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6 tips for the email marketing campaigns

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6 tips for the email marketing campaigns

  1. 1. 6 Tips for the Email marketing campaigns
  2. 2. The best marketing practices Email marketing is incredibly powerful marketing tool to have in their arsenal of marketing techniques, and should be an integral part of an overall marketing strategy of any business.
  3. 3. However, very few companies are actually able to do what you need to master this technique, and as a result, they lag behind and missing out on potential revenue growth.
  4. 4. So, what's the secret? Well, there really is no perfect formula, but there are certain things you can do to improve the results of your email marketing campaign.
  5. 5. Please take a look at the following several 6 steps: Make it Valuable - Sending your customer an endless number of useless information, which will be forwarded to trash and mark as spam immediately
  6. 6. Offer something valuable Instead, to make sure that the content of your emails is useful for your readers, offering something valuable.
  7. 7. Offer something valuable It can be links to helpful articles, a few simple tips or coupons, interesting news about your new product issues, or events, organized by your company.
  8. 8. .Be Consistent If you really want to reach your customers and create your brand image, you need to be consistent in your e-mail efforts.
  9. 9. Do not just send an e-mail disorderly Spamming your potential customers with useless and irrelevant information. It is better to create strict editorial calendar, build a regular newsletter. Once created such newsletter, send it at least weekly.
  10. 10. .Include a clear call to action is a proven fact that people do what they say. Instead of hoping that your prospects will take action, tell them!
  11. 11. Whatever the purpose of your e-mail address is, whether to sell a new product or service to get people to sign up for an event or webinar, use action words like "click here to create your listing on Glabex" or "signed today," to encourage your readers to This goal
  12. 12. • Keep it simple and short. Nobody wants to spend their time to read unexpected unfamiliar email. Creating email marketing campaign, you are trying to catch your potential customer attention. So , make your content simple to read for anybody and most important short. Try to explain your point in 2- 3 sentences. Keep in mind that the majority of readers look only on first or second sentences.
  13. 13. • Perform the highest quality. You do not need to focus on every your core products or services, but explain only the best you think your customer will be interested the most.
  14. 14. • Keep it compatible. There are so many different operating systems and devices, no one knows what and how to retrieve your mail and read. Make sure you make your email acceptable within the most popular email services. Try to keep your content without pictures, as many programs automatically disable this option. Remember, make it short, valuable, consistent, accessible.
  15. 15. Take a look at the following several examples: • We invite you to visit our unique business platform, which allows you • To open your own branded online store • Increase your brand recognition, by being integrated with a community network • To run Daily Coupons promotions • Increase social awareness • To create professional business profile • Professional search engine optimization • SIGN UP • Intelligent social media marketing • • Please proceed to the link glabex.com
  16. 16. Example 2: Conformation email • Thanks for joining Glabex. You have successfully signed up. • We've automatically generated the following Glabex username for you: • Username: Alex.D • You can change your username and password by going to your profile settings. • Now on to the fun part – sign in to Glabex and get started! • Enjoy, Glabex
  17. 17. • These simple tips will help you master this email marketing techniques and remove the mystery of great email marketing campaigns, turn your mediocre marketing campaigns, e- mail in a dynamic revenue-generating machines, they can be.