being watched via internet
  2. 2. Video is the best advertising tool for your business. remember
  3. 3. Video is considered to be is one of the strongest media resources
  4. 4. While Video marketing is on the first stage of its development, today a growing number of businesses are integrating video into their institutional marketing and sales campaigns
  5. 5. The majority of customers prefer to see company’s descriptions or overview in a video mode rather than text document
  6. 6. Video has many positive features: • It can be far more cost-effective than sales force, spread to geographically diverse areas. • Video can go viral very quickly with help of social media and other online networks. • It is favorable by many consumers because it allows them to proceed and go back and review material. • Routinely generates the highest response rates of any marketing medium.
  7. 7. “Companies are using video in several aspects”
  8. 8. Promote their businesses, build brand awareness, demonstrate products and services, deliver training and support, spread instruction for their product ” “
  9. 9. It was found that 85% of consumers are likely to visit a seller’s website after viewing an online video.
  10. 10. Research shows that your brand is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of the Search Engine results if you have a video on your website or profile page.
  11. 11. You can explain complicated product via video guidance! Engagement rate of audiovisual content is 4, 7 times higher than text or image
  12. 12. “Online video can do face to face communication” - - Chris Anderson, TED
  13. 13. Easy enough to be real..
  14. 14. Video is fun and easy marketing, because it can be watched on almost any digital device, and is easily shared across individual networks. Moreover it catch people attention much faster than static image or boring text.
  15. 15. As with other forms of digital marketing, there are a number of ways to measure the effectiveness of your video placements
  16. 16. It’s effective
  17. 17. Views The simplest and most obvious means of measurement criteria. It shows how many people watched the video
  18. 18. Ratings It allows viewers to rate the popularity of the video. This can be anything from a simple like/dislike button to a 5-star system.
  19. 19. Comments The most subjective of measurement tools but also potentially the most valuable, since it offers a more detailed description into what viewers thought of the video
  20. 20. Viral Track how often your video content is shared through social networks and email.
  21. 21. Several steps to create great promotional video
  22. 22. Be short. Long videos make people bored. The great video should be no longer than 20-30 seconds. Here we are talking about promotional video, not demo or educational.
  23. 23. Focus. Try to send the key message to your audience. You should craft every word, image, and sound. Video needs to support the sales process and to correspond your customer needs. In same time your video should support brand values, main company description points, which enhances the shopping experience.
  24. 24. Authenticity. Usually people don’t like to feel they’re being marketed to. Advertising message should naturally goes along your video presentation. Advertising message should be substantive, It should be helpful and brings value to the viewer.
  25. 25. Content. You have a good content about your company, description of your products, instructions to use. it just needs to be rebuilt for video. For example, video can contain white papers; interview customers at a tradeshow.
  26. 26. Technically Speaking. Attempt to make good quality video with clear sound and picture, put test if needed.
  27. 27. .. just a few of the highlights: • Video provides higher online conversion rates • Optimized video is rated higher by search engine. • Video is increasingly being used by different companies.
  28. 28. Video is trusted by the public and business representatives. Video is perceived better suited to the human brain than is text.
  29. 29. Adding video to a company’s or product marketing is not costly, complicated, or daunting. Uploading your video to facebook, youtube or linking it to your business profile on Glabex, brings you much more leads than any other article.
  30. 30. By uploading video on Your Glabex business page, allows you simultaneously share it cross multiplatform including but not limited facebook, youtube, google, mns, yahoo Claim Your business profile now
  31. 31. A unique multifunctional platform. Glabex delivers enhanced professional business development. It is a trusted resource that helps every business to succeed in online business. It helps to establish strong social appearance, tightly collaborate with customers; moreover it also gives opportunity to distribute products and services online via comprehensive online distribution system. LEARN MORE
  32. 32. Helps businesses worldwide to turn even the toughest marketing/selling challenges into success stories
  33. 33. Accordingly the research Fewer than half (42.9%) of companies are deploying video as part of their marketing effort Why does it happen?
  34. 34. Your Web-site capabilities do not allow you to upload video files? because of bandwidth problem, hosting etc .. Your online store also has its limitation or does not have functionality to add video description to products?
  35. 35. So your website needs to be relocated to another server with more capacity or bigger bandwidth..
  36. 36. But would you get awareness, attention from social media, other platforms, or video websites..? You will be charged more …
  37. 37. Most probably NO .. As you need to spend even more for your marketing to make this video accessible and searchable..
  38. 38. On Glabex.com you can do for free You can upload, Manage and Share your company videos, video instruction/descriptions for your products or services, read your customer comment and synchronize them with the major social networks. You are welcome to upload videos to your product listings, such videos as usability guides. With just one click promote your products enhance your business presence. CREATE PRODUCT LISTING WITH EMBDED VIDEO CHANNEL
  39. 39. With Glabex your team will be working together to utilize their total potation and improve business effectiveness
  40. 40. With Video you can showcase your company, products and internal spirit which attract your customers and brings your business to the new level