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Foreign Direct Investment 201. April 19 2018

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SelectChicago® presents FDI 201. Learn how money flows between the US and foreign investors. Learn how communities can help with site selection and Requests For Information.

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Foreign Direct Investment 201. April 19 2018

  1. 1. Foreign Direct Investment 201 Illinois Science &Technology Park Village of Skokie, Illinois April 19, 2018
  2. 2. Welcome to Skokie • The Honorable GeorgeVan Dusen, Mayor of Skokie • Barbara Carley, SeniorVice President, American Landmark Properties, Inc.
  3. 3. Skokie, IL – A “World Class”Village 3
  4. 4. Illinois Science +Technology Park 4
  5. 5. Vetter Development Services USA Inc. 5
  6. 6. LanzaTech 6
  7. 7. The Incubator/Skokie/Science Innovation Labs 7
  8. 8. Right Here, Right Now…Examples of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Our Own Backyard • Panel Moderator: Mark Goodman, Owner, e-Conversation.com; Marketing/Social Media Director, ISTP • Susanne Lemaine, President,Vetter Development Services USA • Laurel Harmon,VP Government Relations (CC), LanzaTech • Ali Fuat-Gurven, President, AFG Bioscience, LLC • Tim Lavengood, Director,The Incubator/Science Innovation Labs
  9. 9. FDI 201 – How Money Flows Between US and Foreign Investors…Can We Increase Chicagoland’s Share? • Panel Moderator: Michael Edgar, President, GreaterWaukegan Development Coalition • Michael Rosen, Rosen Bioscience Strategies, Rosalind Franklin University Labs • Laura Ortega, Executive Director/IBC, Illinois Chamber of Commerce • Shai Lothan, Board Member, GreaterWaukegan Development Coalition
  10. 10. Rosalind Franklin University Innovation and Research Park
  11. 11. Lake County, Illinois: Largest Bioscience Cluster in the Midwest 122 Bioscience Companies – 33,000 Bioscience Jobs
  12. 12. D I S C O V E R I N G T H E F U T U R E THE LOV E LL F E D E R A L HEA LTH CA R E CE N TE R –R F U life scie n ce in d u st r y e co sy ste m 14 Clinical Research Cardiology Atrial Fibrillation Heart Failure COPD (Lung) Sleep Apnea Endocrinology Diabetes Oncology Discovery/ Preclinical Research Neurodegeneration Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s Viral Oncology Cystic Fibrosis (Lung) Antisense RNA – Genetic Diseases Stem Cells Patients/Clinical Trials • 90,000 patients/annually • 50 clinical trials (10 industry) Research Scientists/Cores • 50 research faculty (tenure/tenure track) • 50 postdocs/research associates • 50 laboratory technologists • 10 research cores Collaborations Gait Prosthetics Traumatic Brain Injury Cardiac Resuscitation Diabetes/Diabetic Foot Ulcers Limb Salvage Addiction Wound Care Pain LOVELL FHCC RFU 12
  13. 13. 13 P R O G R A M M I N G A N D D E S I G N R E S U LT S N E W R E S E A R C H B U I L D I N G A N D A D D I T I O N A L S U R FA C E PA R K I N G Additional Parking A E R I A L V I E W
  14. 14. 14 LO N G - T E R M V I S I O N R F U I N N O VAT I O N A N D R E S E A R C H PA R K ( 1 0 Y E A R S , 3 B U I L D I N G S )
  15. 15. Economic Impact for Lake County (First Building) • 100,000 sf Building – State-of-the-Art Wetlabs • $53 million construction cost • 1,396 new jobs (direct and indirect) • $117 million annual economic impact to Lake County
  16. 16. SelectChicago Program Update/ChinaTour • Shai Lothan, Board Member, GreaterWaukegan Development Coalition
  17. 17. BREAK
  18. 18. Preparing for FDI and ImprovingYour Community’s Response to Site Selection RFI’s • Panel Moderator: Leslie Murphy, Economic Development Specialist,Village of Skokie • Scott Brandwein, ExecutiveVice President, CBRE, Inc. • Coleman Peiffer,AICP-Manager, EY • Teresa Nortillo,Vice President, StateBook International, Inc.
  19. 19. SelectChicago FDI - 201 Teresa A. Nortillo Vice President StateBook International
  20. 20. The Market * Dun & Bradstreet COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE FIRMS ANNUAL TRANSACTIONS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS ANNUAL FINANCIAL & TAX INCENTIVES TOTAL MARKET$35 Trillion $500 Billion $80+ Billion 1,700 15,000 move across state lines annually* site selectors
