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Camp Critical Pedagogy

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Slides from the first day of Camp Critical Pedagogy, a Digital Pedagogy Lab weekend intensive. Opening discussion featured slides and talks from Jesse Stommel and Sean Michael Morris.

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Camp Critical Pedagogy

  1. 1. Camp Critical Pedagogy Sean Michael Morris (@slamteacher) Jesse Stommel (@Jessifer)
  2. 2. “To teach in a manner that respects and cares for the souls of our students is essential if we are to provide the necessary conditions where learning can most deeply and intimately begin.” ~ bell hooks, Teaching to Transgress
  3. 3. The Rhetoric of the Room
  4. 4. "As beings programmed for learning and who need tomorrow as fish need water, men and women become robbed beings if they are denied their condition of participants in the production of tomorrow.” ~ Paulo Freire
  5. 5. What serves as the foundation of critical pedagogy? Where does it start? What foot does it stand on?
  6. 6. Where can we find the farthest reaches of critical pedagogy? What are its most ambitious goals? What are its most widespread concerns?
  7. 7. Where does critical pedagogy most threaten our balance? Where does it seem impossible to sustain, difficult to make practice, or a challenge to even our imaginations?
  8. 8. Consider this idea: Critical pedagogy is a problem-solving pedagogy. Is it possible that critical pedagogy itself is a problem we must solve? If it is, what is the problem, and what is the solution?
  9. 9. As you begin—or continue—your work in critical pedagogy, what are you most worried about? What are you most excited about? When do you encounter growing pains? When do you want to move and grow more quickly?
  10. 10. What work do you want to do this weekend? What are you prepared to do? What do you want to be prepared to do when the weekend (or the Lab) is over?