  21. 21. Large Manufacturing Wins the Day Small & Midsize Firms Declined U.S. manufacturing growth has concentrated across a few industriesPharma Electronics Aerospace Over the past Machinery, computer and electronic products led growth; Wood products, textile mills contracted Industries reported growth in Dec 2017
  22. 22. firms prioritizing investment in technology to support portfolio decisions The Challenges Incomplete data options result in uninformed decisions: • Unforced errors • Wasted time and effort • Ill-informed investment • Poor risk management • Career risk • Taxpayer dollars wasted
  23. 23. REAL ESTATE • Missed opportunities to invest in improving markets before rents increase • Inability to avoid degrading markets before they hit bottom • Inefficient portfolio management & long-term planning ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Missed opportunities to attract new business • Loss of existing businesses to competing communities • Inefficient use of tax- payer dollars PREVIOUSLY, NO RESOURCE TO RESEARCH & COMPARE COMPETING MARKETS
  24. 24. StateBook’s patented, cloud-based platform currently serves economic development organizations (EDOs) and site selectorsThe Problems with RFIs 40,000 Companies Moving Across State Lines MORE FREQUENT RFIs EDOs expected to have all the information COMPLICATED QUESTIONS Belief is that technology = easy answers SHRINKING DEADLINES 48 hours (or less) turnaround Are there sustainable labor pools in the community? Do available workers have the required educational backgrounds and skill sets? How much competition exists for available labor? EDO & RESEARCH PROFESSIONALS require efficient access to timely, transparent, sourced MARKET DATA WORKFORCE LEAD SITE SELECTION CRITERIA
  25. 25. AN EXAMPLE RFI 10 Years Old PAY ATTENTION TO THESE FACTORS 3D Printing Technology Robotics Manufacturing Open Source Engineers
  26. 26. Sample Manufacturing RFI – 10 years old
  27. 27. RFI: 10 YEARS OLD What will RFIs ask for next year? In three years? In five years? OPEN SOURCE SERVICES MARKET BY 2022 3D PRINTING MARKET BY 2023$33 Billion $33 Billion $147 Billion NAICS, SOC codes and more routinely out of date! INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS MARKET BY 2025
  28. 28. SOC EXAMPLE The BLS Standard Occupation Codes (SOC) category 51-2020 has three components: • 51-2021 • 51-2022 • 51-2023 OES re-defined it to only include 51-2021. They then made up an new Broad category that does not exist anywhere else, 51-2028, which includes 51-2022 & 51-2023. They only list values for the made up 51-2028, not for the two components. INCONSISTENCIES IN THE DATA make research difficult, cumbersome
  29. 29. Electricity Prices Weather Major Airport Robotics Engineers - Graduating Robotics Engineers Employed TRADITIONAL WAY TO PULL DATA FOR RFI RESPONSE
  30. 30. And showcase your skilled workforce Industries Workforce Education Wage Rates Percent Change Trending Data Differentiate your community StateBook Provides…
  31. 31. STATEBOOK INTERNATIONAL Location Intelligence for growth GROW YOUR ECONOMY Efficient access to data Real-time turnaround Trusted, transparent, sourced Automatic updates Data-driven responses Increase projects won
  32. 32. Overview of SelectChicago • Doug Petroshius, Program Director, SelectChicago • Caryn Kahn, Director of Communications, Greater Waukegan Development Coalition
  33. 33. Showcase CommunityTours
  34. 34. Other Activities on Tuesday • Nexus between communities and trade consulates • Corporate Engagement • FDI and Development Seminars • Networking, Networking, Networking!
  35. 35. Chicago Showcase – For Everyone
  36. 36. Philosophical Tenants Inclusive – NOT exclusive Regional Benefit (beyond borders) All-for-one, one-for-all FDI victories have spill-over effect Year-round, “evergreen” program Showcase CommunityTours to change year to year
  37. 37. 11 Registered Communities • Skokie • Arlington Heights • Elk GroveVillage • Lake Zurich • CoalCity • EconomicAlliance of Kankakee County • Algonquin • Elmhurst • Zion • Bartlett • Hoffman Estates
  38. 38. THANKYOU FOR JOINING USTODAY! Presentation Materials will be Distributed Now Join Us at www.selectchicago.org